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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cosmetic Wishlist~❤

Today I would like to show you seven products that I've been eyeing that I would love to have in my makeup drawers!❤ 

I'm super careful when buying cosmetics - I never buy a product when I don't need it. I wouldn't spend so much money on a high-end mascara when drugstore works just fine for me~ 
I always scold myself for buying products just for the packaging ㅠㅠ I blame Etude & it's cuteness. 

These seven products I've put together, are not essential for me to need but they are not products that will make me feel guilty if I buy them~ . . .does that make sense?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
 1. Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oil Ex
My skin is suuuuper dry & especially now that it is Winter & the cold takes away all the moisture on my face ㅠㅠ therefore resulting in a flaking KeiKei monster
My current moisturisers - Garnier Moisture Match (Dry to very dry type) & Etude House Collagen Moistfull Cream is not relieving my skin this season - I've read many good reviews on the Innisfree Olive oil - You only need a few drops & has amazing results & long-lasting hydration. So I'll definitely be purchasing this product for my poor skin!
You can even mix it with BB Cream/foundation & use it on other dry parts of your body~ 
It apparently deeply nourishes the skin & expresses moistfull, healthy skin!~ 

2. Etude House Help My Finger Quick Dry Drop
I do nail art in college & when we do practice art on false nails, I ate waiting for it to dry! I have patience when I do it on people's nails. . . but on false ones - agh!( ;´Д`)
It would be lovely to have this Quick Dry Drops so I can hurry onto the nail gem & deco side of the art sessions~ You only need one-two drops & it quickens the drying-wait on your painted nails.

3. Etude House & Rose Flowering Eyes palette
If you looked on my tutorials before, you will notice that I'm not very adventurous with eyeshadow colours. I only use beige/champagne/pinks/browns & the occasional bronze shade right?  Using dark eyeshadows scare me (´・ω・`) I had my eyes on the & Rose Flowering Palette for a while now~
Aside from the adorable & romantic packaging of the palette, I love the colour choices & they are colours I'd use!~
I think I'd be able to come out my shell & try different eyemake with this palette~

Missha Glam Silky Body Balm SPF27 - Let's Get Glam
Now this product is something very different! - It's a body highlighter with SPF~
I love having pale skin but sometimes, my skin looks quite dull especially in the summer - I hate being tanned but I love to have glowy/healthy skin too!
I chose the pink one because it's pink toned for whiter skin~ I'd use it on my legs as I always wear skirts (even in Winter!), my arms & my collar bones. I'd have it on my collar bones when I wear my college tunic~

So I don't feel quite left out when all the other girls are glowy & tanned - I want to be glowy & pale!~(○´∀`○)
. . . despite I don't go out a lot. . . 
Etude House & Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil BR404 Sunset Brown
I had a bad experience with BE103 Creamy Romance pencil but I'd love to try BR404 Sunset Brown!~ I've read that the other pencils apart are more silky & creamier than BE103 (which is horribly rough & dry)ㅠㅠ
I've been wearing less eyemakeup now - just shimmer on the inner-lower lash line & a brown on the outer half~ Brown is more natural & makes my eyes look bigger~

The Face Shop Mango Seed Exfoliating Clear Smoother
I received a sample of the Mango Seed Exfoliating Clear Smoother & adored it!~
It removes rough skin on my face & leaves my skin feeling & looking super clean & smooth & surprisingly enough, Moisturised!~
Most exfoliating products I've used, takes away any moisture on my face ㅠㅠ
My nose suffers the most as my skin is dry & it peels & it so painful!
I once - stupidly - used a pore strip when my nose was peeling & when I removed the strip, it ripped on a layer of old & NEW SKIN & it bled & oh my lord, was it ever so painful! 
The sample I received on the Clear Smoother really worked well & removed the dead skin, leaving my nose & the rest of my face really soft & moisturised~
I can't wait to purchase the full size bottle!~ 

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact
Dewy skin is so pretty & healthy looking right? I love having dewy skin & I love using dewy/moisturising BB Creams/CC Creams but there is one thing. . . 

Most dewy products can be slightly sticky & your hair can get stuck to your jawline! 
FFFFFUU has this ever happened to you? It always happens to me ( ;´Д`) 
I have a solution! when using dewy/moisturising makeup products, apply a light pact powder along your jawline to absorb any oil/sticky residue - It prevents your hair sticking to your face~

I chose the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact becauses I heard it works wonder more absorbing oil/residue & covering blemishes~
. . . also it looks pretty & Eugene from Get it Beauty uses it. . .
. . .
So yes~ That's my wish list!I'm looking more forward to using the Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oil & I hope to do a review on it real soon!~
I also wish for something else too..
More confidence! I hope to gain more confidence & ask for help more!
Talk to those I love more! I quite closed off & I think a good heart-to-heart is what I need! 

Oh! did you guys mind my Heart-to-Heart HERE After I wrote that post, I felt much better~ & I'd love to do more posts like that if my readers are okay with that? 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday & I love you all!~

Such a pretty euphoric song!~  I love celtic~

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  1. I have a solid wishlist as well but most of the items are so terribly expensive :( Your wishlist seems like very practical products ^^ xoxo


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