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Monday, 22 September 2014

[Sponsored Post] Adorably shimmery Eyeshadow Palette from Born Pretty~❤

Hihi everyone!~ Here is the second review kindly sponsored by Born Pretty Store. .  An absolutely sweet eyeshadow palette! ( ´∀`)☆ Thank you Born Pretty!~

This is my second eyeshadow palette review on this blog & certainly will not be my last as I'm starting to introduce eyeshadow more & more into my makeup looks. 
This eyeshadow palette is a off-brand I believe, as I never heard of Novo before (´ω`) But even off-brand makeup can be a gem! 

My Love Alpha palette is a off-brand & I've used it soooo much for tutorials as its really pigmented & perfect & you can even find it on BPS HERE

Lets gooo~!

Born Pretty Price:- $6.81 about £4.17
Very cheap & cheerful for 6 colours in one palette!

Name on site:-  Magic Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette With Mirror for Eye Makeup 6 Colors
Name on packaging:- Novo I Love The Mineral Eye Shadow
Info on site
100% brand new
It can fit your need to create beautiful eye looks.
The color lasts all day without fading or creasing.
Wonderful gift for yourself or special someone!
Type - Powder
Texture - Shimmer

Comes with double end eyeshadow sponge applicator

Capacity: 12g

Available in 6 different patterns:-
Images from BPS - This collage edited by me
The colour patterns are a little bit difficult. It's not very straight forward but more of a mix.

It's easy to tell that palette 1 & 2 are brown-neutral shades.
Palette 3 - Maybe focusing on gold
Palette 4 - Blue?
Palette 5 - Definitely purple
Palette 6 - Neutral/pink?

Palette 5 with the purple looks so gorgeous but purple is difficult for me to pull off so I was going to choose Palette 1 but I find just wearing brown eyeshadow a little bit plain. I prefer more a brown with a subtle pop of colour - So I chose 6 because of the pink! I love salmon pink eyeshadow! (。・ω・。)ノ

 The eyeshadow palette comes in this chic cardboard packaging. It's actually rather pretty & attractive! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Pearlescent & stripy gold-shine with the bright neon pink lettering is quite a eye-catcher.
Sealed with certified sticker & is a Chinese makeup product - I've never heard of Novo before, have you?
 I love the English on here - oh dear ㅠㅠ
 '. . . creat gapless lasting skin' - What?
Ah so cute (=ω=;) If I understand correctly, I think by 'gapless lasting skin' it means the eyeshadow will not crease.

* * *

 Isn't it pretty?~ (○´∀`○) Such a sweet pastel pink case~!
'Light & silky, Bright & charming, long lasting smooth eyeshadow'
The palette is made from a sturdy plastic & is rather petite at 10cm big & 1cm thick. I can wrap my hand around it! It's quite ideal for traveling & due to the sturdy plastic, will not damage that easily. 
 The case is easy to open with no nail casualties for me ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ It also closes securely shut which again makes it ideal for traveling. 

Lets open the case!~
Ta-daaaa~ The eyeshadows in all their glory (ノ*^▽^)ノ The palette even comes with a mini clean mirror!! 
I like how the palette does not look cheap but it still looks rather chic & lovely!

 The palette consists of a cream, pink, brown-purple, brown, gold brown & black.

The eyeshadow pans that are secured very well to the palette & the eyeshadow themselves came in perfect condition & were settled in the pans.
The eyeshadows can take quite a beating <`∀´> They do not crumble very easily even when I knocked one eyeshadow quite hard - It only made a tiiiiny dent with a slight fallout. The palette because of this, does not get messy that much.

Barely any 'earth-shattering' crumble when I knocked the eyeshadow.
. . .
 Closeup of eyeshadows


This is one half of the palette consisting of cream, pink & brown-purple.

The creamy eyeshadow is such a gorgeous colour! It's very bright colour so you can use it for highlighting too! It's not too white so its perfect for highlighting my aegyosal.

The pink shadow is a salmon warm pink & is so pretty & delicate for a pop of shimmery colour.

The brown shadow is not very brown like in the photos. It has a purple colour to it when applied & is gorgeous!

No flash
The second half of the palette that consists of a brown, golden brown & black.

The brown shadow is a lovely chocolate brown~ It does not have much shimmers compared to the other shadows.

The golden brown is the most pigmented of the palette & is really gorgeous with its gold shimmers! 

The black is not as pigmented & its more of a grey-black with blue shimmers~ None the less pretty

The eyeshadows swatched out very well & are very silky & smooth. They all are very pigmented but the black needed a little bit more pressure to get a good swatch which is quite a surprise considering its the darkest colour. Despite that, the pigmentation does not disappoint & the slightest tap can transfer plenty of colour. ( ´∀`)☆

Cream - swatched as seen in the palette with plenty of fine shimmer. It's not too sheer, not too bright & not too glittery & just is a perfect base/highlight.
Pink - as seen in palette
Purple-Brown - a tiny bit more purple than seen in palette but is gorgeous!
Brown - same in palette but as you can see the shimmers are much less compared to the others. It turned out the shimmers were only on the surface of the pan & that the shadow turned out to be kind of matte with only a tiny bit of shimmer ㅠㅠ
Golden-Brown -  most pigmented & is absolutely beautiful swatched out
Black - More of a grey black when swatched & is a bit sheer so requires more layers/pressure.

This palette is a shimmer palette but its not shimmery to the point its glitter-ball~ It's really pretty & fine~ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

I mentioned that the colour transfers very easily with the slightest tap. Above you can see how well the colours transferred to my finger after I tap the shadows veeery gently once (。’▽’。)

I applied Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer underneath the bottom half of swatches. 
The only difference is that the darkest colours seem a little bit more vibrant~ It's very good eyeshadow for its price that you do not have to use a primer with them!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ These eyeshadows last long & my lids are not oily so I do not feel the need to apply primer with these eyeshadows.

The palette with a double ended sponge eyeshadow applicator. It's not too small to be fiddly & is 8½cm big. The sponge is very velvety smooth & easily picks up eyeshadow:-
The applicator applies the eyeshadow very lightly without making the colour too sheer~ The sponge controls the shimmer & does not create fallout dust~

I used the eyeshadow is different styles - Forgive my feeble attempts as my eyeshadow techniques are not makeup guru standards щ(ಥДಥщ);; 

Natural everyday look
I applied the brown shade along one third of my lower lash line & then applied the shimmery cream along the inner lash line & slightly under the brown to enhance my aegyosal. 
Different lens~

Subtle cut crease attempt
I applied the cream shade starting from the inner lid & blending out, then I applied the pink shade in the center of my lid & blended the two colours together~
For a more smokey look I lightly applied the black & the purple-brown in a V-shape, following my natural crease. I then applied the purple-brown on my lower lash line - Whew, so hard to explain eyeshadow!!
Cream shadows on brow bone
The black again appeared more grey-black but it's easy to build up for an stronger colour without fear of fallout powder!
Also in the selcas below, I applied the cream eyeshadow on my cheekbones using a blush brush for highlight!! - It looks so pretty for highlighting~~
Innisfree Water Glow Cushion - 13 Light Beige
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - No.2 Strawberry Choux
BPS Palette - Cream shade as highlighter

I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue Circle Lenses
Etude House Colour my Brows - Light Brown
BPS Palette
Etude House Oh~ M'Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner in No.1 Black
Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara - Volume Circle
Ebay Lashes
* * *
Hyuna Red - Eyes attempt
I love Hyuna's makeup in her MV Red & I tried to create her gentle cut crease makeup with browns/golds!
I first created a higher crease by using the brown shadow & an angled brush. I drew it out in a kind of triangular shape! - I blended it out gently.
I then took the golden brown & lightly packed it inside the triangular shape with a little bit more of the brown shadow on top for a darker colour.
I applied a golden eyeshadow (not in this palette) on the inner lids & for my lower lash line I applied the golden brown on the outer one-third & the cream eyeshadow in the inner corner.
Cream shadow on brow bone
I created a small wing with a black shadow for a guide for my liquid liner.

 I really loved making this look! I also really love how I can easily blend the most pigmented shadows in the palette! The eyeshadows are very easy to control!

Without lens~
Innisfree Water Glow Cushion - 13 Light Beige
Etude House Nymph Aura Baby Glow Stick
BPS Palette - Cream shade for highlight

Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Brown Circle Lenses
Etude House Colour my Brows - Light Brown
BPS Palette
Tonymoly Delight Mono Shadow Glitter - No.2 Golden Hour
Etude House Oh~ M'Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner in No.1 Black
Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara - Volume Circle

Innisfree Colour Glow Lipstick - No.4 Red
Etude House Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Essence - No.1 Pink

Without lipstick.

. . .
I love this palette!~
It has 6 versatile, beautiful shadow colours from neutral to dark that you can create many looks with! 
^^The black eyeshadow is quite sheer black-grey but can be built up easily without mess for darker look.
They are super easy to apply with as they transfer colour so well (no need for primer!) & have a gorgeous silky texture, making it easy to blend out to your tastes!- The shadows are long lasting & do not crease with my moistfull base makeup! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ Makeup stills looks fresh as I applied in the morning~They appear to be all shimmery but the brown shadow actually lost its shimmers after just swatching it. It turned out matte but I've actually grown to love the brown so much - I use it for my everyday makeup!! <。`ω´。>
Also the shimmers are not chunky glitter & do not stick on your face~ Simply brush away with no shimmer lingering!
The eyeshadows apply really well via brush, the applicator included or just your finger! 

The shadows come in petite, sturdy little palette case that is so cute. It comes with a mirror & as mentioned a dual end applicator for convenience of travel & touch-ups! & all for $6.81? Totally worth it - Its such an off-brand gem (○´∀`○)

Cheap price on BPS!
Six different colour patterns to choose from
Simple yet adorable pink packaging - Sturdy plastic & petite for ideal travel
Comes with little mirror & dual-end applicator
Eyeshadows are not easily breakable - perfect for clumsy people like me!
Six beautiful colours ranging from neutral to dramatic.
Can create many different looks
Easy to use brush/applicator/fingers
Silky-smooth texture - Super easy to blend & no fallout!
Good pigmentation - No primer needed!
Shimmery shadows - Not too shimmery albeit one turned out a matte
Long-lasting without crease/fading

People who do not like a shimmery eye make-look may not like this palette
Black shadow needed to be built up for a darker colour
Brown turned out matte (I ended up loving it!)

Would I buy?
Yes! The price is so great & the eyeshadow even greater (´∀`) I find I'm going to have to do a big eyeshadow haul so as I'm using shadow even more in my everyday look!

Buy your own choice of this sweet palette on Born Pretty today! HERE

Also use my code below KEH10 for 10% off your BPS order~! *click on banner below~*

A big thank you to Born Pretty for sending me this adorable palette!~ I really enjoy using it at the moment & have been using it for college! 
Remember to check out Born Pretty & their amazing products ( ´∀`)☆

*This product was sponsored by Born Pretty but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

Final look with palette - Pink, Purple-Brown, Cream & Brown

Thank you for reading everyone, I have an Etude House blusher review coming up - I've so much in draft at the moment due to starting college again so bear with me please~! (´ω`)

Enjoy your week everyone - Loooove you all!


  1. Oh my gosh your wing eyeliner is literally PERFECTION! And this palette is so pretty! I need a new one, but I'm not sure if I'm keen on the glitter aspect. Either way: SUPER pretty^^

  2. Your reviews are so amazingly detailed, it's really helpful to see them before buying anything! :)

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