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Friday, 9 December 2011

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ Harajuku Doll Eyemazing x Kyary 501. Lash Review

Being a huge fan of Kiriko Takemura A.K.A Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - I just had to buy one of her Eyemazing Lashes - Faerie Harajuku 501. <3
She has three different types -
Harajuku Doll 501. 'Faerie Doll' style for dreamy drooping eyes and recommended by Kyary for "pastel, poppy outfits"
Harajuku Doll 502. 'Round Doll' for natural round eyes - Recommended for cute casual outfits"
& Harajuku Doll 503. "Kitten Doll"  for the Cat eye look - Recommended for "Cool, rock outfits"
So I ordered 501. from Pinky Paradise - it took about a week and a half to arrive.
These are sooo expensive!!! O.O they are £16.31 - ouch!
When they arrived i opened them up straight away.
The packaging is absolutely adorable - more cuter than Dolly Wink
The packaging is really strong too!
It doesn't have a stand up thing like Dolly Wink does though ._.

After prying it open & removing one lash - they felt so soft & looked so pretty out of their package.
 I had to cut off one thick strand for them to fit my eyes.
I used Eylure Lash Fix to stick on the lashes~

The lash band is so stiff! I can't see how you can wear them so stiff like that!
So that ticked me off. I think it could soften up maybe?

 I think the lashes are far too long. I think these would be perfect for deeper set eyes :33

I think this has been all negative ;^;
Okay; I think these lashes are beautiful! so unique & pretty. I  think the length of the lashes are tad long but I still wear them :33 They are very light & full. Though because of the stiff lash band; the corner do seem to 'pop' up :// so I have to dab a bit of glue on. These lashes give the effect of dolly eyes which I love so much!❤
Otherwise these are amazing! or rather Eyemazing XD

These lashes without circle lenses:-

I think i'll give 502. ago ._.

Pros -
Nice packaging
Strong last long band
Cons -
So Pricey
Stiff band
far too long

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