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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SHILLS Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask, 네슈라 Pore Deep Charcoal Nose Strip Reviews!~❤ [Photo Heavy]

More reviews on Korean oh! & a Taiwanese products ^-^
The bought the SHILLS Purifying mask myself & the Charcoal Strip are free samples from my recent Cosmetic.Love haul~

I'm going to upload from horrible pictures of the results of the SHILLS & Charcoal pore stripe so be warned! XD
 SHILLS Purifying Peel-Off Black Mask:-

 Smart mature packaging~
Price:- £8.28 from Ebay. Not a bad price
 Passages of english from box:-
Deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells & impurities while vitamins & plant extract soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.

Dry the cleanesed area & apply the masque on desired area (avoid eyebrow, eyes & lips). Peel off after 20~ 30 minutes. To achieve better results, apply toner so as to tighten & cleanse the pores thoroughly.

The Tube:-
 Quite diddy :33 how cute~

50ml full & the tube is about 12cm tall
 I personally don't like this bottle because I find the opening unhygienic. I'm a cleaning freak >///<

 There's some type of black herbing in this product ^^ I coyuld be marigold or rosemary herbs as they are part of the ingredients~
Thoughts on texture?:-
Incredibly sticky! Like thick treacle X_X quite stomach turning really. Not good

Like flowers~
 Warning! Not nice pictures of me ahead! XD

Sigh...Yeah I have a clogged pores FFFFFUUUU


 Atleast I'm wearing eye makeup. After removing my BB Cream; I applied this mark to my trouble areas. Nose, Chin, Cheeks & some on my forehead for fun~

What does it feel like?:-
Cold & wet TT^TT also it tingles on your face to the point I nearly cried from discomfort ;^; So waiting 30 minutes is horrible for me. Damn my sensitive skin.

 No matter how much I apply; it doesn't go pure black just grey, so its quite hard to apply evenly especially with its thick & sticky texture.
With mum XD

god its fun trying to remove this stuff but hurts on the cheeks >< just as painful as Biore
 Did it work?:-

Not really for my pores. It removed dead skin leaving my face very soft & ripped out so many fine hairs. Only a few whiteheads & blacks removed. All in all; I'm still left with my strawberry nose TT^TT
Also when removing it leaves residue which is hard to remove without scrubbing

Smart Packaging
Easy to remove
Nice info
Smells nice
Leaves skin soft
Get rid of some pore troubles
Painful tingling senstation
Too sticky & thick
Hard to apply
Doesn't help with most blackhead & whiteheads.
Leaves residue once taken off
Hard to get in the UK

Rating?:- ❤ --/ 5
3 out of 5.

I wouldn't recommend this to someone who skins troubles are small like mine. Maybe someone with larger clogged pores & acne.

네슈라 Pore Deep Charcoal Nose Strip:-

I've never heard of Nesura before so I'm glad I can try a samle of one of their products~
This is from my Cosmetic.Love haul~
 Smart packaging~
 Chocked full of info ^0^
''Sheet type of charcoal nosepack exclusive to Nersura''
Genuine charcoal ingredient with outstanding adherence capability, completely removes waste, black  heads & even white keratin in the pores, & manages th epores with a pore contraction ingredient.

How to use:-
1. Wet your skin around your nose
2. Place the sheet according to the nose shape
3. Wait until its dry (about 10 to 15 minutes
4. Peel off
5. Wash with water or wipe with skin (toner).

 Haha looks like an ungroomed moustache~ ^^ this is the side you stick on your skin~

oh my ^^

I soaked my nose with hot water before applying & removed it after 10 minutes. 
You know when its done once you can't wrinkle your nose no more XD

 Warning used pore strip pictures!
Did it work?:-
YES worked better than SHILLS Purifying mask! 
 Removed whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin & fine hairs~
 It didn't hurt to remove either which is amazing. Biore strips are so painful to remove TT^TT when these are like wow!

 Nose before:-

 Much clearer!

No smells~
Smart packaging
Actually works! removed whiteheads, blackhead & skin!
Hard to get in the UK
 Rating:- ❤/5 - 5 out of 5!

I hope you enjoyed this review!

 My pile of Korean, Japanese & Chinese products is getting bigger & too big for my beauty table so I ended up buying a storage box XD

 I'm sleepy >3< I must ssleep bye bye~사랑해~


  1. I love Lioele Veil Vita :D I have it in Natural Green, to counteract my redness. The Nesura strips are good too :)

  2. Hi! I happen to come across your site and decided to drop a comment.
    I suppose you didn't receive the authentic Black Mask Shills.
    I have used 3 tubes of that product for the past 3 years and I have never once seen the mask having such "light, almost translucent " texture.
    It supposed to look really sticky and BLACK. (yea, REALLY BLACK).
    But again, since you don't like the "sticky" texture, you can skip it.

    P.S: You can try googling for the image...

  3. Thank you so much for reviewing this.
    I was about to buy either of these two products.
    Now I know which one to buy. Once again, thanks a lot.
    Great blog btw. Super cute.

  4. it's miles a exceptional product, in particular for the fee. put this black masks on the face, wait approximately 25 mins, whilst it dry, simply peel it off. left my face feeling very clean. right!..


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