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Monday, 13 January 2014

에뛰드하우스 앤로즈 드로잉쇼 크리미 펜슬 BE103 크리미 로맨스 리뷰 Etude House & Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil BE103 Creamy Romance Review~❤

I love to highlight my 애교살 Aegyosals!~ Highlighting the inner corners really makes your eyes look brighter, refreshed, bigger & overall much cuter eyes~❤ 

I use shimmery eyeshadow to enhance them but shadow does not last as long & my favourite shadow I used ran out! sadness ㅠㅠ
I wanted to try a eyeliner that has just as good pigmentation & shimmer as a eyeshadow BUT that has a long-wear time - So I decided to try out Etude House! . . . as usual ^^;; I can't resist.

So here's my review on the Etude House & Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in BE103 Creamy Romance~ (^▽^)ノ (suuuch a long name~) 

Original Etude Price:- 6,000원
KPOPTOWN Price:- £3.79
Very true to its original price!~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
The price is not bad, I can normally find much cheaper eyeliners in town but because its a Korean product, I'll let it sliiide~

Pretty Sulli~

'Drawing show creamy pencil that renders attractive eyes with alluring & rich rosy colour'
Enriched color creates gorgeous eye look.
1.Creamy texture & amazing adhesion
Creamy texture for both eye line and shadow.
2. Waterproof & Long Lasting Makeup
Silicone & Film Polymer that makes a strong waterproof type
eyeliner effective against water, sweat, sebum for long lasting clear makeup.
3.Smart Eyeliner!
Coconut oil & vitamin E to keep eye area moist & smooth

BE103 크리미 로맨스 - Creamy Romance - The one I'm reviewing~
PP501 더스트 퍼플 - Dust Purple
RD304 애프터 블라썸 - After Blossom
BR404 선셋 브라운 - Sunset Brown

For me, the & Rose collection is probably the prettiest collection by Etude~ Next to Sweet Recipe, Minnie XOXO & Princess Etoinette~
Eyeliner & eyeshadow pencil! So the eyeliners promise rich colour, longlasting & great adhesion~ Just what I want! & does it really keep the eye area moist? Let's find out.
Hnnng~ It is the prettiest eyeliner I've ever owned!~ (○´∀`○) It's looks elegant & very romantic~
It fits it's colour name 'Creamy Romance' right? & just look at the lace cap & little roses~(ノ*^▽^)ノ 
I sit it on a cream lace cloth because it makes it look really elegant . . . & also because it kept rolling away from me ^^;;

It's plastic & is non-twist-up & comes with no sharpener- Being plastic & non-twist is a bit different for me. It's super easy to sharpen-plastic & it prevents breaking the lead & prevent sharp wood pressing your eye. 
BUT - sharpening such a creamy pencil is really difficult ;-; 
Such pretty text~
You can tell which colour is which from the end of the pencil~ Much quicker when you are in a hurry to pull each cap off to check!~ 
Etude House Drawing Show Cream Pencil - State Etude~
I love the lace pattern on the cap~
This is the tip of the lead!~ If you look closely, you can see how creamy it look *-* A light shimmery beige~
The tip is easily damaged because of the creamy texture, so take care when removing the cap~

As mentioned, the plastic pencil is easy to sharpen but I find sharpening ruins the lead:-
 The lead kept breaking & breaking with the slightest pressure - very frustrating. 

With just one swatch, you get a beautiful shimmery cream-beige!~ It's not too opaque (more shimmery than colour) but just the right amount to highlight my aegyosals. (ノ*^▽^)ノ
I do have a few negatives about it though. I LOVE the shimmer & glitter of it - it's not too bright & dramatic-point like Tear Drop Liner but the glitters sometimes build up on eachother just like the Tear Drop Liner & form a nasty clump of dry shimmer on my dry eyes - ㅠㅠ  
So I can't double the liner on my eyes without getting the clumps of shimmer. 
 My biggest gripe This eyeliner is very hard to smudge on DRY skin - Not matter how moisturising my base is, it makes my aegyosal really dry. So when I go to blend the liner out, it pulls really uncomfortably on my skin. 
My hands are a little bit more moisturised than my face & it blends so easily on them, just not on my dry face. 
It's quite disappointing because I had high hopes on Coconut oil & vitamin E ingredients to help relieve the dryness of both the pencil & my aegyosal.

 Another thing is, that despite how creamy this BE301 pencil is; it just pulls on the skin! It's not good to pull our delicate eye area & nor is it good for the poor lead, that continuously gets broken.

I've read reviews about the BE103 being rougher than the other '& Rose pencils & now I'm very sure it's because its a glittery pencil! - The others are cream with no shimmer so therefore more smooth.

It's also hard to get sharp/small lines with this~

Waterproof & Smudge Test
So some of us like to draw our eyeliner & then smudge it~ & some of us want a solid line to last-long without smudge & then there is the waterproof test (especially for tear ducts, sweat & sebum) to see if our eyeliner can keep fresh & perfect.

Smudged - Straight after drawing
As soon after this eyeliner is drawn, it is super easy to blend on moisturised skin~ The glitter spreads out evenly.
So if you want a subtle highlight, smudged the liner as soon as it has been drawn~

Dry Smudged
So you rub your eyes during a boring lecture while yawning away & - EEK! you realised you are wearing eyeliner & it may have smudged!
Have you ever done that? I have! with really cheap eyeliners & I look at my hand after rubbing my eyes & my fingers are all smudged with black kohl ㅠㅠ 
I got a bit too rough when smudging the eyeliner, so sorry for how red my skin looks ㅠㅠ It hurts now.
Once dried, it is like flippin' super glue to smudge! It really does not budge - Super good ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I do not really have trouble with fading eyeliner but I like to know it will last long! & it really does last long - I had college today for 7hours & it stayed just as fresh as when I applied it at 8am~

Water Test
Watery eyes, sweat, sebum & all that meanie stuff ㅠㅠ Again I have no trouble with it but I know many do!
I first held my swatched hand under running water - The eyeliner did not slide or nothing! It's very water resistant! 
I then held it back under the running water for the second & rubbed the swatches with my finger:-
After wetting & rubbing the swatches
Still perfect swatches!~ No flaking glitters too! - Super great against watery eyes, sebum & sweat (climates) yaaaaay!~ It's a awesome waterproof eyeliner (。・ω・。)ノ

Bare eyes
So here is my bare eyes!~ - apart from moisturiser & CC Cream on my skin. My eye area is very hydrated before eye makeup due to good moisturiser & moisturising CC Cream. 
 You can see the crease of my aegyosals (lower lid) this is wear I want the eyeliner~

Line Touch Tip:- Draw line from front to the tails of eyes. Line under line area & blend lightly
Allow to dry.
Shadow Touch Tip:-
After drawing line, smudge.


 I applied one layer of the BE103 Creamy Romance pencil to my aegyosal~ It makes it looks very bright & shimmery!~ It's cream beige & orange-gold in colour & makes my eyes look bigger *0* (○´∀`○) Pigmented!~
 I really like the effect & it's really eyecatching but no overboard in real life or in flash photos~ BUT DAMN MY EYE IS DRY! <丶´Д`> 
The cream formula is very drying on me & the shimmery gather in clumps a little bit. Because my eye area is now dry, it makes it hard to blend out the little clumps even after I just drawn the liner on.
The pencil really pulls on my eyes too ;^; cry cry
You can see how dry the eyeliner is on me ㅠㅠ It's not smooth for me.

No flash
See how it is not too dramatic?~ It's the perfect liner to enhance your aegyosals!~

I did try this eyeliner as eyeshadow but it just didn't show up except for a few sparkles I think the other three pencils are best for shadows (´∀`) & probably a lot more easier to blend & apply too! 
I tried this eyeliner on my waterline too!:-
I'm SO sorry for the no circle lenses photo - Must be scary to see black eyes & then suddenly bright blue ones XD 
But I'm wearing the eyeliner on my waterline & it works very well like of a white eyeliner for brightening the eyes up & making my iris colour pop~
The glitters do not irritate my eyes & the pencil glides very smoothly on my waterline. I wore this liner on my waterlines for about 3 hours & it stayed perfect! - Waterproof definite & great for watery/& possibly sensitive eyes!
I wore the eyeliner very lightly on my inner corners & filled the rest of my lower lid with natural matte brown eyeshadow~
Then I applied it lightly to my whole lower lid~

I have a love/hate relationship with BE103 Creamy Romance. It infuriates me & it makes me feel glad to have it. 
The colour is so beautiful with its shimmer & strong cream-beige pigmentation - It makes my eyes bigger, brighter & enhances my aegyosals/lowerlids really well. The texture is creamy & blendable on my hand when I swatched but on my eye area, its horrible! It's so dry despite how creamy it is & it pulls on my eyes ㅠㅠ Because it dries out my skin, it causes the glitters to clump up & because of how dry my skin is - It makes it impossible to blend out without hurting/pulling my eye area. 

I really like the results of it but because its so drying - it just ruins it for me ;^; sad KeiKei
Other good reasons to love it though is that its so waterproof & smudgeproof!~

I will continue to use this though because the colour is amazing but I'll just have to be careful when applying~
This is probably the first time I've ever had so much disagreements with a eye product before <丶´Д`>

Reasonable pricing
Beautiful & elegant packaging design
Beautiful pigmented colour & shimmer
Good for waterline too!~ 

The creamy texture dries my eyes up so badly! 
The glitters clump up on my dry eyes because of the above ^^ 
The eyeliner is hard to blend on dry skin
Pencil pulls on dry eyes
The pencil is plastic & with no sharpener included.
Not available in the UK

No, I will give BR404 선셋 브라운 - Sunset Brown a try though! But not BE103.
It's a real shame because I love the colour but it just the formula doesn't like my skin!

I hope this review was interesting & to hear my struggles! It's a eyeliner jungle out there so explore!~
I love you all & Bye Bye~

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