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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

[Sponsored Post] Beautiful Camellia Patterned Blusher from Born Pretty Shade 08~❤

Hi there everybody! Here is the blusher I promised to review! This beautiful blusher is kindly sponsored by Born Pretty Store - Thaaaank you!~ 
I chose this blush because of its elegant packaging but also because of the wide range of colour choice there was to pick from ( ´∀`)☆

It's become one of my daily blushes to wear & you'll find out why~! <。`ω´。>

Born Pretty Store Price:- It was $5.23 3.29) It is now $3.92!! (£2.46)
Very affordable especially for the size/quality of it! (。・ω・。)ノ

Pictures from BPS - Edited by me to fit

Name on site:- Blusher Powder Palette Camellia Patterned With Mirror 8 Colors
Name on packaging:- C.B.I Colour Box Silky Lastings UV

Info on site
100% brand new
High quality
Modify your face.
Create perfect face,and exquisite makeup.
Make your face even more vivid and stereoscopic.
Be suitable for professional use and home use.
Wonderful gift for yourself or special someone!
On packaging
 The blush is abundant in mineral essence with slight texture, Making the skin more fine & smooth. The enduring mild nature make-up creates the flawless & clean texture of skin.
Type - Powder
Dimensions - 7cmx7cmx0.8cm
Net Weight - 15g
Colour - 8 colors available
There are 8 colours to choose from & they all look so pretty! There are different shades of pink to suit your tastes!
I chose Shade 08 which appears as a lavender pink in the colour system but in real life, its more a strawberry pink~ (○´∀`○) It didn't bother me that much as its the type of pink I like!~
The blusher came in this glossy black packaging. It's quite chic looking~~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ It took a few tries to photograph because of how glossy it is. The box had a white sticker on it with I thiiink. . . the products code? I cannot remember. But I removed it to show the box & well. . . It was rather a bugger to remove (=ω=;) So the box has a few scratches~
 Although it is hard to see it, there is a pleasant camellia flower design on the box~

Now one thing. The name claims to have UV but there is no information on the packaging that states UV? Maybe its just the name but if it the blusher has UV; That's great! I wear sun protection anyway but the more the merrier right?
Right click - New tab to enlarge
Here you can see the products description. It's a tiny bit confusing especially the 'Enduring mild nature make-up'. . . (´・ω・`) Confusing. 
The Korean is quite terrible but roughly says the same above & the Chinese. .  I'm not sure what it says either.
The blush does not have names, only numbers for the shades~

Voilà~~ Isn't the pact so pretty & elegant? The pact is a gorgeous bronze-brown colour with a very-hard-to-photograph holographic floral camellia design. (○´∀`○) It was hard to photograph because the flash kind of bounced off the holographic surface to just look like a circle of white light. . . . ㅠㅠ I managed to do it though!!
Rainbow!~~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

The pact made of sturdy plastic & is not too big nor too fiddly-small. Its just about the size of my palm & measures 7cm & is not too thick or thin. Because its not bulky, it easily slides in my bag however. . .
The compact does not close that securely. I examined it & it turned out that my pact had the shutter-chip broken off/missing. You know that small little chip that helps make that 'click' noise when it shuts? - It's a little hard to explain but I hope you understand  (´・ω・`)so here is an image (The circle shows the pact from the site):-
It was probably my fault or a knock during the travel to the UK but its okay as the blusher was not damaged. I'm pretty sure the compact does shut really well though but just not mine~ so it probably is travel-friendly.

블로셔 is Korean for blusher~

The blush also comes with a little brush! I wouldn't really use this to apply with but I've tried it out & it gives the exact same colour effect as a normal blush brush! albeit a bit more heavier then natural. It does feel silky & soft but just a bit too small to get a perfect application. But its very handy & convenient to come with the pact!

Opening the pact
Gosh. It really is so pretty! *0* The pact comes with a big mirror~! Story time!: When I first opened the pact, as soon I opened the post parcel . . . The mirror was frosted from the cold! It was such a shock to see ICE on the mirror! I'm so glad I wiped it or else the ice would've melted onto the blusher. It was so weird (゜Д゜);; 

The mirror does not open all the way flat like some blush pacts. The way the pact is opened in the photos below are how far it can go - It might be a bit awkward for someone who uses the pact's mirror to apply the blush.
The photo above, you can see just how small the brush is - That's what makes it not very practical.
The measurements of the blusher is about 6cm wide so you can swirl a brush easily~ Speaking of brushes & swirling, this blusher can get very messy easily so be prepared for pink powder everyone - I'll tell you more about that further in the post.

Here is a closeup of the blush~! It is so delicate & elegant with its camellia floral design!
The colour in the pact is a cute strawberry pink. It definitely is not that Lavender-pink shown in the colour system but I still like it!
With close up, you can see how the powder is set in the pan. The camellia design has lovely pink shimmer particles but unfortunately this is just on the surface <丶´Д`> The shimmer went away after one sweep of the brush which made me sad because the it was so pretty! The actual effect is just matte powder ㅠㅠ 
Still its ideal for those who prefer non-shimmer blushes! (ノ*^▽^)ノ

Sorry for the different texture of the blush - I took the outdoor photos after I used the pact~

You can really see that its a very healthy looking pink colour. It's not too light nor too dark~!
The blusher looks like it might have a warm tone but it does not (atleast on my skin). It swatches a pale pink on my skin but like most blushers, it may appear different on different skin shades. 

When swatched you can see on my skin, it appears as a really pretty pastel pink! (○´∀`○) The blusher is very pigmented for its price especially with just one swipe! I find just one sweep of my brush distributes enough colour for my daily look.
The powder like its name, is incredibly silky like pore powder/talc & feels so nice to touch & apply щ(゜∇゜щ)
I really do think just one swipe of the blush is enough for anyone as this blusher is VERY chalky (as seen in the swatches). I mean really chalky! I swirl my brush gently & powder goes everywhere even on the mirror!:-
This is with just one swirl of my brush! Such a mess щ(ಥДಥщ) Be careful of clothes!
. . . hue.
If you do wear two-three coats of blusher, a good thing about the chalky powder is that you can easily brush away the fallouts so it looks smooth. It's not too cakey with two-three coats but it can be sometimes. 

This blusher does not apply well over moistful/oily surface. If you do it will go blotchy.
So I recommend if you wear a moistfull/dewy base like me, to apply the blush after about five minutes so the base can set on the skin. I like to do my base then do my eye makeup then apply the blush at the end~  (´∀`) 
Despite it goes blotchy on moisturised skin, I do not feel like it entirely absorb that moisture. I still skin still feels quite fresh & comfortable.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with the powder but of course, I can easily work around the moistfull base makeup problem!
I really do love how silky it is! ( ´∀`)☆
Okay, maybe not my base face. . . (´・ω・`) I am wearing a moisturising CC Cream but thats it.
However, the blush looks the same on both bare/base & does not differ in performance even on my makeup face.
My cheeks are quite pale (as my mum constantly tells me 'oh you look so pale hun') ㅠㅠ I never skip blusher in my makeup routine as a tiny bit of pink makes such a big difference for my face!

Before applying, I waited until I did my eye makeup so my moist base could set.
With my blush brush I applied one gentle sweep of the blush on the apples of my cheeks up to my cheekbones. From vampire to vampire that just fed? (that was terrible) The blush gave me face that really innocent, rosy pink I just love for the winter! <。`ω´。> It looks like I've been outside in the cold.
As said, the blusher is really pigmented & so for my skin, one swipe is just enough! 

On my skin, the finish colour to close to the pacts colour only slightly cooler. I think it looks quite natural with one coat & gosh. . . I love it (。’▽’。) When I applied, it really went on smoothly~

When I touch my fingers to my face, my skin still feels fresh/moistfull (& very silky) & I feel it does not look too chalky under sunlight/bright lighting - I still make sure to sweep any of the chalky fallouts after application. It does not come off on my fingers even on my moist makeup either.

Sometimes if I have a breakout, blush can really emphasise that problem & just looks horrible & DRY щ(ಥДಥщ) But with this blush, it does not so I'm reeeeeally happy about that! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ If anything, the silky texture blurs the problems.

I've been wearing this blusher for a while & it's become one of my favourites because of its sweet, pretty colour!

Wearing here!:-

I really like this blusher! Yes I had some ups & downs with its chalky/oil absorbing powder (though a pro for oily skin types!) I really love it! (´∀`)
The colour pigmentation is very strong & gave my pale cheeks a matte gorgeous natural pink colour! It's not too pale nor too dark & just gives that right bit of ruddiness to my skin without being too obvious/cakey. I like applying this blush because the powder feels so nice & velvety *-*

It does down blotchy on really moist makeup but after I let it set, the blush goes on really smoothly without again, looking to obvious/powdery.It does absorb some oil/moisture from my skin but not enough to make my skin tight & uncomfortable - I still feel fresh face!

The silky powder does not emphasise pore/breakout problems but smooths them out for clear looking skin. I have had a few breakouts recently but I reckon its my cleanser doing it but I'm not sure - I am sick though! I'll keep trying the blush to see if its the cause (I'll update in December to prove this so remember to check back!)

In terms of wear, I feel this blusher does okay. I wore it to college on Thursday from 12pm to 5pm & is just started to not look at vivid but my skin still looked soft & clear if that makes sense? It was not as pink as it was but that might be because of my base makeup again.

The packaging is so gorgeous & is just the right size for travel if only mine shut properly & comes with a big mirror & little (albeit somewhat impractical) brush - It's convenient!

Gorgeous packaging, pretty colour, pretty finish = Great price!~ (^▽^)

* * *
Affordable price
Beautiful pact design + mirror!
Brush included *see con
Possibly travel-friendly
Available in 8 different shades of pink!
Great pigmentation
Powder is silky & smooth (however messy/chalky)
Gives my cheeks a pretty, rosy pink colour which I adore + skin feels baby soft
Matte (pro for people who prefer matte than shimmer)
Coverage is not too powdery to look obvious on bright light
Absorbs sebum/sweat albeit not entirely stripping surface of moisture (ideal for oily type)
Long-lasting & a little bit waterproof
Does not make skin problems look highlighted
No scent

My pact was broken so it closed very loosely (probably my fault or postal)
*Brush included not very impractical because of size
Pact can get soooo messy
Blush is veeeery chalky & messy ^^ however fallouts can be easily brush away on the face
Blush can look blotchy if applied directly to barely set moisturiser/dewy base
I wish the camellia design has shimmer all the way through

Would I buy?
I think I might buy this blusher for its lovely colour & great price but I like to experiment with other blushers out there first~
Buy this blush or many of the other blushers from Born Pretty Today

You can use my code KEH10 to get 10% discount off your order from Born Pretty! Just clickety-click on the image below:-

Also there is a whole variety of great sales going on too!

A big thank you for Born Pretty for sending me this gorgeous blusher! I really recommend it!
Remember to check out their site for amazing products at amazing prices!(。・ω・。)ノ

*This product was sponsored by Born Pretty but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

* * *
Hihi guys, Long time no see?~
I'm sick at the moment & had to stay home from College on Friday
<丶´Д`>  buuuut my mother took me to London in the evening so it was not the best timing but I had a lot of fun as I finally went to a Deathstars gig (I was meant to go in March this year but the date was moved to November!). I was in London until Saturday evening~ Mum, Mortimer & I explored a big stretch of London & I took maaaany photos (ノ*^▽^)ノHere are just a few I took:-

So we went to London Eye/Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Chinatown & different places!~ I love the atmosphere of London! (○´∀`○)
I didn't eat much as I was ill so I just ate a few shop bought things like light sandwiches. But I did try a Chinese chicken dumpling/bun & gosh. . . I could live off them
They do not look very pleasant but oh my gosh, it is so delicious & warming! It was really big & only £1.70 homemade at Chinatown. 
10 more of these please!

I've enjoyed myself thoroughly but I've made myself feel worse by eating kimchi today. . . ㅠㅠ It's so good though. . . 
It's 2am so this is just a small filler on what I've been up to~ I hope you all enjoyed this blush review & I'll catch up my blogging with my Innisfree Creammellow Review~!

Goodnight & lots of love~


  1. wawww darl you're so cute as always♥
    and about the blush, just one swirl and it turned up into a crazy pink powder mess? that's too bad >___<

  2. Hi KeiKei~! Nice review of the blush (^∇^)/! And I've been wanting to try those chinese buns whenever I go to London too ;-;/ but I never have the stomach to eat it orz XD

  3. Such a beautiful and cute shade of blusher ^^ Looks so lovely on you!! Cute ^^

    Lovely your outfit and London pictures ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. This blush is so pretty, I love it the color!

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    Keep it up, I enjoyed reading! !! Nice post!
    Stay happy always!

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