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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

에뛰드하우스 Missing U 미씽유 핸드크림I can fly - Etude House Third Missing U - I Can Fly Hand Cream Cerulean Warbler Story Review~❤

Heeeeeeello everyone!(´ ▽ ` )ノ ❤

Finally my Cosmetic.Love Package arrived! It took the normal shipping time of 26 days to arrive!~
This is my fourth time ordering from them~

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #Berry
SKINFOOD Brandy Mild Shaving Foam (For Men) - For my Dad
Etude House Missing U I Can Fly Hand Cream - Cerulean Warbler
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow pencil #Grey
Etude House Drawing Eyebrown Refill
Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #Berry

& I recieved samples:-

3W Clinic Fresh White Mask Sheet
Two Nesura Black Charcoal Nose Pack
SKINFOOD Facial Water-Vita-C (Cream)
Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
Missha Cho Bo Yang Herbal BB Cream
Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream
So excited to try these!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧❤

So today I'll be reviewing the:-
Etude House Missing U I Can Fly Hand Cream #Cerulean Warbler (Sweet Cotton Candy)

I've called him Legolas from Lord of the Rings~~ <`∀´>❤
Before I let this cutie out of his box let me tell you about the Third Missing U series:-

The third series of Missing U handcreams consist of four cutie endangered birds.
1. Eagle Owl Story (Very Berry Cherry Scent)
2. Kakapo Story (sunny Sunny Apple Scent)
3. Cerulean Warbler Story (Sweet Cotton Candy Scent)
4. Eastern Glass Owl Story (Peach Peach Peach Scent)
I'll be reviewing the Cerulean Warbler~
The handcreams are enriched with natural ingredients & shea butter to soften & provide moisture to our hands~

There are three Missing U series.
The first series was for those poor endangered species like the Panda ;^;
Second series - Bee Happy - For the protection of Bees.
& Thirdly - I Can Fly - Helping endangered birdies over the world from natural/government issues.
All range from Hand Creams, lip balms, face packs et cetera~❤
Each time we purchase an item of the Missing U series; a small amount of the money we paid go to the benefits of helping these endangered animals (;w;) I feel so helpful even if I only paid a small amount!~(´・ω・`)❤

I chose Cerulean Warbler!~❤
Isn't he super cute?!?!❤

What my Cerulean Warbler's story?
Let him tell you:-
''Hi! I'm Cerulean Warbler, the pretty singing bird in blue! You may already know me from many fairy tales, as I represent happiness, I like to sing, sitting on a branch, now nowadays I can't find many places to sit & sing because of tall buildings with glass walls, Also, many of my friends didn't noitce those walls & crashed into them. Please help me to sing freely again!''

Oh my gosh (;^;) Such a sad thing (;3;)
Don't worry Legolas!
My home has no big glass walls & you can be friends with my pet Cockatiel!~
The packaging Legolas came in is 100% recycled paper (though a little bit flimsy - the handcream nearly fell out!)  with Soy Ink - Awesome for the enviroment& it's really tastefully made - look at the little bird!

I got the handcream at Cosmetic.Love - Link here for £6.57 which I found fairly reasonable.
Capacity:- 30ml

Look at him model for me!~ (>w<) so cute omg!~❤
I was a little surprised by the size of the Handcream - it is definiately much smaller that I imagined but it makes it easier for popping in handbags~❤

Now for the creepy bit...
Removing the cute birdies head really creeped me out... (;o;)

Formulated with Shea Butter & Herb Water rich in certified organic nutrients, this eco-friendly hand cream, not only moisturises dry hands, but also helps to save our endangered flying-friends.
4-Free Formula, No Parabens, Sulfate, Ethanol & Mineral Oil.

The cream is coloured a pale creamy, yellow & has a gentle, fresh baby powder scent that I really adore!~❤
The formula is fairy hard/fairly creamy but none the less easy blending & absorbs into skin after 2minute on my hands.

As you see it photos above my hands are dry.
I wash them a lot in really hot water (Bad habit) so they are always dry & are in need of moisture.
I only needed a small amount of the handcream to cover fingers, back of hands - the whole hand in general. Application was quick!
You can definately feel the works of the Shea Butter & Herb Water after two minutes or so of the cream absorbing into your skin.
It really soothes & softened my hands to a silky finish~~(´ ▽ ` )ノ❤

Most people I know do not use handcream because of the 'greasy' or 'sticky' feeling they get after a few minutes from applying the cream.
With this cream there is a slighty sticky residue that does disappear! But the stickiness is really tolerable!
I cut up some oil blotting papers after 2 minutes of applying the cream to show you how sticky the residue is:-
So as you can see; it still holds a fair amount of the oil papers indicating it does leave a sticky residue. I guess it depends if you can tolerate it like I can!~
The capacity is 30ml - quite small but I feel you only need a small amount so it could last you a while!
Legolas found his Taeminnie!❤

All in all; It replaces some of my other hands cream from Garnier & Vaseline!
& to be honest; it's toooooo cute to pass up!~❤
I probably would repurchase it but maybe try the other cutie birds or the other Missing U creams~❤

Super kawaii, adorable!!❤
Convient size for travel
Helps endangered birds~~❤
100% recycled cute packaging (despite being flimsy)
Natural ingredients inside really softens & soothes my dry hands with a lovely baby powder scent~❤
The effects of the handcream last up to five hours even after washing
Reasonable price
So many benefits to you & your flying-friends!❤
Some people may not like the after residue
Removing the head scares me...

Hope you enjoyed this review everyone!~
I'm starting on the next review!~❤


  1. Is a so cute hand cream and your pictures are so beautiful *u*

    1. I fell in love with it (*0*)) Why thank chu!~❤

  2. Replies
    1. I knoooow *0* It's soooo darling!~❤


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