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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

에뛰드하우스 샤이니스타 립 밤 #5 막둥이 T~❤& 에뛰드하우스 청순 거짓 브라우 카라 2호 라이트 브라운 review~❤ [Photo Heavy]

ohmyeffin'godbloomin'rosesetcetc!! My stuff arrived finally; here's my haul post:-

& like I said; I'll be doing two items at a time on a review post ^-^❤
First my long awaited babies:- Color My Brows Light Brown Mascara & SHINI Star Lipbalm in Taemin's Guava~

 샤이니스타 립 밤  #5 막둥이 T~❤

Absolutely adorable packaging; as soon as i saw it; I had to have it! ❤ I love the colour choices!
EACH ONE OF THESE BABIES HAVE SIGNATURES!  OH MY GOD! But I won't scoop it all out XD I'm going to use it well as my lips get dry quickly TT^TT & then I'll slowly find the treasure Trolololol~
PRICE:- £4.16 - Very cheap! *^*

막둥이 means 'Youngest' & the 'T' obviously means Taeminnie; The cute yet hot maknae of Shining SHINee~ 
isn't Dara really lucky XD❤
 SHINee Special Edition~
The problem with these tins is that tis hard to open TT^TT
Cute bubblegum pink like a French Rose. Quite shimmery looking & looks very natural~

With flash

Without flash
With Flash
Surprisingly its very creamy *^* & not too sticky. Its quite glossy for a lip balm also. The colour is just a bit more brighter out of the tin ^-^ like a baby pink shade as seen above. Super cute~
Not shimmery at all which is a bonus; I want a simple natural balm~

oh god it smells amazing! so yummy! I spent 2 minutes smelling it ;w; Not too sweet!
Smells like bubblegum but then again what does guava smell like? XD ㅋㅋㅋ~
No bad tastes neither!

On my lips:-
Bare lips
Bare lips above ^^ pretty rough feeling & dry ;^; Lets see if this lip balm works its magic!~

Lip balm on lips:-

How it feels on my lips?:- It feels nice & warm on my lips which I'm usually really picky about XD I love it! It doesn't feel heavy but it is a bit like sticky lipgloss but its bearable. The colour is very cute & comes up a cute french rose pink on my lips ^-^
My lips get dry really quickly & this balm moisturises them nicely & soothes my chapped lips though it wears off quite easily so best to apply every 4 hours or so~
Wanna be sweet? PLAY Etude! ^0^ ❤
I might try Minho's next~~

❤❤❤❤/5 - 4 out of 5 ; read the pros & cons to find out why :33

Adorable Packaging
Cute colour & natural
Tinted pink on light pigmented lips like mine
Moisturizes & soothes
Smells so good *^* i want to eat it!
No bad taste
Its SHINee products of Etude! EEEK! I love SHINee :'33
I love Taemin XD ❤
Hard to get in the UK
Wears off quick
The tin is hard to open \v_v/
Kind of stickybut wearable~

Will I purchase again? YES!

청순 거짓 브라우 카라. 2호 라이트 브라운
Etude House Color My Brows No.2 Light Brown Mascara Review:-
Yay! Instead of using Eyeshadow/eyebrow powder to do my brows I bought this Colour My Brow Brow Mascara!
 Cute packaging!!! ❤ only £6.33 not bad~ Has pretty good reviews~
 Info:- Brow mascara combs to set, shade & moisten brows for a refined natural look.
Directions:- Use wand to gather makeup & apply to brows by combing along direction of growth.

Possibly the cutest eyebrow makeup packaging ever! So adorable with its folding pack! ❤

 Soft-hold gel~

Such a cute tube; only 9cm tall awah~ nice honey colour~

 Quite a big brush; I guess Ulzzang's use this alot & some Korean's like their brows straights where are Palty eyebrow mascara is a small brush for gal angle brows ^^
 Holds a lot of products ^^ good~
Without flash
With flash
 I did one swipe on my hand & was pretty surprised at how much products goes on! wow; its amazing so far & the colour is so strong *^*

On my brows before & after:-
Bare brows no pencil or powder
 Before ^^ trimmed, bleached brows; I switch between Gyaru & Ulzzang brows ^^ these are my ulzzang ones~

One swipe of Color My Brows & look! ^^ perfectly covered!
This is so easy to use considering this is my first brow mascara~
So strong & natural looking; with a hint of sparkle *^* Not messy neither!
The brush isn't rough on skin which is good ^0^
 Better detail ^^
 Awesome right? ^0^ ❤
Sorry I look bad here ;^;
This has lasted all day & stills looks fresh & keeping my brows in place~❤
It was hot today & they didn't even fade! Easy to remove with warm water~
My new favourite thing for my brows!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ /5 five out of five ^-^

Adorable clever packaging
Sweat Resistant
Last longs
Great colour
Easy apply
Easy to remove
Good size brush for any shape of brows
Hard to get in the UK
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Hope you enjoyed these reviews!~~

Still hyped about F(x)'s new album! ❤

Bye Bye~❤ 사랑해~


  1. great review! i love the lip balm packaging! i need to get some too :D

  2. I have the same balm! But mine went all melty because the weather here is pretty hot.

    I've tagged you in an award (Liebster Award) btw. You can find the details here :)

    Thanks for posting!

    ADA xoxo

    1. aw man that sucks! ;^; where are you from? - its pretty damn cold here in good olde' UK XD ❤ Oh thank you for the tagging!~ I'll do it soon~❤

    2. I'm from the Philippines. A tropical country >_> It's not very lipstick and lipbalm friendly over here. Last time I bought a lipstick from a European brand I had to store it in the fridge haha. But that was during the peak of summer season. Now that it's started to rain more, it's easier on my cosmetics lol

    3. I'd be spitting blood if that happened here in England; it must be money down the drain ><

  3. Hmm. I am looking for a brown brow mascara, but I heard that this one dries up really fast? I think you should also try to pencil in your brows a bit, maybe just shape them with the pencil. They will look a bit neater. Love the eyes and piercing :)

    1. Hello~❤
      This one dries vey fast~
      I now use a pencil to shape them XD - I'm so glad I do now heehee~❤ Thank god my brows look neater haha!~❤ thank chu for reading Anna :3


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