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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

EOS Candy Pink Circle Lens Review☆ミ❤ [Helpful to blue & green eyed people ^0^]

Yay! my Monthly Contest Winning Prize arrived today from Malaysia~
Like I said before: I won PinkyParadise's Monthly Contest & got to choose my own lenses so I chose pink as I was curious to try them out~
They only took a week & a half to arrive with a 14-25 day gurantee *^* quick eh?
 So yes; time for a promise review on EOS Candy Pink! :DD 
 So expected from Pinky Paradise; they never fail to have very good strong packaging. I had to use scissors to open it XD
 Malaysian stamps *0*
Ta daaa~ All neatly stored ^0^ oh I got a free gift >3<
 Pink lens case to match >3< ㅋㅋㅋ
Oh~ I got some more Dariya Bangs Guard Magic Sheets ^^ I had pink ones when I got my Princess Mimi Apple Green lens~
 I love these! - they are extremely handy for holding back hair while washing your face, doing makeup even unfashionably studying XD
 These are good for thin hair like me but for thick it could be difficult ._.
Trying to demonstrate... heh. TT^TT ^^
 대박~ pink hippos to match my new lens >:33 how cute!~
This is the second time I have tried EOS Brand lenses - I tried Dolly Eye Green which in honestly isn't very good to me anymore since they actually crumble when out of date XD

I love the design!!~
But I hate the bloody aluminum tabs on these bottles :c I cut myself TT^TT

 Eventually got them off & open...
Wow! *-* look at it!~ absolutely pretty & a gorgeous milky pink~
The black rim is HUUUUUUGE! O.O Whoa.
 Lets them soak for 6 hours~

 After six hours I tried them on!~
Natural Eyes outdoor:-

One lens in:-
Wow look at the enlargement! So dolly! Its exaggerated by the black rim making them stand out beautifully - they blend well too with my blue/green eyes~

One in with flash:-
argh crap my lower lashes are peeling off ^^ sorry~ TT^TT
Not so blended XD I'm albino today! ㅋㅋㅋ~

Both lens in outside:-

Waaaaah! Huge huge huge dolly effect now *^* Looks so strange but awesome!
I never thought pink lens would be good on blue eyes! 
With flash:-
wow. Just wow ❤ 
I love them so much!~
Extremely comfy!

Full picture:-
 With Flash:-

I think these lenses are unbelievably beautiful! shame I can't wear them to school ;w;

Natural Iris colour:- Blue/green
Diameter:- 14.50
Enlargement:- 5/5 - perfect dolly eyes!
Comfort:- 5/5 amazing!❤
Definately recommend these beauties!

SKIN79 Super Beblesh balm
Triple Function Hot Pink BB

Victoria Jackson Contouring
Brown to contour nose

2True 3 in 1 Concealer Light

Collection 2000 Translucent

MUA Blusher Shade 1

Stargazer White compressed

Veray Eyeshadow Palette
Shade light Pink 
 & white to highlight eyes & nose.

2True Effortless Waterproof
Liquid eyeliner black

No7 Extreme Length Mascara

Allura Upper Lashes

Ebay Lower lash F-09

Candy Doll Ramune Pink 

Bye Bye~!
에뛰드 Haul soon!❤


  1. Waahw, they sure are cute! Especially when wearing pink :3 But why can't you wear em to school :o

    1. hehe~❤ My school has a no over dramatic makeup look so my pink ones could stand out too much to the point they won't let me wear circle lenses anymore. I'm only allowed to wear blue, gray, green, brown & Black lens at school as its in a natural colour range XD stupid school rules TT^TT~ ❤

  2. Kirsten I just want to say a huge thank you for being brave enough to put yourself on the net. Most bloggers deal with bullies on the net, but I think for Caucasian bloggers writing about Asian fashion it is especially hard because of the whole "Weaboo" attack. You are amazing at what you do and so beautiful! Your reviews are so helpful because there are so many light eyed people like me who are looking into circle lenses but there are no reviews on eye colors like ours! And your tutorials are so cute !!:3 please keep up the good work! Much love <3


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