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Thursday, 24 May 2012

INTECH Science & Plantarium Trip, OOTD & FOTD❤ [Photo Heavy]

So today i had a physics trip with my class to Winchester INTECH Planetarium;.it was so fun!
There was these 100 interactions things & a huge dome to look at space with a NASA Projector - so amazing!
 Here's me & my friends adventure photo's here!:-
Left to Right - Rebecca, Sascha & Scarlet~

Kellen :33
 Kellen is not actually wheelchair bounded XD she was just on the INTECH science ones XD
cool wind air thingy

Scarlet brought us Llama BBQ bites to share - its the best snack I've seen ever! XD
Whirl pool ^^

Sasch-man XD

 I'm the guilty one of this ^^ >////<
A rather awesome picture of me & Scarlet on the photo box thing XD

she blinked ^^ XD
Entrance to the Planetarium - I couldn't take photos in here sorry >< but it was an awesome experience learning about the stars, orbits & black holes~
The Planetarium Globe

Llama bites :DD


 Rebecca's likes kissing Llama's~ Llama kiss kiss chu chu☆ミ
Kellen Chan giving me her questioning look

Me & Emma XD
 Emma has made a video vlog on today:-
All rights to her~❤

If you live in the UK please & wish to check out INTECH Planetarium for a trip there please check their site:-
Today I wore my black & white top with my tutu skirt as seen in the photos above but it was so hot today when I got home so i showered & changed my outfit into this:-

Top Dress - New Look
Lace Leggings - Topshop
Dolly Socks - Debenhams
Lolita shoes - Ebay
Bow Necklace - H&M

I know you shouldn't really wear socks with lace leggings with dresses but Ive only worn my loli shoes twice outside so I'm not risking rubbing blisters without socks on just yet._.

  This is not my usual style - its kind of following the popular style in UK at the moment but with a cute twist~
love the lace pattern on these leggings ^^

 Hello Kitty Bracelet -
Salisbury DAO
Oriental Anime Shop

Silver charm bracelet -

Little Twin Stars Rainbow Star Bracelet -

Pastel star bracelet - Ebay

Nivea Sun F30 Pure & Sensitive Sun Screen
SKIN79 Triple Functions Beblesh Balm BB Cream Hot Pink ( SPF25)
Stargazer White Pressed Powder
2true Lip n' Cheek pink tint
Victoria Jackson brown shadow (for nose contouring)
I used Sun Protection a lot these past week as its been so hot!!

Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses
Candy Bar Summer Eyeshadow - Light Pink & Light Baby blue
Victoria Jackson Highlighter (under eyes & inner corner)
2True Effortless Waterproof Black Eyeliner
2True Expert Eyebrow Pencil Shade 1 Brown
Allura False Eyelashes
Ebay Lower Lashes F-09

Lips -
Candy Doll Ramune Pink Lipstick
Glitter Gloss Milky Pink Lipgloss
 Have you noticed? I bleached my hair again ^^ looks less ginger & much more blonder now~❤
This is an example of how hot it is in England at the moment - Cracked Ground ^^ O.O holy hell

Is it hot where you are? Slap on that sun protection girl/boy or I'll give you my look of disaproval like this:-

Just kidding! ^-^~❤

It's now 11pm & I've not long come back from a walk with Umma~
 we went to the Graveyard to look for bats~

We saw a deer! a baby deer! in the Cemetery O.O 대박~
The camera sucks in the dark so all we could get off the deer was this:-
Creepy eh? you can kind of make out the deer form ^^
Umma & me did more photos to support my charity doll idea -

She should be a photographer I think ^^ :33
Its creepy being in the graveyard at night ><
Mum got scared by a bat which made her scream which caused me to scream out ''K-POP'' XD
I got terrified & of all the things I could've called out; I shout out k-pop' dear god.
Look what Appa did to my blog files >3<
 Its my name in Hangul >w<
Thoughtful Daddy ^0^
I'm hungry ._. mh. Tomorrow I have a new dentist so I'll only be in school for two hours XD yay~ If its warm out i'm going to go to the mill for a drink -nod nod-
Night Night~❤


  1. hi there :) i love your hello kitty bracelet. when a few goes together, it looks so cute!


  2. Cute!! Hope you had fun!!

    Thank you for being one of my readers for my blog! I appreciate you and your support! That being said, My new domain address is:

    Starting New!! STill Under COnstruction!!

    Not just a fitness blog anymore, obviously!! :).



    1. It was a lot of fun~❤
      Your welcome - I'll definately be following your new blog Klee~ ^-^❤


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