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Sunday, 11 January 2015

이니스프리 더 그린티 씨드 오일 Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil Review~❤


Hello everyone & Happy (very late) New Year!~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ I still cannot believe its 2015 already! I keep writing 2014 at the top of my college notes. My writing hand hasn't caught up with the new year just yet <丶´Д`>

Today's review is of my first Innisfree skincare product! The Green Tea Seed Oil!
I've always wanted to try a hydrated facial oil for my dry skin. Green tea is really beneficial for the skin (as well as being yummy to drink) & the packaging. . . couldn't resist. 

This oil is not as raved as the Green Tea Serum but this oil has got many good reviews especially those with oily skin! They said it does not clog the pores nor aggravate any problems such as acne on their skin!
Cred. Innisfreeworld
Original Innisfree Price:- 35000원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £25.30

It is quite pricey but for me it was really worth it!

Innisfree’s powerful essence, Enriched with Green Tea & Green Complex from pure Jeju island, Green Tea Pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture.

1. 151 green tea seeds from the Jeju island
Moisturising & nourishing face oil containing the energy of Jeju. Skin is left feeling hydrated & not tight

2. Powerful anti-oxidative effect from the green tea and green tea seeds.
Vitamin E & the amino acid restores long-lasting moisture to the skin.

3. A luxurious texture with added moisture - Instantly absorbs into skin.
The autumn blossoming eco-friendly Jeju green tea seeds & cotton seed oil replenishes moisture & nutrients from deep within the skin, eliminating stickiness.

5-Free System:-  parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, imidazolidinyl urea

Capacity: 30ml

There is 3 types of Green Tea skin care for different skin types. Oily Skin : The Green Tea Fresh Line Combination Skin : The Green Tea Balancing Line Dry Skin : The Green tea Moisture Line Special Moisturizing and Nourishing Care Line : The Green Tea Seed Line

I translated the products down below:-

●  ●  ● 
The packaging comes in a soy-ink-printed recycled paper pyramid box! The packaging really unique & its shape really helps secure the bottle than a square box would. 
The design is really simple but never fails to look pretty in my eyes (○´∀`○) I love Innisfree's packaging!

English side - Ingredients
Korean side

This was my face when I opened it. . .
●  ●  ● 

The oil!~
The bottle is really beautiful & its one of the reasons I had to get it ( ´∀`)☆It's just too pretty with its black-to-green gradient tint. Even though the bottle is tinted, you can still see how much product there is inside.

The bottle is made of glass & despite its tiny size, it is a tiiiny bit heavy so its not very travel friendly. 

The oil has a dropper which is more practical than a pump in terms of getting the exact amount of oil you like.  

Right click + New tab to enlarge
I applied one drop of the oil to my hand. The oil is very lightweight & has a watered down oily texture. It has a runny viscosity like water so massaging it into the skin is very easy~! Whilst massaging, most of the oil is quickly absorbed into the skin but leaves a light residue that makes your skin look moist & dewy.
When I touch the oil after its been absorbed, my skin feels very silky smooth, refreshed & hydrated. It does not feel very sticky just moist & the moisture does not feel heavy.

Another example of how moisturising it is using my cuticles!~ My nails are dry from manicure classes (that damn polish remover & surgical spirit). This oil really hydrates them & smooths down any lifting cuticle:-

To prove there is very little stickiness, I cut up some blotting papers then turned over my hand. 
Only two stayed on!

 It has a very gentle floral scent. It smells very pretty & feminine. Another Innisfree scent I wouldn't mind having a perfume of! ^▽^
It's not overpowering & does dissipate after awhile on the face but for those with sensitive skin, do be careful~

This is my cleansed bare face with no moisturiser applied. My skin really is quite awful this week. Winter absolutely hates me. I have very dull skin due to my o-so-crappy sleep pattern with redness around my nose & sometimes my cheeks.
Because I've no moisturiser applied, my skin felt very tight & uncomfortable ㅠㅠ I use cream moisturisers a lot but feel they do not fully absorb into my skin very well, so my makeup may go blotchy & not very nice. 

On Thursday my skin was absolutely god awful! I looked so sick but as soon as I applied the oil. . . magic!~

At the final stage of basic skin care, apply 2-3 drops of oil & use both palms to gently pat to allow nutrients & moisture to absorb into the skin, creating a clear complexion.

You can also mix this oil with your daily moisturiser in a 1:3 ratio. You can apply this before foundation for smooth-glowy makeup base or you can mix with your foundation in a 1:3~!

It's also recommend in the image above, to mix the oil with the Green Tea Sleeping Pack if you have it ^-^

Park Tae Yoon - A famous makeup artist & Beauty Mentor in Korea gave us some helpful tips using the Green Tea line. You can even use this oil to highlight features!


I used 2 drops of oil & with my palms, I press to the oil to my face & pat until absorbed.
My skin instantly brightened (& appeared more rosy due to my patting) & felt instantly hydrated. My skin felt & looked supple & softer & I looked so much more healthier in just a few minutes. (´ω`) The dewy glow the residue leaves is subtle & looks very lively.
The oil absorbed really quick into my thirsty skin & my skin feels light & refreshed~!! (○´∀`○) 

Can you see the difference?~

Now for with makeup <`∀´>

Foundation & oil 1:3
I mixed 3 pumps of Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit with 1 drop of the oil & blended together.
The oil thins out the BB Cream & makes it more runnier. Because the oil thins it out, you have to blended the BB Cream/foundation carefully to the face to avoid streaking & blotching.

Unfortunately, I've gotten very pale so my BB Cream is rather dark for my face at the moment.

Here I've applied the BB Cream & oil mixture:-
The result? Very dewy, moistfull makeup Koreans love!~ The oil definitely affects the coverage of the BB Cream but other than that, you get watery base makeup!~
This is not my preferred look. I find that because my Etude House BB Cream is very dewy anyway, so its best to mix the oil with a foundation that gives a semi-matte finish. That way, its not too dewy.

Now I'll show you preferred makeup look!

Oil applied + Foundation on top

I love my Innisfree Water Glow Cushion but sometimes with my dry skin, it can be cakey or peeling in areas - Not very pretty щ(ಥДಥщ) But this oil is like the miracle worker for it!!

I used two drops of oil & let it absorb into my skin then I applied my foundation. 
Sorry for the warm lighting - The sun finally came out :3

The finishing effect of the cushion & oil is beautiful & the dewiness is so pretty~! The oil acted like a skin smoothing primer so the foundation adhered so well to my skin.
This is probably going to be my go-to winter base makeup this week~! It's moisturising & perfect for England's cold weather.

Photo's with oil & Innisfree Water Glow Cushion

This is just for the oil on its own. With makeup I find it depends on the foundation you mixed the oil with.
I applied the two drops of oil yesterday evening at 8pm, I went to sleep early at 9pm (in hopes to get back my sleeping routine - please come back).
Because the oil absorbs very fast with only a little bit of residue & is not sticky, I could sleep easy with no worries of my blankets or hair sticking to my face. 
I woke up at 7am & the residue had absorbed & my dull skin looked so radiant & felt very soft & moist still~! ^▽^
When I cleansed my face with a bar cleanser & patted dry, my face did not feel so uncomfortably tight as it normally does. Even the sharp cold winds or dry aircons, my skin still feels hydrated & comfortable.

So yes, the effects of the oil are longlasting~!

Despite I've had this oil for a short time so far, I adore it!~

My skin has never felt so hydrated, soft or look so radiant~ (ノ*^▽^)ノYou only need a few drops & those few drops make such wonders for dull/dry skin like mine. I love how fast it absorbs into the skin, giving the tissues abundant long-lasting moisture & plumpness. 
The oil is very lightweight with its easy to massage watery-texture & leaves the skin feeling refreshed & non-sticky. My skin can breathe! (。・ω・。)ノ
Because of the essence like texture, I do reckon it'd be ideal for oily skin (thanks to all those great reviews from oily type people)

I love that the oil can mixed with makeup or used prior to makeup for dewy flawless base makeup - No more cakey foundations for me!

I haven't experienced any breakouts or irritation from this product, any spots I've had seem to heal quicker & do not leave dry, dark patches thanks to the oil.

Despite its expensive price & size, its truly worth it. You only need a small amount for your entire face~!

Beautiful packaging
Practical droppper
Just enough product 30ml 
Lovely floral scent
Only need 2-3 drops for sufficient amount of moisture
Lightweight, fast absorbing texture - Non-sticky - Should be ideal for oily types 
Very moisturising - Makes skin soft & dewy
Brightening to my tired skin
Long-lasting - skin has a pretty inner glow
Can mix with foundations or other moisturisers
Has not broken me out

Not travel-friendly as its glass & heavy
Mixing with foundation requires careful application to avoid streaking.

Yes!~ Definately (´∀`) I really recommend this oil!

Innisfree world (global)


Thank you for reading & I hope this review helps any of you out!~ I really enjoyed writing this post despite Nut-Nut kept mushing his face into mine the majority of the time I took the photos (○´∀`○) I feel loved!~

I have another Innisfree review coming up - I hope the sunlight will be kind to me tomorrow when i take the photos! 

I hope you have a lovely day~! Lots of Love <。`ω´。>


  1. I find products with dropper applicator is really fun to use haha! I might try this since I have combination skin, I would love to check out the Balancing line too :D

  2. A lot of people like this serum and I see that it is really a good one. I tried some samples in the past but I would love to try the fullsize too..Thanks for your review :)

  3. Packaging is so cute and would you like to follow each other?

  4. Can it rid of dark spots or hyperpigmentation?

    1. Hello~! My mother uses this oil & she has a light brown dark spot on her cheek. The oil brightens up her skin but unfortunately did not diminish the appearance of the spot.
      But she recommends Bio Oil though! The Bio oil really worked to lighten up the pigmentation!♥

      Hope this helped♥


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