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Sunday, 1 July 2012

London with Alice, Haul & OOTD~❤

My girlfriend Alice invited me to go to London with her today ^-^ It was fun but I had to meet her parents but I got along with them fine. Hope I made a good impression ><
Here's some pictures I took today; there's along a few ><
I should;ve taken a picture of me & Alice's Strawberry Tarte's we had at Pâtisserie Valérie *^* They were so good ❤


Creepy statue dude ;^;

 I found the yaoi-iiii!!~❤

Studious XD ❤
 Alice looking cute in her early summer chocolate strawberry parfait skirt :33❤

Theres's loads of good stores like this in China Town;- There's a main cosmetic store thats sells Diamond Lash, My Beauty Diary, SKIN79, Palty, D.U.P, Baviphat, Candy Doll & Dolly Wink.
You wouldn't believe the price of Dolly Wink in Chinatown! Its like £12 to £19 on Pinky Paradise & £11 on Pretty & Cute but Dolly Wink in Chinatown is £29.99 - 30 quid?!?!? Seriously!! O.O X_X Diamond Lash is cheaper in the store at £18 *^*

On the good side; loads of K-POP songs were played like Boyfriend Hyun Seong's Only You, SNSD's Girls' Generation & F(x)'s Chu~~
 It was so busy in London ;^; really busy XD
 Me & Alice did Purikura for the first time ^0^ ❤❤

Check out the Purikura machine here:-
G-10, Chinatown Market, Charing Cross Road No.55, London, WC2H 0NE
Chinese Apple Apple Pen~
 Cute Kitty Contact lens case

Chinese Trikeel False Eyelashes

Chinese Shijing Flower Rose Lipbalm

Korilakkuma Sleeping Sprout plush~

Lilac Spotty Dress:- Matalan
Socks:- Debenhams
Lolita Shoes:- Ebay
 I love the pleats on my dress~~❤
 Necklace:- H&M
 Hello Kitty Bracelet:- Salisbury DAO Oricon Anime & Oriental Shop
Little Twin Stars pastel moon bracelet:- H&M
Pastel star bracelet:- Ebay
England Tea Party Charm Bracelet:- Claires
 My eye makeup for today~~

I'm so tired now ;^; must sleep~~


  1. Looks like you guys had a nice day out! ^^
    I like everything you bought, but I think the pen is especially cute, and I looove the dress you wore that day! It's so pretty! ^^

  2. PLEASE can you tell me where that cute store is located?? *^*

    1. The Artboxkawaii store is in Covent Garden, Thomas Neals Centre Cucumber Alley~~~ <3

    2. Thank you! I must have missed it when I was in London... Q_Q I'll surely visit it next time!

    3. awahh hopefully you can visit it next time^0^ but you can check out their site at - its really cheap & amazing quality~❤

  3. i went chinatown about a month ago and bought trikeel japanese lashes too, and ikr i bought the dolly wink brown eye liner pencil so expensive </3 i also went on the purikura earlier this year ! (=^・・^=) i've never been to artbox before but i really want to go in december :) nice post too!

    1. The trikeel lashes break so easily D: - I'm still shocked at the prices of £30 Dolly Wink in London when its only about £15 online. I guess because its imported? ah well as long as its worth it :3 thank chu~❤

  4. OMG your eye makeup, outfit and armcandy are awesome!


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