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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

ModeS4u Haul & Review 3 ♥

Iwako time!
Time for a Iwako erasers. 
The first one I got was this Japanese noodle Sanpei  Eraser. It's so detailed & the noodles are extremely textured! O.O
And the noodles even come out!! EEEEEEEEEK!!!!! ≧▽≦

The second eraser I got was these Vegetable juice cans. I got two so my amazing friend Emma can have one because of Hatsune Miku's po pi po XD
So detailed!! *o*
The next one was this cute Japanese Pink Macaroon. I want to eat it so bad!!It's also really textured.
looks so tasty!
And lastly of the Iwako erasers is these delicate pocky sticks!
One strawberry, one milk & one chocolate.
So cute~

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