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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

에뛰드하우스 CC크림 SPF30/PA++ 2호 글로우 리뷰 Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream SPF30/PA++ No.2 Glow Review~❤

I am so furious with the new Google Drive Image setting for Blogger! It takes me ages to upload & edit photos & only to waste my time uploading them to the stupid drive FFFFFUUU
Also no script didn't let me put images on the post & it corrupted them into a 403 error grrrrr. . . but now my wonderful Dad fixed it for me!~ 

. . .
That aside, I ordered some Korean cosmetics from KPOPTOWN on Christmas Day & they shipped it out to me on the 30th~ I expected to wait a month or so for it to arrive BUT it arrived yesterday. . . SEVEN DAYS GUYS! *-*  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ  only seven days to get to me in England from Korea! Wooooow~!
So here is a long awaited review on the Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream in No.2 Glow!

CC Cream
I'm sure many of you are now familiar with BB Cream & it's sister CC Cream~
CC Cream (known also as Colour Control, Colour Correct) is base with more skincare properties as well as the cosmetic use like of BB Cream - anti-aging, hydration, uv protection, whitening etc.
It concentrates more to correct uneven skintone.

Original Etude Price:- 14,000원
KPOPTOWN Price:- £8.03 10% Reduce
Very true to the products original price! ^▽^

'When you do selca in your bedrooms. Healthy & glowing complexion.
Don't worry about the paparazzi with your pure skin'

 8-in-1 Total Solution
Skin multi-functional makeup (correct) & skincare (care) all at once.
Correcting complexion, whitening, wrinkle care & UV protection.

1. Natural makeup with coverage OK!
Magic-Layering Capsule for natural coverage & tone correction for
any skin type & tone!

2. Skin Care + Makeup
Wrinkle Caring Essence + Stress Caring Essence + Moisturising
+ Sun Block + Whitening Essence + Make Up Base + Primer +
Glossy Volumer

3. Silky or Glow?
Multi Makeup option. OK!
No more worries on your choice for CC Cream!
Complete your makeup with Etude  House CC Cream with
to correct your complexion & care for your skin.

Light & Refreshing Like A Lotion
1호 실키 Silky:-
Silky - To express silky & downy skin
'Soft focusing Effect'
Natural cover makeup for correct complexion

2호 글로우 Glow:-
To express natural glossy skin
Resin Ingredient included
Pure makeup with glow for correct complexion

1st Keep Moist Layer - For Moisturising
2nd Mineral Colour Layer - For Brightening
3rd - Magic Fitting Layer - For Fitting to Skin
4th Shiny Skin Layer - For Natural Glossy skin

So much benefits in one tube! *-* It was also showed on Get it Beauty!❤ 

I chose Glow as my skin is very dry (especially now its Winter) & having a matte base makes it even more dry! Glow has volumer which makes it all the more moisturising for my skin. (○´∀`○)
I also chose Glow as I love the dewy, glowy look!~ I wish my skin was always naturally 물광 dewy!~

Some people I've seen who reviewed this CC Cream say this product does not do anything for stress. BUT the term for stress in Korean Makeup is overworked skin with problems & dullness.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Before hand, I'm extremely sorry for how grey & totally ugly these pictures are! The tube of the CC Cream & box are pearlescent & shiny & in flash, it washes them out! I would brighten the photos but then you wouldn't be able to see the tube  ㅠㅠ SO MUCH DIFFICULTIES FFFFUUU
 Very hime-pretty & smart!~ *-*

 'This multitasking, 8-in-1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats & protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside & outside. It glides on with a glowing finish'

 The tube is very pretty *-* It has a pink pearlescent hue (so difficult to capture on camera) & a similar princessy design to the Precious Mineral BB Cream~ (。・ω・。)ノ  It is very slender compared to the Precious Mineral BB Cream but near same height as it (around 14½cm) - it contains much less than the BB Cream due to how slender the tube is. The BB Cream is 60g & the CC Cream 35g.
It's very handbag-able & not bulky~

The pump
Very hygienic! I recommend giving the pump a wipe occasionally in case of build up~
The pump did not play up like most pumps do to me XD It worked almost instantly.
  It is quite sensitive though! You have to press gently to get the right amount of cream you want. If you press hard, you get too much products.

The CC Cream
First the consistency! The consistency is very interesting ≧ω≦
It has the thickness of a BB Cream but to touch, it's slightly sticky? That might be due to the volumer inside! I believe it's Etude House's own Nymph Aura Volumer so thats quite it has quite a sticky texture. It's not unbearable sticky like a candy surface or anything though! XD ㅎㅎㅎ
The CC Cream also holds it shape & doesn't pool out.

It has the same pleasant floral scent as the Precious Mineral BB Cream - It's dissipates when on the skin~

Pure white cream! A bit frightening for some people right? My brother said 'a bit too white isn't it?' It's not that case though! No fear~ Notice the tiny, grain like black dots? ^^ Those are the magic capsules!
 When you blend the cream, you blend & burst these little capsules & these will help correct your uneven skin & will change the white colour to fit your skin tone~! waaah~ SORCERY BUSTED ^^;;
. . .
This CC Cream swatches out very smoothly - almost glides on despite it's thick consistency. It feels very moisturising & has a similar texture to sunscreen when swatched out.
Because this CC Cream is the one in Glow - It will have a slightly sticky, moisturising touch. I've sure the Silky one has a powdery texture.

You can slightly feel the gritty-ness of the capsules but the gritty-ness goes within seconds as you blend. They are not harsh on the skin. 
Here you can see the blended section of the swatch turning a very pale beige colour - Those are the work of the capsules! The pale beige is my hand tone!

 The CC Cream takes a while to blend due to how thick the consistency is & to blend the white colour out evenly.
It brightened up that section of my hand really well~ It's looks whitened & very dewy!
I love the dewy glow this CC Cream gives!~ The volumer was a good idea to put in the CC Cream for healthy, luminosity.(ノ*^▽^)ノ

 The big impact picture! Look how brighter & glowy my right hand looks compared to my left!~ ^^
The finish of the CC Cream is super sheer - almost no coverage at all! On my beauty mark (mole is a horrible nameㅠㅠ) It only lightens it slightly & doesn't cover it - So people who need coverage, this may not be for you! 
This CC Cream however makes a great base for BB Cream & foundation - so if you need coverage & a long lasting base - just use this CC Cream under your favourite BB Cream/Foundation!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The surface of my hand felt quite sticky (Again, I believe its the volumer) - Very tolerable, like wearing a essence or balm-cream moisturiser. It felt moisturised & gives a bouncy texture to the skin - Like a baby!~
I did a stickiness test by using blotting papers:-
 Only three squares of paper dropped off! So you get the idea how sticky it is. Really just like a moisturiser - This may not be a oily skin's friend! I recommend Silky for those with oily skin.

This CC Cream due to being the most moisturising compared to silky, does produce a lot of oil quite quickly - Again could trigger oily skin.
 The overall dewy, brightened finish is like 'my skin but better'~ (○´∀`○)

On Face
Directions:- After using skin toner, apply to the face following cheeks >
forehead > nose > chin

Apply liberally & blend evenly with your fingertips for natural, sheer coverage. Use it alone or layered under your favourite foundation for more coverage.

Bare Face
Due to it being winter & me being on my. . . period. My skin has been a bit dull & very tired looking (I've only just got my sleeping routine back!) Mostly around my eye area & cheekbones (I call it C-Zone) area. I've no break outs luckily. I'm wearing moisturiser beforehand.

I dab on the CC Cream:- 
 Despite the CC Cream being quite thick - it's also very sheer so I need to dab the CC Cream on evenly. 
 Blending - I barely feel the capsules but it takes a while to blend the base in. It doesn't necessarily drag on my skin, it's actually quite smooth & like a lotion but I have to be gentle when blending.
It's a bit hard to blend the cream evenly so it's best dot it on like I did before!~ (ノ*^▽^)ノ

Fully Blended
  The CC Cream brightened up my complexion super well!~ My skin looks super moisturised & dewy. Much healthier now!
The cream neutralised & corrected redness around my nose & dull, dark eye area too.
My skin but better! Wish it was my natural skin XD ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ  Only on a good day right?

Before & After

 Big yet natural difference right? It doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup~
Before applying the CC Cream - I was just wearing Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream. The cream is very moisturising & keeps my skin hydrated for long hours.
With the Etude House CC Cream applied, it was just the treat my skin needed. My skin felt moisturised, refreshed & bouncy-firm~ All bright & lively yet with natural coverage, with not much hint of wearing makeup!~  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ  Perfect base for dry skin people!!

Some people say that it enhances dry/peeling skin - my nose is peeling is crazy but it did not enhance it! yaaaay~
I was quite worried about the peeling skin part.
 This CC Cream adheres very well, I've been wearing it for about 8 hours now - It's not as bright as before but still looks even & more awake than without makeup!
My skin still feels more moisturised to touch & is still dewy~

I really do recommend this CC Cream to those with dull, tired & dry skin like me! It's works wonders!~
It's so moisturising & does it jobs of brightening, whitening & correcting~
People with acne/problem skin & oily skin may not want this Glow CC Cream as it could trigger off as it turns oily within an hour.
I recommend Silky to you! It's matte & powdery yet still expresses bright skin.
Neither of the CC Creams have any coverage (though good at covering pores!) so I'd recommend wearing your favourite coverage BB Cream/Foundation/concealer over this CC Cream. It works has a great, flawless & long-lasting makeup base.
I love this CC Cream!~ (○´∀`○)

Just CC Cream
With concealer on dark circles & blusher
Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream - No.2 Glow
Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer - Light Beige
Etude House Water Colour Blusher - Excited Lilac
Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blusher - Pink Fantasy
2True Effortless Waterproof Eyeliner
Love Alpha Summer  Gradually Palette - Champagne Shade
GOSH Matte Duo - 002 Melting Pale (Taupe brown)
Innisfree Eco Curling Mascara
Etude House & Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil - BE301 Creamy Romance 
Etude House Princess LongLash Eyelashes - 02 Long Lash
Innisfree Colour Glow Lipstick - No.4 Watery Cherry Red.

Sorry, I was wearing my pyjamas all day in the pictures ;/////;

Very cheap on KPOPTOWN
Cute, princessy packaging
Slender tube - travel friendly
Hygienic pump
Good amount of product
Packed with 8 in 1 beneficial functions!
2 types to suit your skin.
Pleasant light, floral scent.
Very moisturising & refreshing on the skin.
Does not take long for cream to change colour to your skin.
Leaves skin looking brighter, healthier, dewy & even!
Long-lasting 9hrs+
Does not oxidize quickly 9hrs+
Works as base under foundation.

No coverage - Not good for those with skin problems
Contains a lot of oil & gets oily within an hour (could trigger oily/acne skin)
Thick consistency, can be hard to blend.
Hard to layer
Sticky finish (people may hate that)
Hard to find in UK

Repurchase:- Yes I think so! But I want to try other CC Creams first!~
I adore this product already & recommend it to anyone!~❤ 

Get your Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream Today!
Etude House - HERE

Hope you enjoyed this review everyone! I'm glad I finally am able to post again for you!
I love you all!~
Bye Bye~


  1. Wow it looks so good on you ;_;
    I was happy when I got a sample of it, but I was so dissapointed. The shade is so off :( Too orangey for my skin.
    But I liked how moisturising it was.

  2. It sounds really amazing and looks so pretty on you <3

    You make me really want to try it now !


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