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Monday, 29 September 2014

토니모리 딜라이트 써클렌즈 마스카라 1호 볼륨 써클 TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara No.1 Volume Circle Review~❤

Heeeello there! Happy Weekdays to you all! ( ´∀`) Today I'm sharing with you a mascara review! 
The TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara!

I only occasionally wear mascara - maybe twice a week if I feel like my face needs a waking up. I normally go for just a tiny bit of shimmer shadow & circle lens to college (especially on fridays, where we do facials) 
But I do wear mascara if I want a more pretty- bright eyed look. So mascara is a must in a makeup bag!

I actually had high hopes for this mascara but keep reading to find out! (´・ω・`) 

Original TonyMoly Price:- 2,560원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £4.90 (now £3.59)

Mascaras in the UK roughly are priced £1 - £8. So this mascara for £4.90 was cheap!
I just bought this mascara on the whim. I think I bought it just because its called 'circle lens' mascara haha~ ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Loooovely Vic-unnie! - She looks so fresh & cute!

 As if wearing circle lens, it makes clear and sharp eyes. Black diamond, Carbon black extract give clear eyes like wearing circle lensGives non smudging, non clumping rich volume & dazzingly root to tip curl. Easy washable cleansing type, can be easily cleansed gently with lukewarm water. Argan oil and black rice extract protect sensitive eye area. :

Ingredients:- Argan oil, Black rice extract, Diamond powder, Ruby powder, Amethyst powder, Pearl powder, Formalene, Emerald.

Available in 3 different types.
1호 볼륨 써클 Volume Circle
Dense bullet brush: The soft dense bristles tightly adhere to lashes to give abundant rich volume from root to tip.

Gives appearance of fuller lashes by volumising thin lashes to create natural big eye effect as if wearing lenses.

I chose this mascara in Volume because I think my lashes are rather sparse ㅠㅠ Fuller lashes please!

 2호  컬링&롱래쉬 써클 Curling & Long Lash Circle
 3호 클리어 써클 Clear Circle (Clear formula)

No need to use Lip & Eye Remover! Just cleanse with warm water!

●  ● 

Easy to remove with just warm water!! Which makes it super easy for me after a long day at college. 
Quick & easy to remove so I can quickly get to cleansing my face~(´ω`) However this also gives the impression that this mascara might not be very waterproof - I'll get to that later in this post.

 Since I chose the mascara type in Volume, it has a lovely & chic hot pink tube. It's very simple but looks nice - I took these photos in July so the pink/text was still clear & now after two months, the pink/text has scratched off ㅠㅠ

TonyMoly recently changed the packaging design of the mascara & I think the new design looks much more appealing if you are a girly girl like me:-
The mascara has a measurement of 10½cm & of course for a mascara, very slim & very handbag-able. The tube is sturdy strong (recyclable) plastic & the lid shuts securely. 
Lasts up to 6 months~

The rim of the tube can get pretty messy so best to wipe it down!~
Plenty of mascara inside!

The brush is 2cm in length & is so slim! Its every so slightly bigger at the base & gets thinner near the tip to reach tiny lashes.
It appears to control how much mascara formula is collected but it still holds a lot of product between the bristles. I have to take off the excess on a tissue sometimes so my lashes do not get overly clumped - It doesn't really work that well though ㅠㅠ (´□`)
Close up of the saturated bristles. They are not too tight together or too separated & are really bouncy & soft. I love how soft the bristles are, I absolutely hate those stiff (EVIL) mascara wands are just hurt to use (=ω=;)

This is how much formula came off from just running the brush against my hand. It might not seem a lot compared to some mascaras, but on sparse/thin lashes like mine. . . it can be a lot. 
The colour is a rich black & the formula seems quite rich itself & this formula is very nourishing for your lashes & does not make your lashes feel too stiff/dry.

I forgot to take smudge proof photos but this mascara dries in about 1 minute but of course, it depends how much mascara you apply (I wait between coats) The formula is so-so for smudge proof. It kind of flakes but not completely but I don't really mess with my lashes during the day so I'm fine with it (´ ▽ ` )ノ

I ran the swatch under lukewarm water for a couple seconds & it began to break down & flake off.
This mascara is not very waterproof but on the lashes, it does not come off completely. I had a rather horrible day at college last week & I cried ㅠㅠ & the mascara looked intact but when I touched a finger to the lashes, a tiny bit came off.

So this mascara is probably not very good if you are prone to rubbing your eyes during the day or have sensitive/watery eyes.

Here is my bare lashes with just circle lens in only. My lashes used to be quite full but after I accidentally stuck my false lashes to my natural ones about two years ago (in my dreadful 'gyaru' days) <丶´Д`> SO PAINFUL So my poor lashes are now short & thin ㅠㅠ

My lashes are also a lightish brown colour & I like black mascara as it gives my eyes a brighter, wide-awake look & makes my eyes pop even more (despite my big circle lens LOL) ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

I did not curl my lashes before applying for this review!

With one coat of mascara, my lashes look slightly more lifted, lengthened albeit not very voluminous yet.
Despite the neat bullet brush, it already made my lashes look pointy as the formula stuck some lashes together in the center of my upper lash line. 

I applied the mascara slowly from root to tip & gently zigzagged to prevent clumping. . . little did that do. It's very difficult to get a neat separate application because of how saturated the brush is. 

However despite that, with one coat it did evenly apply the black formula well.

Gosh. With two coats. . . It just looks very cakey & clumpy despite the claims of it not clumping because of the brush. My lashes seem to stick together & I even combed through them with a lash comb. . .nothing changed.
Despite my lashes seem a bit more fuller & longer, the formula finish just looks not very appealing. BUT, this mascara seems to have a mind of its own! sometimes it looks nice & sometime it looks bad. I guess its how you apply it.

With two coats, it dried quickly~

Because 2 coats was so clumpy, I didn't apply 3 coats for this review. 

Although the formula clumps a lot no matter how much I dab off excess from the wand or zigzag or comb! The formula does not feel as dry as it looks. Sometimes mascaras can give a really stiff finish when you feel like you could probably snap off your lashes but this one feels dry but nourishing? 
It's hard to explain but I feel my lashes are still flexible & not on the verge of snapping.

Also, even though it looks clumpy/heavy - It doesn't feel heavy at all! The formula is very lightweight!

The lengthening/volume is quite good & appear much more better in the comparison photos. 
The rich black colour makes my eyes look more brighter (with & without lens) & I look more alert.


Curled or no curl?
On my right eye, I didn't curl the lashes & just applied 2 coats of the mascara but my left, I curled them & applied 2 coats. I find both curled/nocurl has similar effects so I normally do not curl my lashes in the morning with this mascara (that way I can quickly finish my makeup for college) 

Even without curl, I find my lashes with just mascara do not droop down because of how lightweight the formula is. My lashes look lifted throughout the day!

Even though it not being waterproof is a negative, it can be a pro for when removing! Because this mascara can be removed with just warm water!
I soak a cotton pad in warm water & squeeze out excess.
I then hold the pad to my eye with very gentle pressure. I like to massage with my finger tips to break down the mascara formula.
I then pull the pad away from my eyes - again very gently!
The mascara all came off with only a few little flakes on my skin which you can easily get rid off with the pad. This photo was taken a different day with different lens but warning everybody - Please take out your contacts before removing your makeup! I could've gotten water in my eyes (water is bad for lens) so don't do what I did in this review okay?~ 

Selca with the mascara:-
With 1 coat of mascara. Gosh, look at my frizzy hair back in early August! щ(ಥДಥщ) Thank god for hair oil!

Selcas with TonyMoly mascara - 28th September today!
 Two coats mascara on its own without eyeliner. My hair looks less frizzy but I backcombed here & oh! my pink has faded~

With eyeliner/shadow
I like how brighter my eyes look! I think mascara makes me look more mature~

Etude House Colour My Brows - Light Brown
Nature Republic  Provence 3-Magic Step Eyes - No.2 Orange Step
BPS Palette
Etude House Oh~ M'Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner in No.1 Black

This mascara is a hit & miss.
Its a lovely rich black colour & gives a nice, noticeable volume & lengthening effects from root to top. It makes my eyes pop & look bright. It makes a real difference to my poor natural lashes.
The formula is so-so. It's nourishing & not too drying & not with a stiff/dry finish. However, the formula is quite clumpy & easily sticks my lashes together. Just with one coat, my lashes look pointy so I have to try & comb them out - though it doesn't help much. Two coats is the minimal I can stand with this mascara.

There is more good points to the mascara, the fact that its nourishing but also it dries very quickly (about 1-2 minutes with two coats), is lightweight & is easy to remove via warm water. 

But with it being so easy to remove with water can be a bad thing as this mascara is not very waterproof with sweat/oil/tearing etc. It doesn't completely disappear on wet lashes but it can smudge very slightly if touched (´□`)

The mascara does last long-ish if your eyes do not water/you do not rub during the day & its doesn't dry flake or droop down.

The brush is the main thing that makes a mascara great - Not just the formula! But its not the case for this mascara.
I had high hopes for the brush as its was slim & its easy to reach little corner lashes, the bristles are soft & flexible for even sensitive eyes but it just has too much formula. I find myself constantly dabbing off excess product on a tissue when applying - I have to stop doing that or I'll run out of it too fast! - It's really hard to apply this mascara neatly.

I like this mascara. Just like. It's not the greatest HG product or anything - It's just a mascara I would use when I finish up my current favourite etc. If it wasn't for the clumping, I would've loved it!

Three types available
Simple chic packaging - albeit I like new packaging better
Brush is slim enough to reach small lashes
No scent
Nourishing formula - Not too drying
Lightweight - Doesn't droop my lashes
Dries fast
Rich black colour - Makes eyes look big & pop more!
Lengthens & volumises my short/thin lashes
No need for curling!
Easy to remove with just warm water

Brush is too heavily saturated with products.
Hard to get even/neat application
Clumps my lashes so badly with only two coats!!
Not waterproof/smudge proof

No, I will try others but I'm glad I did give it a go because now I know!

Get your TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara today!
Cosmetic.Love HERE
TonyMoly HERE

●  ● 

I hope you all enjoyed this mascara review!~ I hope it wasn't too confusing! I've been busy all day taking blog photos, cooking & settling in my new hamster Oatmeal!:-
It's a boy & his full name is Oatmeal & Raspberry because he likes raspberry treats & strawberry chew toys. He is so lively (at night) & even after just a day & a half of being in my home, he loves his hamster ball & house & enjoys beings petted/held~
I can't wait until he feels more settled - Even Nut-Nut likes him!

Oatmeal's cage! Don't worry, we moved it away from the radiator~ But look at the little house & bridge! So cute(○´∀`○)

It's 3am & she's rolling round in her cage but I should be going to bed now! I leave you with another selca


  1. Nice review! I'm going to have to try this mascara ~ ^_^
    Come check out my blog~ I'm new with no followers (lol) and I'd love some advice.

  2. Looks like a nice mascara, I love it that is cheap and easy to remove.
    Thank your for your review~

  3. your make up looks so good on you ! Loved your lenses too :))

  4. Thanks for the review *0* Tony Moly is one of my fav brands, mainly it's because of their lovely and cute packaging!! The mascara looks great, love your HQ photos so I can see everything clearly *0*

    You look so cute too!! ^___^/

    恵美より ♥

  5. Hi there! Great post, I enjoyed reading!! BTW I've nominated you for the "Blogger Recognition Award". Being quite similar to the Liebster Award, I hope you enjoy doing it! Keep the wonderful posts comin'! =)

  6. Great review! ^-^ I loove ur blog btw <3
    And youre so pretty! :o


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