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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My current Skincare Routine~❤

Ayooo~ ...GG...
Hello everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hows your Easter going? I hope your having a great time with your families!
I've eaten too much chocolate & candy & my Nan has got me a big chocolate rabbit that I refuse to eat as it's suuuuper cute!ㅠ ㅠ
Cute huh? ^^~ ^-^
So I thought that I'd show you guys my current skincare routine!~

My skin has been up-&-down recently! 
I've not experienced any breakouts for about three weeks now but when I do breakout; it's painful.
I do not break out badly but only a few spots here & there; mostly on my cheek, chin & side of my temple. 
It's barely a breakout really but it's still something to bother me.

Though I do have three problems going on with my skin at this right moment:-
1. Dry skin - Peeling & tight
2. Dark circles
3. Milia (only two)

'Wait KeiKei? What the hee-haw is milia' you say?
Well milia is oil seeds that appear under eyes & on cheeks - anywhere on your face!
The oil is trapped (mostly sebum, clogged pore, makeup oil) & forms a little white, hard bump.
It is not a spot nor whitehead & is very common! even in babies!
If you notice tiny white spots under your eyes - It's milia! & milia is not harmful - just very irritating! & cannot be removed with toner, soap et cetera but has to be extracted.They cannot be squeezed neither!
 Mine; however do go out of the blue - which I'm very thankful for~
Here is my milia:-
 See? It's barely a terrifying sight XD
I have two main milia seeds just on my cheek & temple that annoy me XD but they'll go eventually on my skin~

Let me show you my Night time skincare routine:-

Removing makeup 
Removal of makeup is very important!
Your skin repairs itself as you slumber at night & if you sleep with makeup; you are opening yourself up to:-
clogged pores
Spots & irritance of the skin. 
Wearing cosmetics too long can block the natural exfoliation of the skin which leaves the skin being & looking dull - also causes premature ageing! eek!ㅠㅠ

People who wear makeup is recommend to take a few minutes everyday to cleanse skin - especially if acne prone.
Not only are you cleansing off the makeup; but oils & pollution oils from outside & any excess sebum gathered throughout the day. This will prevent excess sebum (oils) clogging the pores to create blackheads/whiteheads/milia et cetera.

 I remove my makeup with Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Cleansing Lotion with cotton pads.
This cleanse lotion is really good for my super, super dry (& peeling!) skin! 
The formula is rich yet really gentle & enriched with rose extract to leave skin feeling clean & soft.
It completely removes my eye & face makeup yet I have to go over my eyes twice to make sure mascara is removed!
Wearing mascara to bed; can firm & make lashes not flexible. As you move around in bed at night; your lashes can be pulled & will come out! eek! so always remove mascara!

I first remove my eye makeup (eyeshadow, liner & mascara) by pressing cotton pad on eye then gently massaging by tapping my fingers over eye area.
After eye makeup is gone I then go on to removing my face makeup. (BB cream, concealer, powder, volumer & blush) 

Further removing makeup & cleansing
Despite removing the eye make & face make; there still could be residues of it! so I go always go over my face!
 I removes makeup residues with my trusty Korean SKIN79 BB Cleanser. 
Trust me this BB cleanser is AMAZING.
It's fun to use too! It foams up like snow!:-
 My review on the SKIN79 BB Cleanser here
It strips my face of makeup (especially BB cream - hence the name ''BB Cleanser'') & removes nasty excess sebum! It exfoliates & leaves your skin looking brighter & dewy with no tight feeling.
Because of my dry skin - after I cleanse, I'm always left feel sooo tight D:
You apply it then wait two minutes for it too bubble by collecting air cells then massage it genlty. As you massage the gel cleanser - it exfoliates your skin leaving baby soft!

It contains oatmeal & jojoba oil for all us dry skinned people! woohoo!~

Cleansing face
I use Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Perfecting Wash to properly clean my face.
This is my second bottle I'm on & I looove this face wash because of the microbeads & rich, creamy formula.
The tiny, white microbeads wash away dirt, oil & bacteria. Lift dead skin cells to help unblock my pores & contain moisturiser complex. 
Though the moisturiser inside does not help me at all - Like most face wash (minus SKIN79 BB Cleanser), It still leaves my face all tight.

It does help unblock my pores & it makes it easier to extract blackheads with pore strips though! so bonus~
I wet my face with warm water, then dispense a small amount on my hands & begin massaging gently on my face & rinse off with warm water~

Clogged pores. Urgh. Nasty little buggers. 
I have very faint blackheads- but they are still there & I HATE them omg. 
 About a minute after cleansing my face with Clearasil Daily Clear Skin Perfecting Wash - I go straight to using Clearasil Daily Clear Deep Cleansing Pads. 
I love, love, loooove these pads! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
These have helped prevent any acne from occurring on my face~
They basically have the same information as the Skin Perfecting Wash - Lift away dirt, oil & bacteria & dead skincells to be pores unblocked. 
I use these every morning & evening by gently wiping the pads over my face in circular motions. 
These help exfoliate my skin well & each thin pad in literally dripping in the cleansing liquid (containing plenty of salicylic acid) & one pad is enough for the entire face. 
After I finished; I pat the essence on my face to let it absorb in the skin~

The Daily Clear range from Clearasil is there to target mostly the pores~

Then I use Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner. 
I've never been a big one of toners - mostly because I never experimented with loads of them~
My first toners were:-
Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Pore Purifying Toner & Garnier Skin Naturals Clean & Invigorating Toner (Grape Extract)
or just simply cold water~
But I recently got to try Nivea toner & I loooove it~
I apply it with a cotton pad after I use the Garnier pads - & it leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh & soothed - It's the packed lot of vitamin E that does it!~ & it relieves the tight dry feeling I get after washing my face. 

Because of my extremely dry skin I always apply moisturiser like most people do. Moisturisers is very important. Skin needs moisture to be healthy~ 
Even if you have oily skin. There is plenty of varieties of moisturisers - to SPF to oil-free et cetera.
Without moisture you skin can become dry, flaky & itchy & dull - not very nice eh?
& if you do not moisturise if you have oily skin, your skin will be dehydrated & will produce more oil to replenish itself which will lead to clogged pores which will lead to acne & so on & so forth.

I have dry skin which its a bother! After cleansing; my face tightens up & it's very uncomfortable & my nose peels! especially during this cold season! D: so moisturiser is my must-need product!
I have a dry eye area which makes them look dull especially against my dark undereye circles so I like to use a eye sheet & such on my eyes to moisturise them & brighten them.

About 30 seconds after applying toner I use Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturisng Cream which does wonders for my dry skin~
Because of its rich, thick cream yet blendable formula; little bit goes a long way & there is sooo much cream in this pot to last me a while. It is a multitasking cream too! For the face, body & hands so bonus! It is super gentle on my face so I'm happy with this! ^-^
It's formula contains Vitamin E & Jojoba oil (I loooove Jojoba!~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ)

Then for my dry eyes I use The Beauty Parlour Dark Circle & Puffy Eye Treatment (The grey tube)
The text rubbed off ㅠㅠ
Anyway~ I bought this eye treatment from Superdrug to sooth & moisturise my under eye area & trust me; it does its job.
It contains a special phyto complex to reduce dark circles. It does not reduce them ㅠㅠ but I did not care for that.
It also contains the main ingredient: Cucumber fruit extract to sooth & cool the eye area to relieve the puffiness of the eyes. 
It really wakes up the eeys & leaves a gorgeous cooling sensation!~ 
The tube is a roll-on & I first roll it on over my under eye area  & then patting gently on my eye area with my ring fingers to absorb the essence. Then I reapply then leave the essence to absorb itself~
I seriously love this!~

Let me show you my Morning time skincare routine:-
So what I just showed you before was my night time routine & now this is my morning routine.
I first splash my face with cold water - 3 times. Cold water is a natural toner & will wake me up~
Then  I use the Clearasil Skin perfecting wash to my face. Then use a pad from my Clearasil Deep Cleansing Pad then use Nivea Refreshing Toner then finish off with Nivea Moisturiser~ 
That its until the evening where I do my Night Time Routine.

I even wash my face twice a day even if I do not wear makeup that day because sebum builds up~
If I'm lazy in the mornings I'd just use Dove Beauty Bar Soap ^-^~ Which has a excellent cleaning power & moisturising powers~

Pamper for my skin
I love to pamper my skin whenever I can with masks et cetera.
I use Bnatural Radiance Face Mask about twice a week which is good for moisturising my skin~
It's enriched with kakadu plum (what a funny name! ^-^) & Wild Yam to protect, firm & smooth my skin. It also contains Inca Inchi oils (another funny name) to regenerate & hydrate my dry skin~
It's enriched with plenty of apricot oils too!~
Though its a good mask; the results do not last long & I get tight skin again ㅠㅠ
If my pores feel particularly clogged & uurgggggh then I use this Taiwanese SHILLS Purifying Peel-off Mask - My review on this mask here
I've gotten past the horrifically sticky, caramel texture & have grown quite to liking it~ It does remove some of my blackheads - mostly whiteheads though (o3o) 
It does a pretty good job if you can get past the uncomfortable tingling sensation. But it has given me a better complexion~

I also liked to use the occasional mask sheet that I get from Cosmetic.Love XD They are sooo refreshing & brighten up my face though they are bloomin' huge on my face O.Oㅋ
Then I like to make my own masks like:-
Coffee & Honey
Cinnamon & Honey
Milk & Honey
& Unflavoured gelatin & milk for pore masks~

Hope you found this HUGE skincare routine of mine informative XD ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Now for the randoms:-
I've been into more natural makeup looks recently & yesterday did this look:-
I was wearing these products only:-

& today's selca<`∀´>:-

Have an excellent week everyone~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  1. It's good that you care of you skin so well. When I was younger, I barely did anything to my skin, perhaps just washed with water :D
    Love your hoodie ^^
    xo, Lara

  2. I think i'm going to start taking care of skin haha. All I do is cleanse it occasionally. Maybe that's why my skin is so oily, red and uneven :P Thanks for showing your routine


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