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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Geo XCM-214 Super Size Angel Brown Circle Lenses Review :3

My second pair of circle lenses were Super Size Angel Brown from Pinky Paradise. They took about one to two weeks to arrive. It took a while but was well worth the wait. They came in their cute little bottles and adorable pastel purple fish animal case.
They looked so-oo big in their bottles and the pupil hole is very large then my DollyEye green pair that I began to worry if my green/blue eyes would show easily through them causing a huge halo effect DX

(I apoligize for the bad lighting on my phone)
I let them soak in lens solution for six hours before trying them on :3

One on and one off~

Better photos coming now! :-


Diameter- 14.8mm
Comfort - 5/5 <3
Enlargement - 5/5 <3
The design is amazing - not too artificial~
They don't move around too much or dry my eyes out.
With my Dolly Green lenses i had to use eyedrops all the time >< Not too fake looking even with the black ring; they look very natural indoors but outdoors they look more vibrant & my natural iris shows.
I get loads of compliments from people, even people i don't know O.O 

You know how you wear some lenses without makeup & you look really creepy? well with these lenses they still look natural without makeup phew!

I'm totally in love with these lenses & I recommend these to anyone <3

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