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Monday, 30 December 2013

셀카 Selcas & New haircolour! ^▽^~❤

I'm soooo impatient ㅠㅠ I really would like my package to arrive & it feels like aaaages since I ordered but nope. . . it's only been five days ;; heh.

Yesterday I was trying different angles for a good selca & I tried the laying down one! I think taking a laying down selca really makes you look brighter & makes your skin look firmer (not that I really need it at my age) but it also made my chin appear slimmer too (○´∀`○)
 I got irritated though because my fringe would fall right back & it didn;t help that I'm actually lying flat on the floor. . . in the kitchen.
B-BECAUSE ;^; the kitchen has better lighting than my room - which is the pinkest-cutest in the house so lying on my silk coat was as about as cute as it was going to get XD ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
I'm wearing my Christmas gift Hello Kitty pyjamas~
 Can't do innocent. only evil.
 You can see my nasty roots coming through brown & some of my blonde hair was still there ( ;´Д`)
& then at about 8pm later that day, I saw a box of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Cyber Purple~!
I was just going to do stripes of my hair purple but looking at my roots, I decided to do the whole thing eek!
By 10pm, I was a purple-red-brown-black something. I think its kinda of burgundy? I'm not sure
I quite like it though!
The top of my hair is mainly purple-red & it progresses downwards to dark-brown-red to black.
Quite proud of this picture~ :3
Taaa-daaaah~ Does it suit me?  ^▽^ I feel quite harajuku-ish with this hair colour!
I coloured my hair all by myself (ノ*^▽^)ノ normally Mum helps me!~
I've had my fair share of hair colours: - black - black blue - red - black - bleach blonde - golden blonde - back to bleach - to black & now this~ 
I'd probably never go pink or blue~ This is the most colourful I've gone so far & I'm glad it did not fade after the second wash!
 I use L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, the coloured hair version ^▽^ ever since I watched Shu An (from Tried & Tested) review it, I wanted to get it~
 It's amazing for any hair type. My hair type is like oily like my Dad & I wash it everyday 
I really don't recommend that though, it makes my ends dry.
I used it before shampooing to protect my hair dye & I use it after brushing to revive my ends & give shine - It's not greasy either! No grease on my oily hair waaah!

I tried to match my makeup with my hair for today's selcas~
I kept my base clean & rosy with BB Cream, concealer & blusher. Filled my brows & lightly brushed purple toned blusher on them. 
I used a hot pink eyeshadow lightly on my lids & slightly out the outer half of my lower lid & then lined my waterline with white eyeliner.
Then I did my normal ulzzang makeup of eyeliner, matte brown & champagne shimmer shadow framing my eyes~ I applied mascara & for a interesting touch, stuck three nail gems just below my left aegyosal.
 I like how the pink & matte brown on the lower lid blends into a sweet burgundy shade~
Do you like it? I wouldn't wear it much in real life, just in photos or for meet ups (ノ*^▽^)ノ
I'm off now!~ I'm really hungry & the cupboards are calling me (´・ω・`)
Lets off my package arrives soon! I can't wait to get my hands on my Etude House CC Cream!

Bye Bye & Happy New Year~~!


  1. Your hair looks really pretty! I like the red color on you and its not too bright ^^ Happy New Year to you too!! xoox

  2. Wow, the hair colour really suits you * A * especially with that makeup style / look ^^ ~

  3. So very cute. loving this color on u ~~

  4. Wow, such a pretty colour! :3

  5. This hair color really suits you! Like it! :D

  6. You are so cute! I just want to put you in my pocket haha. <3
    And your makeup really does suit your new hair color! I really like your new hair color btw. :)

    O H S O W A I ♡ : Beauty & Fashion Blog

  7. you are so cute! definitely earned yourself a new follower! *ME* hahaha :p happy new year!

  8. This hair color look great on you <3

    I wish that I don't need to bleach my hair to use this kind of colors....

  9. Hello, it's been a while since I've read your blog.
    You still look so gorgeous with this hair colour.
    What lenses are you wearing? They're so beautiful.

    Happy New Year!
    take care, Pri.


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