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Saturday, 13 April 2013

British Shenanigans Episode:- My Cockatiel & updates~ ❤

Is it a bird? Is it a pla- No it's definitely a bird.
Heeeello everyone!~ I want to talk about my gorgeous pet Cockatiel Nut-Nut! 

He has been in our family since I was probably 8? 9 years old? Though we are not too sure we gather he is around 13 years old. 
My mum's friend Shane was the original owner of the two he had. He had two grey cockatiels named Nut-Nut & Psycho - of whom we took off his hands. 
He named one Nut-Nut because he is very hyper & Psycho because she was very timid & easily irritated.
Shane was suffering bad signs from Type 1 Diabetes & had to move to Portsmouth; He did not believe Nut-Nut & Psycho would survive the trip so that's where he asked my family to take them off his hands in 2003/2004

Nut-Nut & Psycho are both gorgeous grey, cheddar cheek Nymphicus hollandicus or simply Cocktiels from the Cockatoo family. 
Cockatiels are the 2nd most popular pet birds next to Budgies as they are easy to keep & are very affectionate with their owners.

Psycho was very easily annoyed but after the first month of keeping her, she became a very happy, adorable bird who like Nut-Nut singed at the attention she gain. We had to put Nut-Nut & Psycho separate because they like to fight alot but when out of the cage they were very social & happy together.

She unfortunately in the early start of 2010, she died from problems with her beak & had trouble eating food to which she died on the day my brother & I caught a illness bug from my Nan who just recently those days broke her ankle.
 It really has affected me so I'm glad Nut-Nut is still with us~
Nut-Nut is still the hyper lad he has been since I was 8 or so & is exceptionally healthy & happy & sings the most sweetest tune just like Psycho did~
He is super affectionate to everyone - If you leave the room after being near him for a hour he'll start screeching somewhat fierce until you come back! XD He can be feisty to depending on how he feels.

He is easily bored though & has taken to plucking out his feathers, so we have to let him out more frequently than every day & a half & change his bird toys to keep him occupied so far; he has not plucked any out so often~
 Not to mention his eating skills!
He loooooves his food just like me & my brother but he still is very slim & healthy. He mostly eat sunflower, millet & general Cockatiel friendly bird seed. He loves strawberries, grapes & the occasional apple & the occasional crisp with no sugar & salt.
He is totally loves honey stick treats with the grape inside & iodine nibble blocks for his beak - which helps in feather, bone & muscle development.

I found out from the Vets can cocktiels can also eat pasta, Well cooked meat, hard boiled egg & pomegranate which I hope to get Nut-Nut to try as some are high in protein.
Apart from being very healthy; he is SERIOUSLY photogenic! XD see those red cheeks of his? They are actually his ears!

He likes to come into the kitchen but to the other side of the room well away from the oven & cutlery et cetera & sits on my shoulder while I play Oblivion or Skyrim or like he is sitting on my shoulder now while I'm editing this very post.

Psycho was always a camera shy birdie so I've not many photos of her but Nut-Nut however is a camera-whore...such as myself ㅠㅠ
He turned away from me( ;´Д`) 
 I wish Nut-Nut had a hat like that ^^ It suits him XD
  ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
The one thing about Cockatiels is that they are very affectionate & love the attention & Nut-Nut likes to snuggle & curl up in the crook of your shoulder & neck to sleep ^^ Which he was trying to do in this photo above ^^

 Would you ever consider having a cockatiel?~

Now for my updates.
I've just finished my first week back at school after the Easter Holidays & now I'm so glad to be on the weekend!
It was such a loooong week as I'm preparing for my Art & English exam next week ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
So I have to paint a huge canvas all white for a base in a minute & finish off my English iGCSE tomorrow but before I do it I've got to go into town tomorrow to help my mum with our friends' hair dyeing.
On the Thursday next week; I'm ordering Korean cosmetics yaaay finally reviews coming guys!~

Mortimer is staying over on the 26th & I'm going to my best friend Duckie's, cousin's to help with her photography project on the evening of the 27th

Then I've got to try & find a space on my schedule to help my best friend Rebecca's media project out~
Hope you have a relaxing weekend everyone & thank chu for sticking with my blog!~ 
I loooove you!~


  1. Cute birdie! He has gorgeous colors. Tell him I said hi xDD

  2. Ooh, what an adorable bird! It's nice that you're taking such good care of him. :)


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