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Thursday, 24 May 2012

INTECH Science & Plantarium Trip, OOTD & FOTD❤ [Photo Heavy]

So today i had a physics trip with my class to Winchester INTECH Planetarium;.it was so fun!
There was these 100 interactions things & a huge dome to look at space with a NASA Projector - so amazing!
 Here's me & my friends adventure photo's here!:-
Left to Right - Rebecca, Sascha & Scarlet~

Kellen :33
 Kellen is not actually wheelchair bounded XD she was just on the INTECH science ones XD

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Town with Dad, haul & First Lolita shoe review!❤ [Photo Heavy]

Me & Dad went into town after school today & we went for a burger, milkshake & I got my shopping things :33

 I found a amazing book called 'Smut' in Waterstones today *0* Every fanfiction writers dream XD

 Fake door o.o

Skittles Milkshake >:33
It was fun! A nice warm day for Salisbury today~
I bought these items today:-
 A cute british inspired charm bracelet from Claires ^^ I love the little spoons & cup awah~❤
 Then I went to our Salisbury Anime DAO shop & bought some readymade decoden clips
 I love this one so much!

 Aren't they cute? I think the sweet lady owner of the shop made these :33
 I bought an American Twinkie sponge to try & god it was far too sweet x_x I took one bite & nearly hiccuped from the sugar. so much sugar o.o
 Contact Lens Solution, Ultra nail tabs for my deconails & lash Glue
 New earphones TT^TT i go through so many earphones!
 Silicone filler gun thing - looks like some kinky shizz
Silicone filler for decoden cream :33
I ordered my Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses, Dolly Wink Eyelash case & SHINee Poster today *-* ❤
My first ever lolita shoes arrived!!
I bought them a month ago from Bathingcat's store on Ebay
The postman left them outside our door?! Dafuq? they could've been taken! FFFFUUU
 Nicely wrapped up - safe & snug with random crisscrossed tape o.o
 Very tight cord thing clasp

The box was kind of crumpled so I was worried my loli-shoes would be scuffed ;^;

 Neatly packed inside - safely wrapped up too~
 All squished ._.
 Yay! non-squished ^0^ Aren't they pretty! I'm really surprised how well stitched these are!
They were custom made for my UK size 6 :33
 Balls of brown paper to keep the shoe shape.
 The heel is 2.5 inches - I measured them - Its a pretty colour blue & I love the lace design
The bows are perfect - not removable but thats okay~
Lets try them on~
I love them so much!! ❤

School uniform sorry ><
 These makes me look so tall! *0*
 They are extremely comfortable! Not too big & not too small
 The heels give me a major height difference even for 2.5 inches.
With my 4inch mary jane heels i only get a small difference off height...weird.
So pretty!~❤
 They are very snug~
These shoes have like a rocking horse effect going on? Like I tilt gently forwards & they gently rock with me XD Made walking up the stairs scary at first ._.
 The bow does look a bit weird now that I think about it but that doesn't bother me.
 Strong tight buckles
 Very great stitching! ❤
 Strong velcro straps
& this is them unbuckled~
I love them so gosh darn much! I'm temped to buy more from BathingCat!❤
I'm having my fairykei meetup on Saturday so i will wear these with my outfit!
Recommended strongly!❤

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Refuse To Be Usual Fairy Kei Carebear Jumpsuit❤

ohmygoditarrivedahahahahaahahhappykeikei *^*
It finally arrived after a week & a half - I love it so much!
Its a jumpsuit/romper from Refuse To Be Usual or RTBU -
I paid £25.92 with £8.64 shipping - not bad eh? :33
It is a purple baby pink with blue, yellow, pink & purple carebears, candy & presents over it.
 Its made from cotton fabric with thin terry for winter purposes *0*
Crochet lace is on the collar & the jumpsuit is elastic & fits a small & medium with straps that I can adjust to fit me.
 It has big plastic button thingy-ma-bob to hold the straps & heart pearl buttons with a tail rnbinrenthahgwjh!!! *0*

Tail *0*❤
 Its so comfy - I could adjust the straps to fit me but the waist area was quite big so I used a cute pastel purple belt to tighten it :33 Goes quite well~
The belt I used ^^
Better close up of detail

 Time for more camwhore regarding my new jumpsuit~ >////<

It goes well with my korean sherpa bunny coat!❤

SKIN79 Super Beblesh Balm Triple Functions Hot Pink BB Cream
2True 3 in 1 concealer light
Collection 2000 Translucent Powder
Barbie King Size Black Circle Lenses
2True Eyeshadow Dazzlers No.4
Veray Eyeshadow Palette - violet & baby blue
No7 Extreme Length Mascara
2True Effortless Waterproof Eyeliner
Laval Kohl White Eyeliner
2True Lip n' Cheek Tint
2True Expert Eyebrow Pencil shade No.1
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Eyemazing Faerie Doll Harajuku False Eyelashes No.501
Ebay Lower Lashes F-09
Just waiting for my blue lolita shoes to arrive then everything will be complete for the fairy kei meetup me & my friends have planned to do :33
Take a candy? :33 ❤
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