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Friday, 20 December 2013

에뛰드하우스 네일 리뷰 Etude House Nail Reviews~❤ [Photo Heavy]

Heeeeello everyone & Merry Christmas!~ I'm back with reviews for 3 nail polishes from Etude House (´ ▽ ` )ノ I ordered them from KPOPTOWN on the 28th of November. I expected them to arrive after the usual 11-12 days on 9th of December but with Christmas & all, it arrived on the 20th~
But they are here & are in great condition!~ & I even got a sample of Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream :33 I didn't expect any samples for such a small orderㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I hope you enjoy these reviews & lets go!~

Starting with . . .

에뛰드하우스 쥬이시 칵테일 그라데이션 네일즈 8호 라임 스쿼시 리뷰 Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails No.8 Lime Squash Review
I was umming-&-ahhing about purchasing this sweet little kit. Before college I rarely painted my nails but now since I do nails in College, I gave in & bought it! - Anyway you get three polishes in the kit so its a bonus.
I looove sparkly gradient nails but find using the sponge technique a hassle & it can be difficult right? So this cutie kit is really nice! It's super easy for beginners too!

Original Etude Price :-  6000원
KPOPTOWN Price :-  £3.79
Super cheap right? & close to its original price!~ Very worth it.

Easy & Self
Not difficult! Very easy & convenient to paint on your own!
Easy for even beginners! Express gradient nails like a professional
Enjoy your own special recipe of sweet juicy cocktail colour.
Fun Nail Holic!
'Enjoyable colour mix for intoxicating expression.'

:3 natural colors let you create gorgeous nail art effects in just a few minutes
:Ultra nourishing for all nail types
Each 3 Polish names:-
#1 (Base): Refreshing Lemon
#2 (Middle): Thrilling Lime
#3 (Top): Tangy Lime 

Available in 9 different colours!~
1호 스크류 드라이버- No.1 Screw driver
2호 키스오브파이어 - No.2 Kiss of fire
3호 러블리 바이올렛 - No.3 Lovely violet
4호 민트 프라페 - No.4  Mint frappe
5호 프린세스 메리 - No.5 Princess Mary
6호 엔젤스 키스 - No.6 Angel's kiss
7호 피치 크러쉬 - No.7 Peach Crush
8호 라임 스쿼시 - No.8 Lime Squash
9호  깔루아 밀크 - No.9 Kahlua Milk

So many colour choice! I had a difficult time choosing one - I chose Lime Squash because it looks really fun & refreshing!~
Suuuper cute & eyecatching right? Cutest nail kit ever! (○´∀`○) The packaging is another main reason why I bought it!~ It looks so pretty amongst my other nail polishes. I love how the colour of the box is also in gradation.
hnnng~ *0*
The box & polishes are super tiny! - the palm of my hand!
 Instruction diagram.

Right click - New tab to enlarge
 More understandable instructions for those who do not know Korean XD
 #1 (Base): Refreshing Lemon #2 (Middle): Thrilling Lime #3 (Top): Tangy Lime 

The polishes!~
Aaaaagh, soooo cute! dsiofndionfuoenfosng. . .ㅎㅎ These three cutie polishes are very tiny at 7cm.
Such refreshing colours!~ (。・ω・。)ノ I fancy some lime soda now ;^;

Colour & Consistency
The colours are very true to their bottles - Such vibrant colours. Looks like jelly to me (´・ω・`)  bouncy, bouncy~
I think consistency is very important. It the polishes are very watery, they tend to be a bit too sheer & you need too many coats to get the true bottle colour - which results sometimes with too thick finish & you can easily smudge it & the whole annoyance ㅠㅠ The yellow polish (Refreshing Lemon) is the base & is quite sheer but still gives good strong colour.
The darkest glittery green (Tangy Lime) is the most thickest as it contains the glitters but its not too thick so application will not be too messy & gloopy.
. . .
Swatches of Refreshing Lemon.
I love the base colour! It reminds me of lemonade :3 I need two coats of this to get the best result out of it  ^▽^

Thrilling Lime
A sweet lime colour with pretty little glitters!~

Tangy Lime
The real cherry-on-top finish of all three polishes. Tangy Lime is the strongest in colour & is super pretty with the big glitters & micro glitters.
I'm tried Barry M Sequin Textures nail polishes before but they are so thick & gloopy & it just becomes a ugly mess on nails - Tangy Lime is a treat to use!~


1. Apply nail color #1 to entire nail surface.
2. Allow nails to partially dry, then apply nail color #2 from mid nail to tip.
3. Allow coats #1 and #2 to partially dry, then apply nail color #3 just along the nail tip.

Right click - New tab to enlarge.
I find follow the diagram at the back much easier!~
. . .
I applied two coats of Refreshing Lemon~ Such a sweet lemonade colour (。・ω・。)ノ The base dries pretty quickly even with two coats~

Then I applied Thrilling Lime from the mid nail in a arc shape~ I looove the so-far coming ombre effect going on!~ It gave my nail a bouncy-jelly look :3 The subtle glitters are really sweet~
Very smooth finish & dries quite quick.

Then I applied Tangy Lime & it definitely is the cherry-on-top to the whole look! The glitter are very complimenting to the other shades & overall gave it a very cute gradation effect!
The big glitters in the polish are not too bulky & feel smooth to touch without the rough texture. They also do not get caught or easily knocked off. 
This polish has the thickest consistency but it didn't give me any trouble to apply my desired amount of glitters.
This took a couple more minute to settle & dry but when it did dry, it didn't budge :3
Such a pretty & unique gradation!~ It looks very similar to lime cocktails & is just very refreshing & fun to wear. 
Bling, bliiing~
Sorry about my uneven nail length ;3; a girl in my group filed my nails down too much on different fingers. . .ㅠㅠ
 I find this Gradation kit has better results on medium-long nails like mine than short/or bitten nails.

This sweet kit is soooo good!~ I love the polishes very much & understand why they are quite popular. You don't have to go through the messy sponge gradation technique & its very easy to use by yourself at home!~ The gradation effect is really very pretty & fun to do & it comes in many different colours to choose from~ It lasts a long time without top coat!~
Super nice for prom or just to spice up your look for the day~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Very cheap!
Cuuute packaging 
Comes with three polishes
Very pretty shades & comes in 9 colours. 
Very pretty sparkling gradient effect 
Very easy to use!~
Smooth finish with rough glitter texture. 
Long time wear without chipping & catching the glitters
Easy to remove

Takes patience to use. It dries fast but you still need patience when applying it correctly. 
Looks better on medium-long nails to get full gradation effect. 
Quite small polishes.
Hard to find in UK

Would I repurchase?

Get your Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails kit today!~

에뛰드하우스 미니 인 더 네일즈  3호 미니화이트페이스 리뷰
Etude House Minnie in the Nails No.3 Minnie White Face Review & 에뛰드하우스 플레이 네일 #1 생크림 딜레마 리뷰
Etude House Play Nail #1 Cream Dilemma Review  

I needed a white polish for college as finding the good white is difficult for me for some reason. 
They are either too sheer & normally the best white polishes are expensive! (like my OPI Alpine Snow) I finished my OPI one quite quickly & wanted a new white that was cheaper but still good quality so I went for Etude House again!~
I bought the Minnie one because damn it is super cute!~ it called to me...

Minnie in the Nails
Original Etude Price:-  3,000원
KPOPTOWN Price :- £1.86

. . .
Play Nail
Original Etude Price:- 2,000원
KPOPTOWN Price:- £1.86   

Both almost close to their original prices! Thank chu KPOPTOWN!~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ 

 Omg, Sulli is so cute!~

XOXO Minnie~
Etude X Disney Limited Edition!
'Iconic glitter representing Minnie in nail polish!'
Lovely, unique minnie glitter nail which you can meet only with Etude House. Multi-dimensional polish add dazzling glamour to your nails to wear alone or over your favorite color.

1호 미니레드 Minnie Red (Gel effect)
2호 버블핑크 Bubble Pink (Gel effect)
3호 미니화이트페이스 Minnie White Face - The one I've reviewing!~
4호 미니핑크리본 Minnie Pink Ribbon
5호 미니실버리본 Minnie Silver Ribbon
6호 미니블랙페이스 Minnie Black Face

. . .
'Color Play Art Play Texture Play' 
Play a different colour for 365 days!~ 

#1 생크림 딜레마 Cream Dilemma

Yeah I'm totally not naming all the colours. LOLㅎㅎㅎㅎ
There are 100 polishes for the Daily Nail line then there is glitters, textured polishes that go up to number 200 for events/season.
You've got so many seasonal polishes to choose like the fall line & the new Christmas Sweater one.

aaaaagh what to choose!~ I just need white XD ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 

The Minnie polish is just omg, soooo kawaii!~~ *-* (○´∀`○) hnnng~ I love the cutie mickey lid & omg, help me~
The Play Nail is simple yet adorable with its sweet lace design Y ARE THEY SAO CUTE?!?
The bottles are quite small but not like the Cocktail Nail bottles. They are just the right size at 9cms~
 Aww~ look the Minnie sticker seal!~ *-*
I love the different shades of pink going on in the bottle!~ It's really sweet & pretty.
You can see minnie in it!~ This colour caught my eyes more than the others (I plan to get all the Minnie in the Nails polishes!)
Different sizes of glitters & sprinkle glitters~ Very pretty~
A bottle of magic.
The formula of Cream Dilemma is not watery-sheer like other whites I've used - it's just the right consistency & it definitely reminds me of OPI~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ
Colour & Consistency
Cream Dilemma as said above, it just a right consistency. It's not too sheer & watery & it is not too thick where I can't build it up. It's very vibrant & of course, true the bottle colour. 
The Minnie White is much thicker than the glitter Tangy Lime polish from the Cocktail Kit. It's a bit hard to control the amount of glitter but its super pretty & unique!~ (○´∀`○)
. . .   
Swatches of Play Nail - Cream Dilemma
Omg. Just like my OPI in Alpine Snow!
The first coat is very vibrant & strong & I don't think it needs 2 coats!~ I found my perfect white guys! (^▽^) Very build able without thickness.

Minnie White Face
I loooove the lovely finish!~ Very kawaii & interesting to look at (。・ω・。)ノ
Application is a bit troublesome as the polish is quite thick & it is hard to not go overboard with the glitters. It can go a bit too gloopy & thick & therefore it doesn't dry so well & you smudge it ㅠㅠ It's very cute & pretty though!~
Play Nail
For a perfect polish, apply one stroke of nail lacquer down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail.
Smooth the surface of the nail with a final stroke of the brush. Then, apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails.
Best results use a base coat before painting & a top coat after painting for smooth, glossy & lasting longevity.

Minnie in the Nails
Apply base coat, apply Minnie in the Nails over bare nails for dazzling glittering nails or over your favourite colour to express glittering iconic, lovely nails like Minnie.  
Apply transparent top coat for long lasting Minnie nails without chipping.

. . .
I applied two coats of Play Nail Cream Dilemma~ It gives vibrant & flawless colour with a smooth finish. It dries very quickly with two coats & has long wear without top coat <`∀´>
Then I gave one coat of Minnie in the Nails Minne White Face for an interesting & cute look. 
As mentioned, it is hard to get a controlled amount of glitters on the nail (can get messy). 
It settles & dries very well but it takes a while - It's worth it! as the finish is super cute & pretty~ hnnnng -rolls across floor-
The glitters are not bulky & lay flat once applied to nail so you will not catch the glitters on clothes/hair etc~ It also doesn't feel rough & leaves a shine on the nails :3 
It's quite long wear without top coat but I'd recommend top coat just in case~

I could so do an E.T with my long fingers.

 I found something very awesome & helpful on Etude's site the other day!
You can use this interactive Play! to find your ideal Play Nails polish to suit you & your hands!

How helpful is that?  I've been using it a lot when searching for nail polishes to suit me~ 
LINK Interactive Nail:-

I love both these nail polishes!~ Cream Dilemma is very nice quality like my OPI Alpine Snow & dries super fast!~ The perfect white!
The Minnie White Face is very, very cute to pass up & turns boring polish into something so pretty.
I love the disney iconic glitters amongst the other different glitters inside 

Very cheap
Adorable bottle designs
Play Nail formula is perfect consistency 
Strong Vibrant white colour
White dries very fast
Minnie polish is very cute & interesting to look at.
Glitters do not catch - Both smooth finish
Both long wear without top coat
Easy to remove

Minnie Polish takes a while to dry
Hard to control glitter when applying & can get messy. 
Hard to find in the UK.

Would I repurchase?
Yes! I want to buy all of the Minnie in the Nails & try more polishes from the Play Nail Line.

Get your shade of the Minnie the Nails & Play Nails today!


Play Nail

I hope you all enjoyed these three reviews!~ I really must get to bed! 4am & I've got to go to town tomorrow ;^;
Have the most amazing Christmas ever guys!~ I love you~


  1. The yellow nail polish look so cute <3 I would want to try it someday too!

  2. Thrilling Lime looks delicious.. somehow. I know I'm weird for thinking that way haha. :p
    And the combo of Minnie Mouse glitters + White nail polish look amazing. I have been searching for a white nail polish lately. Maybe I will purchase that one from Etude House. ^^ Thank you for the review~

  3. The lime color looks so nice! I used to bite my nails so I know how hard it is to get long nails~ You should try acrylic nails because they make my hands look so pretty when I apply polish! xoxoox

  4. Eeeehk! I am not even kidding, I want every single nailpolish. I can't even choose a favorite colour! Oh my gosh. *_* Thought the Minnie Mouse one has a special place in my heart <3 Thanks for the review! Totally in love with the really clear close-up pictures!

  5. Crayon Pop <33333 ^-^


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