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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Koji Eye Talk Tuck Tape Double Lid Tape & Diamond Lash ダイヤモンドラッシュ 上まつげ フェアリ- eye Review~❤ [Photo Heavy]

 So today a very squeaky voiced post-lady gave my mum a package addressed to me ^-^ 
Its my PinkyParadise package as it came from Malayasia~
Yay! more Malayasia stamps >3<
Most of my packages either come from Korea, Mayalsia, Japan & Hong Kong~
So as expected from PinkyParadise; the packaging is strong & thick that I hate to use scissors to open it XD & everything is neatly stored~
Ta-daaa~ Diamond Lash Fairy Eye & Koji Double Lid tape ^-^ The Koji tape was a bit squashed but I think it was because it was wrapped in that foam they use for circle lenses bottles at PinkyParadise but it didn't bother me~
This is the smallest order I've ever got from Pinky Paradise & took a week & four days to arrive ^-^
quite good~

So lets start reviewing these beauties~

Koji Eye Talk Tuck Tape 
I always complain about my eyes being asymmetrical. These make my eyeliner look so different TT^TT So i took steps & turned to Double eyelid tape which is extremely popular with Asian girls~
I've never ever seen a Caucasian wear these ever! so I thought I'd take this opportunity~

Info from Yesstyle:-
''Clear medical-grade tape adheres firmly on eyelid, creating a beautiful double lid that will instantly make eyes appear bigger and brighter. Waterproof formula makes it safe to use in the beach or during sporting activities. Transparent tape works perfectly with all types of eye makeup. Fork applicator included for convenience and perfectly shaped lids. By Koji.'' 
 Nice packaging & these were really cheap for how many you get! 60 pieces for £8.96~

 Don't even ask me what this says. Have not a clue >///<
 The tape box is cute & handbag-able~ A nice blue colour XD
 Has a neat slot for your 'Y stick fork'
The Y stick looks really intimidating but I hear it doesn't hurt at all~
 How to peel the tape ^^
 Inside ^^ loads of tape~
 The tape~❤  ^^ 
Lets try it on:-

Left eye.
Right eye.
My thoughts? Amazing tape!❤
Its fairly easy to apply tape but taking off the tabs are annoying to do. 
My eyelid not very deep set because I get a sleepy lazy eyed look when not smiling or anything.
These tape get rid of my lazy eye & I liked them so much I used them on both eyes & they are now completely level than before ^-^ my right eye is not as deep set as my left so they look weird with certain false eyelashes TT^TT this tape sorted them out perfectly. 
To remove all you need is makeup remover thats oil based~

The not so good bit about these tapes is that they don't still so well if you eyeprimer & eyeshadow TT^TT they don't stick so well afterwards so I think its bes to apply these tapes after makeup like the R's Gals do in Ranzuki. ❤ 
Also after you apply you have to pull off the white tabs & thats quite hard to do without moving the tape & pulling it off completely. Eki (blog owner of Eki) had the same problem as me TT^TT its annoying trying to actually yank them off FFUUU.
The tape is shiny & can stand out from dark makeup when blinking ;^; on light makeup it should conceal well.
Apart from this I definately recommend these tapes!~❤

Long lasting
Sweat Resistant (Waterproof)
Evens out my lids & makes them bigger
Easy to apply
Cute case & nifty little slot for your Y stick
Hard to pull of the white tabs
Difficult to use primer & eyeshadow after applying
Looks creepy when pushing lids back haha~XD 


Lets review:-
Diamond Lash ダイヤモンドラッシュ  上まつげ フェアリ- eye [Fairy Eye]  

Yay new lashes!~ I'm wanted fuller yet natural lashes for school ^-^ So I picked Angel Eye from Diamond Lash
 Look quite dramatic for school eh? just wait! ^-^❤

 I love that there are five pairs of these! should last me a while!~
Only cost £13.79 - Ouch! expensive O.o but its much cheaper than Eyemazing! & very popular amongst gals like Ena Matsumoto~
 Dafuq does this say? O.O
I am really suprised at the size of this pack! the size of my hand at 12cm!
I thought the pack would be bigger like Dolly Wink's Otona's at 17cm. Wow. Handbag-able! ^0^❤
Nicely made!~
Theres a mixture of short & long strands in these lashes that grow thickers to the outer corner & have thick strands in between the middles. The lashes do not have a criss-cross effect or are natural curl they are straight but still give a nice effect with the use of curler. These lashes remind me of wish bones XD  haahah! see what I mean:-

These lashes are held together by very fine knots of glue/gum like substance. The lash band is so delicate that you have to be careful when removing glue & taking new pairs of out the pack.
The strands are so soft!; like feathers!

I'm going to use Eylure Lash Fix to apply these lashes.^^^

Lets try them on!~
Lashes with just mascara
Wearing Dolly Wink Natural Cute No.14 lower lashes (I cut them in half).

 With Flash

I love these so much!
They are very light; I keep forgetting i'm wearing them! Beautiful design & make your eyes a droopy dolly effect which is so cute~ 
They are not too dramatic so they are perfect for school & have a beautiful length - much longer than my natural lashes. Becuase of my eyelid tape they look level! bonus ^-^
They are only so easy to apply! took me only a couple seconds because of how flexi they are
The lash band length is perfect for my eyes so no need for cutting them.

Five in a pack
Beautiful design
Nice & Long
Natural yet full
Break easily

If your looking for full gorgeous natural lashes; try these beauties; I definately recommend them ❤



  1. You are too cute, just want you to know. (@´_`@)

  2. Oh you have order many things! lucky T-T You're so beautiful <3

    1. I can't buy anything more for a month ^^;; oopsy went over budget but I couldn't help it ❤ Thank you Laura-may but your much more beautiful ❤


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