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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

에뛰드하우스 스윗 레시피 베이비슈 베이스 2호 베리슈 Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base 2# Berry Choux SPF25, PA++ Review~❤

I cannot believe I'm finally reviewing this gorgeous, yummy product from Etude House!
The Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2 Berry Choux!!~~❤

As most of us know now; that Krystal & Sulli from F(x) are now the new gorgeous faces of Etude House along with SHINee!~
They came into the scene with a big collection called Sweet Recipe!❤

Why Sweet Recipe? Let me tell you the story:-
Sulli walks into the bakery run by SHINee & says ''I'm here...for''
But Krystal runs in the bakery shouting ''I'm here for the interview!'' & stops looking shocked at Sulli. They both slam their application papers on the counter then give eachother a glare.
Jonghyun says ''But we only need one person!''
Onew then saves the day (hehe) by saying ''Then, we'll choose whoever has the sweetest recipe!''

The Sweet Recipe challenge for a lovely make-over starts now!'
---So basically this where the customers come in! The most popular is the sweetest recipe for spring fresh beauty & the inventor becomes the bakery girl.
It's a versus between Krystal Jelly Lips & Sulli's Baby Choux skin!❤

The whole Sweet Design is inspired by the Brothers Grimm Classic Fairy Tale Hansel & Gretel's Gingerbread House!❤
'Wanna be sweet?~
Shall we make sweet, baby choux for spring?
Dryness can never be sweet!
Moist on the inside & fluffy on the outside
A silky smooth finish is the key!
A silky smooth complexion with moist & fluffy skin, Baby Choux Base.
Moist & fluffy like Baby Choux!'

''Get It Beauty’ segment, and all 100,000 units of the product sold out in two weeks, setting a new record.''
Sulli also featured the Baby Choux base #2 Berry in her tutorial look:-

I'll be reviewing Sulli's recipe - Baby Choux Base in Berry for Pale skin tone!~❤
This is Sulli's favourite~❤

Baby Choux Base:-
Inspired by fluffy choux creme on pastry cakes!~

'This light & fluffy choux creme-like makeup base creates baby choux skin with its moist inside & soft smoothness on the outside'
'You need...Clean skin, Baby Choux Base, 1 Spoon of Moisture, 2 Spoons of Soft Smoothness'

Soft Focusing Effect:- It gives your face a lively skin tone.
Line Filling Agent Pigment:- It fill wrinkles on your face & it helps you look more healthy & young.
Soft & Moisture texture like the whipping creme of Baby Choux.

Contains dandelion & cotton ingredients & milk protein extract. I like the uses of natural ingredients as its best for dry/sensitive skin~
I do like the use of Salvia Hispanica seed oil which is good for moisturising the skin!~

It also has SPF25 & PA++ -... Holy Kimchi, a BASE CONTAINING SPF25 *cries* Finally!~❤

In order to achieve Sulli's beautiful baby soft skin with Baby Choux Base - follow this step:-
Use Baby Choux as a base alone or under your BB Cream to correct skin tone & smooth out skin texture

Mint Choux:-
Recommended for red & flushed skin
Berry Choux:-
Recommended for pale skin tone
Peach Choux:-
Recommended for Dull/yellow tone

Moist, creamy texture (silicone elastomer gel)
Flawless brightened coverage
Sebum control

Where did I buy it?:-
From Cosmetic.Love for £9.86 - Here
Capacity - 25g

Now let's look at the cute packaging:-
2호 베리 슈

Utterly adorable! Like a macaroon gift box from those fancy patisserie shops~❤
I love the tastefully selected colours of the pink & white clashing with the yellow cream puffs~
Almost childlike appearance as it's cakes involved :33 귀여워 ❤

Honestly I think I must've fangirled over this packaging for about 10 minutes before I could bring myself to actually open it!~❤
When I opened it & saw the top of the Base lid it really does look like a Cream Puff! O.O❤
Yaaay! I got a spatula!~❤
I've read plenty reviews on the Choux Base that it did not come with a spatual~
I guess it depends on where you got it from~
Oh my goodness! Looooook at it! Does it not look like a cream puff? (*-*)❤
The jar is made from frosted glass with a slightly pearlescent plastic lid resembling choux cream
(´ ▽ ` )ノ~❤ The frosted glass makes it look really expensive also the simple text of 'Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base' adds to how posh it looks (´ω´)~❤
It's quite bulky & slightly heavy. So I don't think it's the best thing to take with you on-the-go but maybe if you put it a makeup bag before putting it in your bag to avoid breakage & spills of the product.
SPF25, PA++ & contains 25g worth product


Upon opening the Jar, there is a small, thin, round piece of plastic to protect the lid from getting messy, though it does not really help as the product still manages to touch the lid.
The base itself is a pretty pale pink colour & already in the photo above you can see how thick & creamy it is~❤
Because of the thick consistency, a lot can go a looooong way!
The spatula that came with the packaging is really helpful for collecting & putting back product (if took too much out)~ I probably will not use it unless I have long nails so I do not get product underneath them.
The consistency of the base is just like Choux cream! ❤It's really light & fluffy - similar to shaving foam! I wish I had a bed like this!❤

Some bloggers say it smells like cakes - To me it smells like strawberry milk pudding❤ - An artificial strawberry smell but it's not at all overpowering!~ It smells so yummy!~❤
I must refrain from eating it (=7=)
When the base is applied to face; the scent fades~ so no problem for those who hate scented products on their face~

Applied to hand
It's really a clear difference in the lighting of the photos above (;^;)
I applied some base to my hand & began to blend it slightly. Blending is a bit hard at first as the consistency of the base is really rich but I find it's easy to spread out across the skin before blending.

In the last photo; after I sucessfully managed to blend in the base, it made my hand really smooth & incredibly brightened & whiter!

Before & after:-
Now you can see the INCREDIBLE difference!!❤ I have not edited the photo~❤
It also appears really soft in real life & feels it too~

Now what about the finish you gain after applying?
Some people are confused if the base will give you a dewy finish or matte finish - since most Korean products normally give a glowy/dewy finish right?
Well; I tried this Choux base on my Mother, Father & Brothers hand & all it gave was a MATTE finish.
It turned out matte on my hand as well - the base has a powdery, talcon-powder feel to it.
Depending on your skin condition - whether your oily or dry et cetera, you may gain different effects.
I was a bit disappointed that the finish was powdery & matte because my skin is REEEEALLY dry & my nose actually peels from it! like of a sun-burn peel (;^;) < 丶´Д'>

Oil/dewy residue test with oil blotting paper:-
Barely no dewy residue *cries*

Application on face
How to apply:-
Smooth over entire face for a choux cream-like soft, smooth complexion.

Etude recommend dotting the base over face & blending with sponge for a flawless application.
Let's apply to my face.

As you see in the first photo I have very dull, pallid pale skin with redness around my nose, dark circles & that annoying red blemish! Not to mention I have about two milia on my cheek.

I dotted the Baby Choux Base under the eyes, cheeks & nose & (although you cannot see it) small amount on my forehead.
Remember this Base is in the type #2 Berry - for pale skin

In the final photo; I blended the base in well with just my fingers & you can see a huge difference compared to photo 1~
My skin is much brighter & clear❤. My redness is gone & the blemish is just about faded.

This base offers some good coverage, a medium coverage - enough for me to give the concealer a miss to my dark eyecircles & that blemish which I think is awesome!~
It did make my skin reaaaally smooth & soft  & fills in my pores.
It does not crease into fine lines like BB cream does! Yaaaay~❤
Also this base is very light-weight so no uncomfortable heavy feeling & it feels so nice to apply to skin as it's so fluffy.❤

Some downs to this base though:-
The whitening effect this base gives does make you look slightly pallid like my original skin tone!
ㅎㅎㅎ So to those who hate being pale - Beware!
But I find adding blusher to your face puts colour back in~

When blending I was kind of put off of how disgusting it looked! (x_x)
Looks really nasty (;^;)
But don't worry!~ (^0^) It looks amazing when blended!❤

Third main downer is the matte finish. Like I mentioned before, I have super, Über dry skin
& this base because of the rich formula enhanced it sooo much!
My dry nose literally started peeling!ㅠㅠ
Yeeeah...sorry for the gross image but I think its the best way to show how matte the product is.
You can also see the powdery finish on my skin.

I definately prefer more of a dewy finish.
I did try applying BB cream over this but nada! I found applying BB cream over this base over my dry skin - impossible & uncomfortable & so cakey. Sorry I have no BB cream results (;3;) Doooon't kill me! but honestly! this base works AMAZING without BB cream~❤

I also warn you because of how thick this base is, if too much is applied it will turn cakey.

Let's apply to my whole face:-

After I applied the base to my entire face & blended it well it really did my face really flawless & bright - not my usual pallid, ill tone~
The whitening effect is so amazing! :3 ❤ normally to get that effect I have to mix white foundation with BB cream
I feel more dolly because of the flawless effect despite that annoying blemish that has faded really well with the base.
It works well to cover my dark circles but not completely lightened but enough so I can give concealer a miss! I've yet to try concealer over this base so hopefully it will not cake when I do.It is really lightweight & does not crease nor oxidize! I kept the base on for 7 hours with no touch-ups & it stayed white & soft with no creasing at all!! & has amazing oil control! Barely no oil came on my face after those 7 hours (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧❤

I still really hate the matte finish but with a dot of Etude House Nyphm Aura Volumer it made my skin look dewy & moist again.

Super cute & tasty packaging - I love the clever Base jar in the design of a frosted cream puff.
Comes with spatula - good for long nails!
Fluffy, soft consistency❤
Smells so tasty❤
Light on skin
Brightens & whitens skin ❤
Corrects redness
Smooths skin surface & makes skin feels baby soft like choux cream
Fills in pores
Great oil control!
Brightens up imperfections
SPF25 PA++❤
Does not oxidize.
Comes in three types to suit skin type

Bulky jar
Enhances my dry skin
Blending looks nasty at first XD
Matte finish - not dewy
A wee-bit pricey
Not available in the UK

Yes; I think I may do!~

So would you try the Baby Choux Base?~❤

I hope you enjoyed this long review my dears!
I'm starting on the next review from my haul~❤

Wannabe Sweet? Play ETUDE!~~❤


  1. Aww this product looks great (: nice review dear!

  2. Wow, it's like a photoshop softening effect in a jar! Thanks for the review <3

    1. I really recommend it!~❤ *0*
      It photographs beautiful too~❤


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