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Monday, 5 December 2011

Barbie King Size Circle Lenses Review :3

I'm so happy~ today my first black circle lenses arrived from Pinky Paradise. They came with a pink fish case & my Dolly Wink False Lower lashes No.7 Vivid Pop. They looked huge in their bottles & even bigger out of them. So I began freaking out thinking the halo effect will be huge o.o

I let them soak in solution for six hours before trying them on. The left one went in perfectly but my right lens moved around on my eye so i began to panic....turn out it was inside out =_= I felt like such a idiot.
Halo Effect
I stepped back after putting both CORRECTLY in XD and was taken back at how creepy doll like my eyes were. To add the creepiness I add lashes. my top ones came from superdrug and my lower lashes were Dolly Wink Vivid pop - which are so-oo easy to apply :3 <3

Diameter - 15.5mm
Comfort - 5/5 <3
Enlargement - 5/5 <3
Natural iris colour -Green
Life Span - 1 year
I totally recommend these to anyone~

My thoughts -
These are amazing - not too artificial - just wow *0*
They surprisingly look great on green eyes & look very dolly.
They don't move or dry my eyes out. Easy to put in & take out.
Without makeup; these looks terrifying :c so I cannot wear them to school because they attract far too much attention without eyeliner on.
Very happy with these though~

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