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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

에뛰드하우스 프린세스 속눈썹 - LONGLASH 02 리뷰 Etude House Princess Eyelashes LONGLASH 02 Review~❤

Do you remember when I used to wear false eyelashes everyday? (´ ▽ ` )ノ I stopped wearing them so often because I was studying for my exams & only wore light makeup during those studying months before my exams took official place in my routine ㅠㅠ  

I used to be so speedy at applying them! But now that I haven't worn them properly for about a year now, I have trouble pulling off dramatic lashes & it takes me longer to apply stiff banded lashes! *crying* 

Most of you know, I loooove ulzzang or light girly makeup!~ (○´∀`○)
All bright eyed & pink cheeks!~ & long & pretty eyelashes is the key for eye opening makeup & looking refreshed.
I can't really wear dramatic false lashes - too sexy! - for my makeup style so natural falsies with pretty volume or length is my must~

Etude House has a line of eyelashes out called Princess Eyelashes! Ranging from very natural to dramatic, party lashes:-
My lashes are quite short so I wanted natural ones with loooong length!~ So I chosen Longlash 02!~
Original Etude Price:- 2,500원
KPOPTOWN Price:- £ 1.86

Quite close to original price!~  ^▽^ Much cheaper than single UK pairs! ㅠㅠ It's like £5.00 for good quality eyelashes in Superdrug. 

'Every lash to match your eyes - Step by Step eyelash series for various eyes & impressions'
Etude House Princess LongLash Eyelash #02 
  • Lengthen short lashes for more defined, bigger eyes.
  • Handmade lashes that makes it look natural; just like your own lashes. 
 I chosen Longlash 02 because it looks so feathery & fanned out!~ It reminds me of Dolly Wink *-* 
It looks the most prettiest to me~

Suuuuuch a pretty box!~ Pretty pastel colours (○´∀`○) Much more attractive than UK ones! If I ever came across these in town, I'd buy them all! (´・ω・`)  guilty guilt.
I prefer this box design to the other Etude lash packaging~ *-* Mostly because it really is princessy!~
It's the second most natural out of the Longlash set~ Just look at Longlash 04! waah~ Like Diamond Lashes!
Because of how bright the packaging was. . . I had trouble taking photos of the text. - But thats the Korean side!
I captured the English with no problem!~

The lashes!~
So pretty~! (´ ▽ ` )ノ I adored them from first sight!~ They are such a interesting feather style & so delicate design at that!~ It's like those cluster under lashes that you can get from eBay~
 It's my first time with Etude House lashes & trying their glue too!
Close up shot - you can see how real the hairs of the lash look! No plastic shine & they are extremely soft & feel like real lashes!
They are a soft black shade - They come out brown on the pink package with flash ( ;´Д`)
I really love how thin the lash band is! It is not stiff or sharp at all.

I hate it when the band is too stiff to the point that it will not sit on your lash line & when its too sharp & no matter how much you cut the ends, it still stabs & hurts your eyes. It's worse when wearing circle lenses & that happening - OUCH ㅠㅠ  

 The lash band is not clotted with glue like some lashes. Sometimes the glue is spread right across the entire band when these lashes just have a tiny amount of glue on each cluster of hairs. 
Cluster of hairs' sounds really disturbing. . . ( ;´Д`)

Removing them from the box actually made me hold my breath ;^; Because they are so delicate, I was so scared I would break them from removing them.
 They have very little curl because these concentrate more on length~ Best curl them with your lash curler for maximum effect ^^

Before I apply a fresh pair of false lashes, I always 'break them in' by gently bending the lashes to break down any stiffness in the band:-
The Etude House glue is so cool in flash ^^;; blue blueee~

Bare Lashes
Here's my poor lashes ( ;´Д`) All short & sadness. 
 I did not curl them before applying lashes or apply mascara~  Just shimmery eyeliner on my aegyosal~

1. With a pinset or fingers, remove Princess Eyelashes & with scissors, cut out appropiate amount so that it fits the size of your eye.
2. Apply a sufficient amount of glue onto Princess Eyelashes so that lasges do not fall off easily & wait 5 seconds until glue hardens up.
3. Apply Princess Eyelashes from the center & press on outer edges. Natural expressions complete once you curl your natural eyelashes & applied Princess Eyelashes together with an eyelash curler.

I applied the lash as close to my lash line as possible - It's super easy & quick to apply as the lash band is very flexible~ I LOVE the effect!~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
They are very natural & do enlarge & define my eyes. The feathery, pretty design expresses feminine eyes & it looks like my natural lashes.  The length is perfect & I didn't have to trim the band down to fit my eyes.
 They are so long, the camera lens just focused on the ends of the lash (○´∀`○)
The lash band does blend in quite well - I'm glad its a clear band~ Can you see how fanned out they are? The inner half of the lash start small length & then gradually become super long~  Like cat eye lash! (。・ω・。)ノ
 Waaah. The difference is amazing!~ ㅠㅠ I'm sorry right eye! 

I gently curled my lashes - Don't curl them too much or you'll ruin the lashes!(´・ω・`)   Then I applied mascara very lightly to blend my real lashes with the false ones. Then I applied eyeshadow & eyeliner~
I didn't line my whole lash line as you know, I hate it so there is a little gap between the false lashes & lash lines. 

These lashes are very lovely to use!~ Super easy to apply & very comfortable at that! No sharp ends or stiffness & I barely feel them on my eyes. 
Very lightweight so no droopy or making your eyes appear smaller. The design is very long & pretty for expressing lovely, feminine eyes!~
They are so long, they catch on frame of glasses:-
I had to borrow my brother's old ancient glasses for that photo - My friend has to wear glasses a lot & she likes gyaru eyes & she gets so mad when the lashes push or catch on the frames.

They are quite natural & still create quite an impact on your eyes by making them appear bigger & more doll like.
The hairs are very soft & delicate & have no nasty plastic shine to them - Just like real eyelashes!~ 
The glue that comes with the lashes is quite strong & dries fast - I've worn these lashes for about 9 hours now & the ends have no budged! *0*

The lash band is very delicate & I'm sure can be easily broken. I've worn some eyelashes with delicate bands like this for one day & the next day they completely break or look ruined after one wear.  
Here is the lashes after three day wear:-
Still look very nice & pretty!~ I'm taking super good care of these by removing the glue with baby oil & use rubber-tipped tweezers to remove them from their box~ 

 Selca's wearing the Etude House Princess Eyelash Longlash 02 - You can see how natural they are!~

 I can't wait to buy more from the Princess Eyelash line!~

Very cheap!
Cutest packaging ever!~
Comes with glue
Very natural & pretty design
Long length & makes eyes bigger & brighter
Feels like real lashes!
Lash band is clear & flexible - very comfortable
The lashes fit my eye length perfectly!
 Do not irritate my eyes 
The glue is strong & secure lashes in place for ages 9hrs+

Very delicate lash band - you need to take care & patience & look after them
Catches on glasses. 
Not available in the UK 

Get your own pairs of the Etude House Princess Eyelashes today!

Etude House:- HERE

Hope you enjoyed this review!~ Bye Bye~


  1. love the eyelashesss <3

    but i just cant stop looking at your skin >.< very healthy and clearrrrrr, i love it <3

  2. I was always curious about trying fake lashes but I have never actually attempted to buy any.I like these lashes a lot and they seem pretty affordable! xoxoxo

  3. It looks really pretty and natural <3 Look great on you!

  4. i just ordered them , they look so lovely


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