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Sunday, 4 December 2011

New here :3 DollyEye Green Circle Lenses Review

Annyeong i'm a new to blog things >////< here's my first lens review~
My first circle lenses were Dollyeye Green from Pinky
They arrived within a week with Pinky Paradise's normal shipping cost.
They came in a secure little package in two small bottles filled with solution & a cute animal lens case (my case is pink fish) :3. I found the bottle metal caps so hard to open XD

Being my first circle lenses I spent about fiveteen minutes trying to put them in >//<
 The diameter is 14.2mm
The comfort of them is 3/5 as they were moving slightly & they dried my eyes out after about 3 to 4 hours
enlargement is 3/5. They aren't as big as most circle lenses. The pupil hole is quite small and no halo effect is shown.

Very artificial design - far too bright for my liking

 I recommend these for cosplay as the colour is very vibrant ^0^

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