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Sunday, 5 May 2013

스킨푸드 브랜디마일드 쉐이빙 폼 SKINFOOD Brandy Mild Shaving Foam (For Men) Review~ ❤

Annyeeeeong everyone; here the final product I bought from my recent Cosmetic.Love haul.
The SKINFOOD Brandy Mild Shaving Foam (For Men) & of course! It's for me!! XD ㅎㅎㅎ
Juuuust kidding :3❤ (or am I?) No I'm just being a kidding kid~ I bought this Shaving Foam for my Dad as a gift~ & to get him in the obsession of Korean products! MUAHAHA!❤
I want to make this review with my Dad's personal opinion for any (if they exist) guys who read my blog~
My parents rarely drink. My Dad has a few drinks on his birthday & Christmas & that's mosly it. He does love a 'Winter Warmer' as my Nanny calls it. Brandy with coca-cola or brandy with coffee~ So this Brandy Shaving Foam seems perfect!❤

Did you know brandy is made fom any fermented fruit,  not just grape! (This shaving foam however is just grape) Brandy is the distillate of grape wine that has been aged in wooden barrels. Brandy has amazing effects for calming & soothing skin which is why it is inside this shaving foam.

Dad normally hurts himself (depending on razor) - a razor burns every once in a while. Brandy - being alcohol can clean wounds & soothe. So the extract in this shaving foam will soothe Dad's skin & make it cleaner shave~
Where did I buy this?

Cosmetic.Love for £8.80 - Here 
The price is a tad expensive than the real price for the Brandy Shaving Foam which is 5,900원 around £3.45

SKINFOOD's only Shaving Foam
''A soft, rich, foam which is mild and contains the benefits of brandy. Highly effective for sensitive skin caused by fatigue, stress, and frequent shaving. containing aged brandy from France''
It achieves a gentle shave with its soft and rich foam.
Suitable for 모든 피부 - All skin types
Capacity:- 150g

The can is a warm bronze colour which is very shimmery & pearlescent. MANLY COLOURS WITH A TOUCH OF GLAM XD ㅋㅋ Everyone deserves sparkle~❤
The can is 16cm tall & hold 150g worth of product.

Now I seriously cannot get over the hand-painted design sticker of a vineyard & the text of 'SKINFOOD since 1957' & 'Brandy Mild Shaving Foam' is a shiny gold & is slightly raised - 3D.
Also around the painted sticker is very tiny gold words spelling out across the edge of the sticker ''Special food for the skin to eat. Contains lots of nutritives & energetic ingredients such as fresh plants, fruit & etc to maintain our bodies healthy & lively''
It's really cute even my Dad could not stop himself saying ''Awww look at it!''
I love how SKINFOOD puts so much effort into simple things~❤

 There is plenty of good ingredients pumped into this shaving foam (but that's SKINFOOD for you!~)
I picked a few I think is worth mentioning:-
1. Cetearyl Alcohol.
Cetearyl Alcohol has two main components called Cetyl & Stearyl Alcohol (a waxy, fatty substance) These are widely used in Skin lotions & cosmetics - Loved by LUSH. Cosmetics.

2. Myristic Acid
The acid is found & used in a large amount of soaps, skincare creams & other cosmetics.

3. Vitis vinifera (Grape) Juice Extract
Or simply known as Grape Vine. This is important in this shaving foam - The brandy being from grape wine for this product.

Very simple & basic,a simple press down like an average nozzle. The hole where the foam comes out is definitely much wider than the Western ones. One thing is the shaving foam after usage may
still creep out of this hole because of how wide
it is. That is pretty annoying but most shaving cans do this.
The foam dispenses quickly & neatly! & it does not clogged or foam around the nozzle too much.
The foam itself
 Oh my gosh. I cannot get over how fluffy & whipped cream cloud like the foam is! (○´∀`○) ❤
It reminds me of whip cream or marshmallows. I want a bed as soft & bouncy as this.❤
Dad put some of the foam on my hand & just spent 10 minutes tapping it because it's oh sooo soft.
I find this shaving foam more fun to use than shaving gel.
When I was little I used to take Dad's shaving gel & spray out a big amount. It was a bright cool-oceon blue & then I'd start tapping it until it turned into a white foam! It was so fun (^0^)❤ It really annoyed Dad though huhuhu <`∀´> I BE EVIL CHILD

Looks so nasty in the photo (;A;)
Because of how thick & airy the consistency is, it stays & does not fall of my hand. Kind of reminds me of the Shiseido Perfect Whip cleanser.❤

To me it's just that same manly deodorant scent thats smell so much better than girl deodorants & perfume put together with just a hint of brandy - similar to Napoleon 3 years Brandy - the brandy my dad mostly has at christmas.
To Dad it's the same scent. It smells very fresh & clean & it is not overpowering.
- - -
So I'm not reviewing the way this product performs so my dad is going to tell me what he thinks & his experience.

Does the foam work well with water & apply well?
Dad said:-
The foam when in contact with water, washes clear away which is good for when cleansing away as some shaving product leave a sticky residue or is difficult to cleanse away.
Application was surprisingly easy! Because of how thick the foam was I did not think it would apply so easily. When your applying it feels really soothing as it is soft.
The scent is a typical aftershave/deodorant smell with a tiny touch of brandy, I really liked it & I really like the design of the product, its different & interesting.
Though it comes with no english instructions as I do not understand Korean, everyone should know how to use a shaving foam haha!

I shaved this product on using my Gillette Fusion razor & shaves really smoothl & comes off really easily from my skin leaving a soft, hairless clean path on my face.

It also washes off from the razor really well unlike some shaving gels which collects in the blades.
The SKINFOOD Brandy Mild Shaving Foam after I first tried it did give a tingling sensation & left my face looking a little bit red but it faded after a couple minutes & the second time I did it; it did not have any tingling sensation & at all!
This foam left my skin feeling soft, clean & more importantly bristle free!
It gave me the cleanest shave in a long time & it kept my face briste free for hours
The price is a bit um-ming & Ah-ing but the product gave really good results so I would most likey well repurchase this. Especially when my daughter asks for more Korean stuff! (ㅠㅠ)

Thank chu father!~ XD ❤

Smart & cute packaging
Clean scent with hint of brandy.
Foam dispenses quickly with no messes & nozzle does not get too messy
Foam is easy to apply with it's thick & airy consistency
Makes razor glide effortlessly
Soothes & cleans the skin leaving smooth & hairless - makes good, clean shave!
Keeps skin hairless for hours

Quite pricey
Hard to get in the UK
For newbies at this shaving foam, it does not come with english instructions.

So this review is not really aimed at the girls who read my blog, but thi might help any guys who may read this review.
So I hope you enjoyed this post everyone!~
I love you! (。・ω・。)ノ~❤

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