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Thursday, 2 May 2013

토니모리 캣츄 윙크 토니틴트 2호 레드 TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint #2 Red Review~❤

Time to review my favourite liptint!!❤

I purchased one of these tints back in October but never got the chance to review it as the lettering & product sticker worn out! ㅠㅠ
I still have th other one from October & it's still got a bit left. But since this is my everyday lip product; I couldn't bear it to run out! so I repurchased it which is something I never do with lip products~
But at least I can give it a proper review because of the months I've used it~

So here is the long-over due review on the TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint #2 Red

Where did I buy the tint?
From Cosmetic.Love for £3.60 - Here

This Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint consists in three shades:-
#1 Cherry Pink
#2 Red
#3 Orange ChaCha
I'll be reviewing red~

''Tonymoly Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint 3 Colors:- Liquid type tint that express clear and animate lips color.
It's absorbed rapidly in lips because Jojoba seed oil is contained and cellular regeneration ability is excellent and encourage plow power and elasticity.''

Aaaah good olde' Jojoba oil~❤

This liptint is the new upgrade of it's elder - Tony Tint:-
I'm not too honestly sure on what made it upgrade? Maybe it's the cellular regeneration which is fantastic! (*0*) & obviously the packaging has definately changed to a cuuute kitty that's winking~

It did not come in a box but it was just wrapped tightly with clear plastic~
토니모리 캣츄 윙크 토니틴트 2호 레드
TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint #2 Red
Lasts 12months & the capacity is 10ml.

Let's take off the protective plastic because I'm telling you!, it was difficult to take photos with it on XD
Muuuuch better - as you can see, the tint is a vivid blood red, seems intimidating huh? O.O
I love the cute design of the text (^0^) Almost like a curly scrawl~❤ Can you also see how the tint collects inside the tube? ^^ It's like water (*0*)

Now for the main feature that makes this Tint a Cat Chu range - The Cat head!~ ❤

Suuuuuper cute & adorable! eeeeeek~~❤
But wait! Can you notice what it is missing?
It's eyes! (O.O) The eyes on the kitty that is featured on all the cat range is gone...huh?

Comparing the kitty head to my old Cat Chu Tony Tint (also in red)
Oh dear (;3;) My poor new tint is eyeless (=~=) I really, highly doubt that it's anywhere near fake because I compared the tint itself & the tubes are the same width & height. I guess TONYMOLY changed the design? ah well~

- - -
The tube contains 10ml of liptint & from the top has a straight build & the base of the tube is wider & rounder base - almost like a chubby kitty standing up (=^3^=)~❤
At the top of the tube you can see the lip tint bubble & collect where I pulled the applicator out.

The neck of the tube is quite wid & can get pretty messy despite the white plastic guard 
(which is made to stop the tint running out & dripping & removing excess tint from the applicator)
so it's best to wipe it everyso often to avoid spillage.

The applicator
As you can see; it is not like a doe lipgloss applicator, It's more flatter & more rounded at the tip. I find the shape makes it more easier to control & spread/dot on the lips~❤
If you take a closer look; you notice all the fibres on the end? This really helps not put too much product on your lips if you are dotting it on~
The fibres make the applicator feels sooooo velvet-like to apply~ (^▽^) It feels nice!~❤
Also you can see it holds a incredible amount of liptint.
Take note that excess liptint catched on the white stick of the applicator may run down into the lid so take care not dripping! It only happened once to me but never after~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ❤

Have you ever noticed lipgloss applicator going out of shape after a month of usage?
Let me show you my new tint's applicator compared to my old 5 month one:-
Notice on the old one; the fibre hairs on the end are more spread out & rough looking compared to the new one?
Don't worry! The old one stills applys soooo smooth & the fibres are still soft & velvety~❤

Look how vibrant that one dot of tint is!! *0* ❤Don't be intimidated though! Look at the blended swatches next to it.
I blended it with my fingers & both swatches turned from a blood red into a flushed rosy colour- quite natural!~ ❤
You can get liptints with glossy  or creamy finishes but this one is a matte finish. I recommend moisturising your lips before applying this tint as it is drying!

Because the tint is liquid though it does not run, you can apply as little or as much as you like to get your desired shade~ The shade can be natural or dramatic~❤
Because the colour is like-of a dye; you must be very quick to blend as it really stains your lips!
This tint can be used as a cheek tint but you must act quick or you'll get red dots XDㅋㅋ

This tint really stained my fingers!:-

 Even though this stains really well; it does have a poor durability especially when eating & drinking.
I ran my hand under water & then rubbed with my fingers & it came of very well!
Only two traces of two of the swatches left a faint stain:-
It does have a strong perfume floral/apple scent to it that does not bother me too much but to some it may be overpowering.
The smell does go after applying & blending to lips though~

Applying to lips

How to apply:-
Smear content for tip and draws along lips line.
TONYMOLY recommends:-
1. Using lipbalm to lips
2. Applying concealer
3. Dot on liptint in center of lips
4. Apply gloss for a gradient effect.

Also this tint can be used as a cheek tint:-
1. Apply two dots of tint to cheek
2. Blended as quicky as possible for rosy cheek
3. To intensify look; apply another dot & blended
Let's apply to my full lips:-
Bare lips.
I did not use lipbalm for the purpose of showing you guys how dry/moist the tint can be. Nor did I apply concealer. I left my lips bare just for you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Because I loooove you guys so much~❤
I dotted the liptint three times on the centre of my lips. Applying in the centre then blending will create a gradient effect like an Ulzzang❤
Finally I pressed my lips together to transfer some tint onto my upper lip & then blended out by tapping with my finger.
I recommend wearing this with gloss or balm for a plump dolly lip~

There you are!❤
So those three vibrant blood red dots of tint turned into a rosy gradient shade on my peach coloured lips - I reckon it looks like the colour of a ball-jointed-doll~❤
Remember; the finish result depends on the pigmention of your natural lip colour!
If you lips are naturally red, the tint may turn out darker I guess? I'm not so sure (;A;)

Also the longer you leave the dot of liptint on, the redder it'll appear.
Ah. Yet another derpy selca. I apoligise! XD
Doesn't the tint look soooo natural on my lips? A cross between pink & a peach matching my own.❤
Now what about the red lip look for those?
I will now apply the tint all over my lips for a red lip:-
Yaaaaaay! Red lips for a mature, dramatic effect. Again very dolly. I spread the tint over my bottom lip & pressed them together. I did not blended the tint straight away, but I let the tint sit for 3 seconds before blending excess colour~
There is bitter perfume apple taste. It does not taste good (;A;)

Any bad points?
I only downsides that affect me the most. How drying this tint is if too much is applied!
There is no gloss finish with this; just matte. I normally apply vaseline to my lips before applying this tint but after about half an hour; the tint has literally dried the vaseline away (o.o)
So my lips look rough  ㅠㅠ
I always bite my lip from nervousness & sometimes hurt them because of this. So when this tint is applied to the wound; it clumps into a big dark red dot <丶´Д`>
I honestly thought the Jojoba Oil inside would help; but it only helps a tiny bit *pout*

I only use three dots of this tint but even so it can still get dry. Recently I've been drinking a lot more water & use sugar scrub to my lips & use lipbalm at night.
So the tint has been keeping moist for more than a hour - It's a start~❤

Despite the dry finish; I would still recommend this tint to anyone to get perfect dolly lips from natural to dramatic colours~❤

Plenty of product
Comes with three different colours
Adorable packaging (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧❤
Applicator makes easier application
Liquid-type, so it's easy to blend
Vibrant colour❤
You can apply as little or as much as you like to create your perfect red shade❤
Can be used as cheek tint
Enriched with Jojoba oil to help cell regeneration & elasticity of lips.

Very drying especially depending on lip condition
The taste is very bitter
The perfumesmell may be overpowering for some
Hard to find in the UK

Hope you enjoyed this review everyone!~❤
I've got one last review to do - for the men who read this blog! XD
Looove chu all~❤
Minho's voice in this. OMG. I CAN'T. THEY SOUND SO SEXY.❤


  1. Is so cute lip tint, I like so much the cat packaging *-*

    1. It makes me so happy to see it *-* ❤ gracias por leer!~

  2. Nice lip tint~
    I have an older version of this with a mini size^^

  3. I had this in the mini version too, and I agree its quite drying. I put lipbalm over it sometimes :P
    It looks good on you, thanks for sharing ^^

  4. I thought I was hallucinating.. But You really looked like a doll.. ^_^

  5. I have this tint in pink and love the color! maybe you should try that shade out and it's okay if you just put on lip balm before apllying this! I think the red one is really pretty! ^-^* Thanks for the review, Kirsten~! :)


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