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Sunday, 14 December 2014

이니스프리 크림멜로우 립스틱 4호 + 9호 Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick No.4 + No.9 Review~❤

Hello everyone!~ How are you?
Today's review is on the popular Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick (such a cute name)! It came out for this A/W & ever since I saw my favourite Korean blogger Mari Portia do a review on them & when Pony Unnie featured them on her Beauty Diary. They are slightly different from the Colour Glow line last year. (。’▽’。)

What I really prefer lipstick wise in the Winter, is rosy colours. Because the Winter here in the UK is really grey, dull & rainy; my skin easily looks grey & dull too! My skin is much more paler in the cold so blush & a rosy lipstick is my musts! 
I prefer more glossy, moistfull lipstick in the Winter because my lips are really dry most of the time so I tend to shy away from all those pretty matte lipsticks ㅠㅠ
That's also why the Creammellow really stood out to me!

I bought two colours from the Creammellow line from Cosmetic.Love.
Some of the pictures of the products are taken at home on my rose background or at the hotel (I went to London back in November) so sorry for the different photos! (´・ω・`) 

Original Innisfree Price:- 12,000원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £9.17

Smooth & full coated glossy lips 
Sparkling high glossy gel base fills the lips' curves smoothly to make lips look voluminous

Crystal clear color formation

Vivid clear colour formation with natural finish to express lovely, moist & clean deep coloured lips without burden.

Perfect high-adhesive fitting formula covers lips softly & keeps the pretty lip makeup for longer

Moistful lips!
The formula has moisture layered shield that hydrates dry lips by relieving dead cells & supplying plentiful moisture for healthly looking lips.
Contains camellia oil for moist lips!

Available in 10 Colours:-
1호 시립 베이지 Syrup Beige
2호 포근한 바닐라 핑크 Warm Vanilla Pink
3호 크림 코랄 Cream Coral
4호 따뜻한 코랄 자몽티 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea
5호 달콤한 피치 버터  Sweet Peach Butter
6호 자두 핑크 Plum Pink
7호 체리 열매 레드 Cherry Fruit Red
8호 촉촉 물 먹은 레드 Moistfull Dewy Red
9호 블루베리 버건디 Blueberry Burgundy
10호 리떼 브라운 Latte Brown

Capacity: 3.5g

I bought No.4 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea & No.9 Blueberry Burgundy!(´ω`)
I chose No.4 because I try to pull off coral but it never looks right on my full lips unless I mix the coral with a bit of red. No.4 has a coral-red blend colour so its ideal! Plus its quite rosy so therefore warming for my face~!
I chose No.9 because its such a gorgeous violet burgundy colour & I've never experimented with purple/burgundy colours before. I thought its time to finally try it out especially this Winter!

 The Creammellow Lipstick is apparently more moistfull & glossy than Innisfree Colour Glow.

●  ●  ● 

As always I love the simplicity yet gorgeous packaging of Innisfree! There's just something about it I love so much~! I really do not see how anyone can call the packaging boring. The packaging is made from recycled paper & is printed with soy ink - Environmentally Friendly! (○´∀`○)
 There is pleasant floral design on the box that I think is meant to be olives? Its still so sweet.
The box is different from the Colour Glow box. The bottom & floral design is a peachy colour when CG was a almost khaki shade.
Smooth coating, pure glossy colour, great fitting & camellia oil.
~ ~ ~

Just like Colour Glow, The Lipstick cases are a gorgeous, attractive matte white with the colour at the base. The coloured base indicates the colour of the lipstick so you can easily pick out your chosen shade.
The case measures 9cm & is slender to easily slip in your bag/pencil case. The case is made of sturdy thick plastic & the cap shuts securely with a snap so its travel friendly! (ノ*^▽^)ノ

I find the matte white case & the gold tube inside can get pretty messy but its really easy to clean with a damp cloth.

I compared the Creammellow casing to Colour Glow. They are exactly alike apart from the tube inside. The Creammellow tube is a flushed gold whereas Colour Glow is Silver.
The golden tube says 'A rich essential lipstick with camellia oil & fitting formula'.
The golden tube protects the product & is the twist-up mechanism to wind up the lipstick.
You get quite a lot of product in the casing. Of course you wouldn't apply it like this right?
Innisfree recommends to only wind up the lipstick to about 3mm when applying to avoid breaking the delicate bullet.

The bullet is a rather unique round shape again rather than the pointed bullet. I find its not very practical as the creammellow has a melty formula so the shape disappears after about three tries:-
After wearing three times.
Here you can see how creamy-melty the formula is on the tube:-

Close ups ●   

4호 따뜻한 코랄 자몽티 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea
No.4 in the bullet appears as gorgeous firey red/orange colour with tiny golden shimmers in it.

9호 블루베리 버건디 Blueberry Burgundy
No.9 appears as a beautiful plum-burgundy. Maybe even a little bit violet. It's has no shimmers & appears quite matte when its finish is not.

The colour in the bullets look so pretty but of course its different in swatches & even more so on different lip shapes & colours.

No.4 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea swatches out only sliiiiightly lighter & sheerer than the bullet. It is a coral colour than an orange & has a lovely rosy flush to it. It applies very smoothly - It almost glides on & has a high gloss that did not capture well in the swatches. Although its a bit sheer with one swipe, you can easily built it up for opaque lip makeup.(´ω`) I really like the colour!! ( ´∀`)☆

No.9 Blueberry Burgundy definitely applies lighter than the bullet. Those are into vampy, strong burgundy lips may not like this but I do because its not too dramatic/statement for my everyday look.
The colour is more of a pretty cool-tone violet plum shade & has an equally as glossy finish as No.4.
It does not apply as smooth as 4 but still slides on well enough not too pull on the lips.

Even though its not as dark as the bullet, you can still build up for a stronger colour.
The colour system in the Innisfree claims is not really as it seems. Quite misleading really, so you may want to see other reviews to see the true finish of the other colours in the line~

Compared to Colour Glow (not swatched), Colour Glow is more vibrant in terms of colour but not as glossy as Creammellow.

When I swatched the lipstick, the formula seem to melt to touch & really felt moisturising to apply. It does not pull the skin & when I touch the swatches, it does not feel very tacky/sticky.
They do not swatch as effortlessly as the Colour Glow (I adore the formula of Colour Glow) but it still does a good job.

The Creammellow lipsticks have similar pleasant floral smell as Color Glow but its very faint & dissipates on the lips.
It smells really pretty (´□`) I wouldn't mind having a perfume like it!

 Innisfree provided some helpful tips to create two styles of makeup with the Creammellow Lipstick!

Daily Clear Cherry Tint
Step 1
Using 3mm of contect, glide colour lightly on the inner parts of upper & lower lip for natural gradation lip makeup.
Step 2
Apply transparent gloss in center of upper lip & lower lip for a quick moist-volume effect. ( Lip gloss used in photo is Glossy Lip Lacquer in No.1)

Charming full red lips
Step 1
With small amount of lipstick applied to fine soft lip brush, carefully draw along according to the lines of the lips.
Step 2
Fill in empty part of lip with the lipstick for attractive, pretty voluminous lips.

I totally forgot to review my lipbalm in this photo, but at least my lipbalm is completely clear of colour. щ(ಥДಥщ)  My bare lips are a veeeery pale pink & are always ghostly with makeup against my pale skin. 
I also have that unfortunate lip texture where my lips have a few creases - Its not wrinkles thank god! But its just my natural lip since I was born. I hate lipstick that enhances them/sink into the creases 

I removed the lipbalm before applying the creammellow lipstick so you can see its true glossiness!
 4호 따뜻한 코랄 자몽티 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea
I applied No.4 in the center of my inner lip & blended outwards with my fingertip! No.4 creates a very natural & fresh - almost pinky-coral lip makeup which is perfect for an everyday look!  *-*
If you look very closely, you can see the tiny golden shimmers on my lower lip! The shimmers are visible with flash but its very hard to see them in real life so its not a glitter bomb!~ (。’▽’。)
9호 블루베리 버건디 Blueberry Burgundy
Gosh. I absolutely loooove using No.9 for a gradient lip! It's so pretty!
I applied No.9 very lightly on my inner lip & blended out with my finger tip & it gave a  lavender-pink gradation! 

It's still a bit of a shock having No.9 apply much lighter than it appears on its bullet but I think it also depends on your lip pigmentation. 
It is quite light in colour as gradation lips but it does become a bit more darker as applied on full lip.

Although I used such a small amount of lipstick to create a gradient lips, my lips still look glossy & feel moisturising.

  4호 따뜻한 코랄 자몽티 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea

I glided No.4 in one coat of my lips. It applied smoothly with tugging on my lips. It's formula melted to touch making application really nice!~ 
The colour finish is very warming to the skin with a beautiful coral-orange tone( ´∀`) It's a bit patchy as you can see in the inner part of my lip but does a good job anyhow!
It seems to fill in ridges on the lips like a lacquer & just gives a full, glossy finish. 

I've never tried a colour like this before on my lips & I haven't yet gotten used to it. It is pretty though! It's still a bit of bright colour on my pale skin so its a bit of a shock even though its much more wearable than a red. 

I prefer to wear No.4 as a gradient lip than full lip~

You can see the very slight golden shimmers but again, is totally not noticeable in real life. 

●  ● 

9호 블루베리 버건디 Blueberry Burgundy
I glided on No.9 in one coat. It's glossy formula applies very smoothly but is a bit more patchy than No.4 especially towards the outline of my lip! You can see the outline of my lip is not so sharp & is a bit blurry. 
I now use a lip brush outline my lips before applying No.9 in a full coat for a more sharp/clear look. 
The colour is a gorgeous berry violet & is quite sheer with one coat. I recommend two coats for a more opaque look.
The berry colour is cool toned & suits my skin tone & is great for an everyday look without being too vampy. It's a lovely winter colour too! (。^▽^。)

I wear No.9 as gradient lip for college & wear it full when I feel a need to spice up my makeup. 

Both lipsticks when applied in one coat give enough moisture without being sticky or heavy. It does not feel like a lipgloss but definitely looks like one, as they both provide a gorgeous amount of gloss.
You can see a clear difference of how No.4 seems to fill in ridges on my lips whereas No.9 does not do it so well. It's quite benign really & does not bother me too much. 

Although the lipstick does a good job at giving the lips a smooth texture, the lipstick can sometimes lift up any flakiness your lips may have.
I recommend to scrub your lips before use - Even going over your lips with a toothbrush is good to remove flakey skin! 

No taste~ 
Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the lipstick finish after a few hours but please take my word for it~ (´□`)
I did a test on both lipstick because sometimes a more pigmented lipstick can last longer than a less pigmented one.

I did no touch ups during these days.
I applied a full coat of No.4 at 7am Friday - a College day. Fridays are a long day 9 til 4pm.
I had facial classes but luckily I didn't have one done (I did a client) so my lipstick was untouched. 
I checked up on the lipstick at 12pm after I ate & the lipstick was still glossy & fresh albeit the colour a bit patchy.
At 3pm (10 mins break) The lipstick was pretty much gone with a tiny tint left to my lips. My lips felt moisturised even after the lipstick faded.
On Thursday (another 4pm day) last week, I wore No.9 in a full coat - I applied at 7am again!~ 
I went to a care home to inquire work experience with the rest of the beauty group & it was really cold & rainy - My lips did not feel dry or sore with the lipstick on & even in the care home's drying aircon reception - My lips still felt okay.

The care home induction lasts until 12pm lunch where I checked up my No.9 progress (after eating). No.9 was just like No.4 - still glossy though patchy. 
The lipstick gradually faded around 2-3pm with a moist tint left on my lips. 

So both lipstick regardless of their colour - last roughly the same hours 7am til 3pm - Pretty good right? (○´∀`○)

The lipstick doesn't transfer so much to cups & cutlery. Nor does it fade after eating too badly - It just goes a bit patchy so the lipstick does do a good job of adhering to your lips even though its glossy!

I really do like that my pale lip look flushed even when the lipstick fades so I do not look entirely corpse like haha~

I really like these two lipsticks!~

Both No.4 & No.9 are not the most pigmented lipsticks around in terms of giving a really full coverage.
They appear lighter than they do on the bullet. I understand that some people may not like the misleading colour but for me, these lipsticks really give a beautiful colour payoff albeit they are a bit sheer & patchy on application. 
Two coats of the lipsticks can make the finish more opaque without being too heavy/sticky on the lips. 

Both colours look great full makeup or gradation so you can adapt to a natural or statement look. They compliment pale skin & I'm sure they'll suit other tones too - The colours are lovely to wear during these dull winter days~! <。`ω´。>

The lipsticks have a melty-moist formula that seems to melt to touch for smooth application. It's very moistfull & glossy without being sticky or heavy - Perfect for those who hate lipgloss stickiness.

Although I like the formula, it makes application a bit messy especially with the not very practical bullet. The bullet easily loses its shape because its so melty. ( I wouldn't leave this lipstick in a warm room!) I take extra care applying. 
Also the formula, although it smooths out ridges & lines of the lips, it can lift up dead skin cells so best exfoliate anyhow!~

In terms of longevity, the lipsticks do a good job at 8hrs from morning to late afternoon even when eating/drinking between! The lipstick only goes a bit patchy but still looks glossy & feel moist before it finally fades off. When even when it fades my lips are left a moist pleasant red/pink stain!~ (。・ω・。)

For its reasonable price, colour, formula & great longevity - I'm really happy about this lipstick~!

4호 따뜻한 코랄 자몽티 Warm Coral Grapefruit Tea
9호 블루베리 버건디 Blueberry Burgundy
Reasonable price
Comes in 10 different shades
Beautiful Travel friendly tube
Lovely scent - dissipates when applied
No taste
Applies smoothly
Melty-moistfull formula- fills in ridges 
Both gives glossy pretty colour finish, perfect for Winter~!
Very lightweight & not sticky
Moisturising to lips even after removal
Very longlasting (8hrs)
Leaves lip tinted  

Application can be messy because of the delicate round bullet
Lipstick apply lighter than on bullet
Lipstick can be patchy with one coat
Though longlasting, it can go patchy a little bit
Can lift up dead skin cells
Some people may not like glossy lips
Some people may find the lipstick not vibrant enough for them
Packaging gets dirty easily
Can be hard to find in UK - Not yet available on Innisfree global.

I do like the Creammellow lipstick but I'd like to try other lipsticks. I really recommend this line to anyone!~

Innisfreeworld - Global (Creammellow not yet available)

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed this long review~! I was meant to get this post up in November but I had exams & its been busy in the salon. I've had my first two clients for facial & manicure & they went so well!! I'm really am not a social person in real life but I couldn't believe how well it went!
It seems November & December have been full of surprises & gosh, I really cannot believe its almost Christmas! 
I recently put up the tree with my nanny:-
I really hope 2015 brings a lot of good things with goals are met! If I do not write a blog post this coming week, I wish you all a Merry Christmas to come & a even happier New Year~! (○´∀`○)

Lots of love, KeiKei (´ω`)


  1. The color is absolutely intense (to much intense for me) But is lovely and pretty I love it the packaging too.
    Thanks you for this detailed and lovely review

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  3. Hi KeiKei!
    First of all let me tell you that your hair looks so beautiful. <3 I also think the lipstick no. 4 looks so great on you.
    Thank you for the review, maybe I encourage me to try one (like the no.3 or 4).

  4. The blueberry color is so lovely! It kind of looks a bit hot pink & I love that! I'll definitely check it out~ Thanks for sharing <3

    I'd also like to invite you to join my Korean cosmetics giveaway in honor of KPWP's 1st blogiversary! Feel free to join HERE!
    Have a great day <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

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