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Monday, 27 May 2013

British Shenanigans Episode:- Sunny Bank-Holiday & FOTD~(○´∀`○)

Bank monday holiday today & officially the start of my week off before my next English exam~
Though surprisingly Salibury (my town) is quiet despite the sun. It's a bit windy mind you but still warm ;A;
Only a few dog-walkers, children & people in the gardens.

My day started at 8.30 & I had to endure a cold bath! Someone used up the hot water & it was soooo cold! ㅠㅠ But at least it woke me up~
I decided to go on my bike to meet Dad outside his work when he finished his shift.
The pink one is mine!(○´∀`○) ❤
 Take note, that I haven't rode my bike in 3 years...oops & the chain was really rusty, but Dad cleaned it for me & gave the chain a spray of bike oil (magic in a can!❤) & my bike was healthy once again!
Despite my bike being all healthy, I was really nervous about crashing as it was my first time riding it in 3 years ;3; but I was fine!~~ ❤
I cycled the busy roads with no trouble~
When I came back home, I decided to go in the garden to enjoy the sun, my brother (forced cameraman huhuhu <`∀´>) came out as well~❤
Look like a vampire in the sun ;3; KEIKEI YOU'LL BURN IN THE SUN! GO DRINK BLOOD QUICK!
...or drink Pokka AloeV Blueberry juice...
- - -
I attempted roller skating again. I'm not very good at all...
One foot at a time
Tipping...OH NO!
Fell ㅠㅠ
& back up again ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
But in the end I ended up removing the horrific skates of doom & perching on the wall again.
Have you also noticed how red/brown/blonde my hair is now! the black is coming out! NOOOOO!
I have to dye it again before Summer!~
Not to mention how messy my hair was, it was windy as well as warm! ;____;

I did my makeup different then my Coral Ulzzang makeup. The makeup I'm wearing is the quick makeup I've been wearing for school (especially on exam days) & I like it because it makes me have a baby face~❤
Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #Berry Choux
SKIN79 The Oriental Gold BB Cream
Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer #3 Transparent
TONYMOLY Baby Doll Pot Concleaer #Light Beige
LoveAlpha Summer Gradually Palette Blusher #Hot Pink
Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #Grey
2True Easy Glide Kohl White Eyeliner
MUA Gel Liner #Fairground Grey
Etude House Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara mascara  Step-1
TONYMOLY Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint #2 Red
& finally, I'm trying to tan my legs a little bit but no luck! XD

That's all I have to post today :33 What makeup & sunny day activities are you doing everyone?~
Have fuuuun!~❤
Love chu~~❤


  1. your eye is really pretty :}

  2. Lol "horrific skates of doom." Looks nice and sunny over there, I'm super jealous x3 Thanks for sharing! ^^

    1. They are horrific!~
      It was lovely yesterday but today it poured with rain ;^;

  3. your lashes are super pretty! and i love that dress on you :)

  4. uhuhu,,, i have a pink bike too <3
    i like your rotifers. i deams to have one which looks like yours.
    and i like your lanses

  5. It was so sunny! And then now today it's rained all day! ...Or at least it has over here! Good luck for your exams! Mine are next week too :') I can't wait to get them over with to enjoy the summer! :D

    1. Yes here in Wiltshire it's pouring today! ;3; it didn't last long did it? stupid UK & it's zig-zag weather ><~

  6. I really love that makeup you tried out, it's adorable~~ (。◕‿◕。) Know I feel like I have to get outside more lol.


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