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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ModeS4u Haul & Review 6 ❤

I'm going  to start collecting Re-ments so I'm going to start collecting these Re-Ment Strawberry Sweets Mascot miniature packets.
My Re-ment was wrapped in white cardboard. Every Re-ment comes with Re-ment gum. Unfortunately you can't see it in the photo because I erm... ate it XD all you can see is the yellow wrapper.
The gum is a small square pale green & it tastes like green apple nom nom. 
There's 12 Miniature Strawberry treats to collect. 

The Re-ment I got was this one:~
I believe it's a trifle. It's really textured & looks really tasty! :3 It comes on a delicate ball chain
 I've got number 5 >3< It's sooooooo cute!!!!

My Experience~
 I'm totally going to buy more from ModeS4u. i'm extremely satisfied with the shipping.
The total price was £41.41 
& the shipping price was a fantastic £4.05.
Orders can take up 5 to 15 days. But mine came within a week ^0^ amazing!
I definately recommend this site to anyone!! ♥♥♥♥♥

ModeS4u Haul & Review 5 ❤

I ordered one sticker sheet & one sticker sack from ModeS4u.
They both came in this envelope.
The sticker sheet I chose was this Rilakkuma rabbit glitter one. It's so sparkly *A*
The back :3
The sticker sack I got was this My Melody one. There is sooo many tiny peel back stickers of her!
The Front
The Back
Inside = SO MANY!!!

ModeS4u Haul & Review 4 ❤

ModeS4u always pop in a free gift which is a deco tape..
You get any random one like a Disney one or Cinnamoroll. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hello Kitty. My free deco tape was Hello Kitty!!! YAAAAY!!!!
There's a different picture on the whole strip. OH MY GOD HOW CUTE!!!

2. Another Hello Kitty item. = Chopsticks!
I want a cute pair of chopsticks that could fit in my bento box & I found these cute rose hello kitty chopsticks. I bought the last ones hehehe =ω=
aren't they pretty? :3

ModeS4u Haul & Review 3 ♥

Iwako time!
Time for a Iwako erasers. 
The first one I got was this Japanese noodle Sanpei  Eraser. It's so detailed & the noodles are extremely textured! O.O
And the noodles even come out!! EEEEEEEEEK!!!!! ≧▽≦

The second eraser I got was these Vegetable juice cans. I got two so my amazing friend Emma can have one because of Hatsune Miku's po pi po XD
So detailed!! *o*
The next one was this cute Japanese Pink Macaroon. I want to eat it so bad!!It's also really textured.
looks so tasty!
And lastly of the Iwako erasers is these delicate pocky sticks!
One strawberry, one milk & one chocolate.
So cute~

ModeS4u Haul & Review 2. ♥

First I got a new pencil case to replace my broken Angel Cat Sugar case. It's Rilakkuma & Friends with some flowers. I think it's adorable *A*
 It's also has a shiny cover so you can just wipe it with a damp cloth to clean it. 

2. I decide to get a new shopping bag so I chose this Hello Kitty red canvas bag. 
It's absolutely adorable. Strong & easy to wash. 
3. I wanted to get a little phone charm toy so I decided on this Rilakkuma strawberry one. I was worried it was going to be a bit too big but no it's perfect not to mention cute!
4. Pen time!! I wanted a new pen. So I bought this Rilakkuma eating rice black pen. It's soooooo CUTE!!!!!
*spaz's out* XD 

ModeS4u Haul & Review!!!!!♥

This is going to be huge haul because of the limit of 6 photos on each blog post so for that I apoligise ><'
So this is my big kawaii haul & review from
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Lets begin on the package. The package is secured by some type of string around metal clasps. It has Hong Kong stamps on it which I'm totally going to keep!
Safely secured
The string is really tight which is really good.

My items were inside a little bag which is sooo cute.
It says 'Cutie Face'
Everything is neatly stored inside~
They also gave me their business card:-
The front
The back
They seem pretty professional :3

Friday, 9 December 2011

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Harajuku Doll Eyemazing x Kyary 501. Lash Review

Being a huge fan of Kiriko Takemura A.K.A Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - I just had to buy one of her Eyemazing Lashes - Faerie Harajuku 501. <3
She has three different types -
Harajuku Doll 501. 'Faerie Doll' style for dreamy drooping eyes and recommended by Kyary for "pastel, poppy outfits"
Harajuku Doll 502. 'Round Doll' for natural round eyes - Recommended for cute casual outfits"
& Harajuku Doll 503. "Kitten Doll"  for the Cat eye look - Recommended for "Cool, rock outfits"
So I ordered 501. from Pinky Paradise - it took about a week and a half to arrive.
These are sooo expensive!!! O.O they are £16.31 - ouch!
When they arrived i opened them up straight away.
The packaging is absolutely adorable - more cuter than Dolly Wink
The packaging is really strong too!
It doesn't have a stand up thing like Dolly Wink does though ._.

After prying it open & removing one lash - they felt so soft & looked so pretty out of their package.
 I had to cut off one thick strand for them to fit my eyes.
I used Eylure Lash Fix to stick on the lashes~

The lash band is so stiff! I can't see how you can wear them so stiff like that!
So that ticked me off. I think it could soften up maybe?

 I think the lashes are far too long. I think these would be perfect for deeper set eyes :33

I think this has been all negative ;^;
Okay; I think these lashes are beautiful! so unique & pretty. I  think the length of the lashes are tad long but I still wear them :33 They are very light & full. Though because of the stiff lash band; the corner do seem to 'pop' up :// so I have to dab a bit of glue on. These lashes give the effect of dolly eyes which I love so much!❤
Otherwise these are amazing! or rather Eyemazing XD

These lashes without circle lenses:-

I think i'll give 502. ago ._.

Pros -
Nice packaging
Strong last long band
Cons -
So Pricey
Stiff band
far too long
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