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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Town with Dad, haul & First Lolita shoe review!❤ [Photo Heavy]

Me & Dad went into town after school today & we went for a burger, milkshake & I got my shopping things :33

 I found a amazing book called 'Smut' in Waterstones today *0* Every fanfiction writers dream XD

 Fake door o.o

Skittles Milkshake >:33
It was fun! A nice warm day for Salisbury today~
I bought these items today:-
 A cute british inspired charm bracelet from Claires ^^ I love the little spoons & cup awah~❤
 Then I went to our Salisbury Anime DAO shop & bought some readymade decoden clips
 I love this one so much!

 Aren't they cute? I think the sweet lady owner of the shop made these :33
 I bought an American Twinkie sponge to try & god it was far too sweet x_x I took one bite & nearly hiccuped from the sugar. so much sugar o.o
 Contact Lens Solution, Ultra nail tabs for my deconails & lash Glue
 New earphones TT^TT i go through so many earphones!
 Silicone filler gun thing - looks like some kinky shizz
Silicone filler for decoden cream :33
I ordered my Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses, Dolly Wink Eyelash case & SHINee Poster today *-* ❤
My first ever lolita shoes arrived!!
I bought them a month ago from Bathingcat's store on Ebay
The postman left them outside our door?! Dafuq? they could've been taken! FFFFUUU
 Nicely wrapped up - safe & snug with random crisscrossed tape o.o
 Very tight cord thing clasp

The box was kind of crumpled so I was worried my loli-shoes would be scuffed ;^;

 Neatly packed inside - safely wrapped up too~
 All squished ._.
 Yay! non-squished ^0^ Aren't they pretty! I'm really surprised how well stitched these are!
They were custom made for my UK size 6 :33
 Balls of brown paper to keep the shoe shape.
 The heel is 2.5 inches - I measured them - Its a pretty colour blue & I love the lace design
The bows are perfect - not removable but thats okay~
Lets try them on~
I love them so much!! ❤

School uniform sorry ><
 These makes me look so tall! *0*
 They are extremely comfortable! Not too big & not too small
 The heels give me a major height difference even for 2.5 inches.
With my 4inch mary jane heels i only get a small difference off height...weird.
So pretty!~❤
 They are very snug~
These shoes have like a rocking horse effect going on? Like I tilt gently forwards & they gently rock with me XD Made walking up the stairs scary at first ._.
 The bow does look a bit weird now that I think about it but that doesn't bother me.
 Strong tight buckles
 Very great stitching! ❤
 Strong velcro straps
& this is them unbuckled~
I love them so gosh darn much! I'm temped to buy more from BathingCat!❤
I'm having my fairykei meetup on Saturday so i will wear these with my outfit!
Recommended strongly!❤


  1. Love your lolita shoes, you are soooo kawaii~


    You had been tagged by me. Visit here:

    I can't wait to read your tag post! Hugs~

    1. Thank you so much!~ :33 I've done my tagging but i haven't chosen anyone to tag yet >< I will do it ASAP~ <3

  2. moooh your shoes *-* and your ring *-* *love*


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