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Sunday, 2 November 2014

[Sponsored Post] Handmade Natural Volume Lash 5-24 from Born Pretty~❤

Heeey everybody!~ False eyelashes are such a good. . . weapon I might say; to add a beautifying touch to any makeup style.

It's always good to have a few pairs in your makeup collection so you can give that extra boost to your eyes, whether it be for an event or just an everyday look. I've always loved using falsies but sometimes its difficult to find the perfect lash isn't it? They can be intimidating & hard to apply right? I'm on the hunt to find natural yet dolly, easy to apply, cheap lashes!

Born Pretty Store kindly sponsored me a box set of lashes that are rather lovely & some what live up to my expectations! Thank you again Born Pretty!~

Hope you enjoy this review & leeets go~ (ノ*^▽^)ノ

Born Pretty Store Price:- $4.97 about £3.11
Veeeery ideal! You get five handmade pairs in this box set so very worth it! 

Pictures from BPS but this one edited side by side by me.
Name on site:- 5Pairs/Box Seamless Cross False Eyelash Handmade Natural Volume Fake Eye Lash #5-24   
Name on packaging:- PaDolly Love 5 Pack Special 
I've never heard of PaDolly Love personally but apparently it is a Japanese lash (of course judging by the text on the box)  - such a sweet name though! (´ω`)
Info on site
100% brand new
Popular, high-quality, and soft handmade false eyelashes.
Easy to use - it will look real and natural.
With the natural false eyelashes your eyes will look bright and charming.
These special natural false eyelashes provide instant glamour and delicate beauty in a subtle way.
Material - Artificial Fibre
Quantity - 5 Pairs/Box
Colour - Black 

Glue is not included.

I chose 5-24 because I love a natural but voluminous boost to my lashes! Especially when doing dramatic eye makeup!

The lashes come in a little black & bubblegum pink box~ Isn't it cuuuute with its frill, bow, hearts & polka-dots? If I saw this packaging in town. . . I'd only buy the lashes for that reason *guilty*. It kind of reminds me of the Japanese brand MA*RS a little bit (○´∀`○)

eee~ The text is in Japanese but I've not a clue what it says (´・ω・`) 
hnggg cute.

. . .

 So pretty! I love seeing box sets of lashes. . .щ(゜∇゜щ)
The lashes are secured in place by the little stickers. The lashes are not stuck taut but loosely so they still maintain their curved shape for easy application. They are easy to remove as the stickers are not very sticky so I do not have to hold my breath & pray while removing the lashes щ(ಥДಥщ) I'm always scared lashes will break. . .eh.

The lashes are very pretty & feminine! ( ´∀`)☆
The lash has a criss-cross design & the fibres/hair are all different lengths to make it look as natural as possible & the from the inner corner to outer; the lash ranges from short to medium length~
You can see that there is not much in the way of curl on these lashes but thats because they focus more in volume than curl. You can always curl them afterwards with an lash curler! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
The fibres are lightweight & are very soft to touch & do not feel hard/plasticy like some cheap lashes. 

The lashes are a soft black colour with only a sliiiiight shine to them in real life - They are not very shiny like costume lashes & I even find the shine goes when you wear the pair a second time~
(They look very shiny in the photo above ㅠㅠ) 

The lash bone is very lightweight & very flexible which is perfect for me as I really dislike when the lash bone is hard (it hurts!). However. .because its flexible, beginners may find it a little bit difficult to use at first as the lash bone may move around - I know I found it hard to use them at first. Despite that, the lash bone is very comfortable & I can rarely feel it on my eye~ 

Also the photo above shows the extended lash bone! you of course, you cut that off!~ 
The lash bone is quite delicate so try not to be too rough.

Here is my natural lashes with a little bit of mascara on. . . you can barely see them because I drew my liner on quite thick that day ㅠㅠ  My lashes are a semi-light brown so I apply mascara to blend them with the falsies.
Even though the false lashes look quite natural, they will always appear different on the eyes right? 
So lets apply!
In the photo above, I bend the lash to break down any possible stiffness in the bone before applying~
It makes application easier! (´∀`)
 I applied my own black lash glue as white can still leave white/blue traces on black eyeliner.
Again this set does not come with glue <丶´Д`>

I wait 30 seconds until the glue is tacky & then apply the lashes are close to my lashline as possible. I always stick the inner corner first then lay the rest of the lash on my eyes~

Top photo - Natural Lash - Bottom Photo - One lash on to the right

Not the best photo but here is with the lash applied!
Application was easy & quick because of the thin/flexible lash bone! The flexible
The criss-cross effect with my natural lashes almost give a lash extension effect. The effect is very feathery & feminine~ (ノ*^▽^)ノ My eyes feel pretty~*+*+
When compared to my thin natural lash - It's such a bit difference & definitely adds a glam touch to my makeup~
The length of the lash was a tiny bit too long so I snipped off a small amount to fit my eyes.
Because the fibres get slightly longer to the outer end, it gives natural cat eye shape to my makeup~

L Without -  R With
Here you can see how well the false lash blends with my real lash (with little mascara on)
It looks natural! The fibres are so soft they feel almost real. The lash is not too long nor too short - It's medium length & perfect!
The lash bone looks hidden because of how thin it is but remember that I did use black lash glue ^^;;

Ta-daaaa~ Big & bright eyes!! <。`ω´。>
These lashes really, really make my makeup look glamorous & doll/doe like. Though in close up like these they look dramatic - They look natural & full in real life/selcas!
They are such  lovely pairs to use & are very comfortable. They haven't any sharp ends or hard/stiffness so I barely feel them on my eyes & they do not irritate my circle lenses either! 

Because there is barely any stiffness in the lash bone, they last long without peeling off!

KeiKei is so happy~ (○´∀`○) 

They look much more natural in selca/real life & give the illusion of a fuller, more voluminous lash line!! ^▽^

Very cheap & comes with five pairs
Really adorable packaging
Natural criss-cross designs makes voluminous, lovely lashes for big doll-like eyes
Natural for everyday/events
Medium length - Also does not push against glasses' lens!
Soft fibres feel real with natural lashes
The soft black colour blends well with natural lashes
The lash bone is thin & flexible for great comfort
^^Does not irritate my eyes/circle lens
The lashes last long throughout the day because of thin lashbone

Delicate so take care & then they will last a long time
No lash glue included

Would I buy?
Gosh yes! They are so lovely & for the price?! yesyesyesyes~

Buy these lovely lashes or many of the other gorgeous varieties of lashes from Born Pretty today! HERE

Also use my code below KEH10 for 10% off your BPS order~! *click on banner below~*

Also check out these events for BPS 4th Anniversary *just click!*:-

As always, a big thank you to Born Pretty for sending me these gorgeous lashes. I can't wait to experiment different looks with them!

Remember to check out BPS & their great products~

*This product was sponsored by Born Pretty but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

. . .
I hope you all enjoyed this lash review!  I have a BPS blusher review coming up & a Innisfree Review coming up too! I cannot believe we are already in November! I cannot believe how many stores have Christmas items coming in. I only know its Christmas when I see the Father Christmas Coca-Cola advert hehe (。’▽’。) I have a exciting week coming up for me as I'm going to London to see my favourite metal band Deathstars exicteeeeed eeeee~

I hope you all had a excellent Halloween this year & enjoy your week! Love & Kisses~



  1. Lovely post, I really love the lashes! ^^

  2. What a pretty pair of lashes! They really look natural. I think that the black lash glue helps the look a lot because you can't see the band on the eyeliner that way. Thank you for the great review, Kirsten! x
    Miss Blue Eyes

  3. It didn't look very natural when inside the box in my opinion but when it's on the eyes, it looks quite natural and good!! the side view of the lashes looked really pretty haha. what circle lens are you wearing btw?

  4. Cute lashes ^^

    恵美より ♥

  5. The fibres and the design of the lashes look really nice *u*


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