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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dresslink Haul/Reviews + Life update~❤

Hello everybody~ On Monday I received my first Dresslink haul! Dresslink is a china-based store that sells so much things like clothing (looots of them), bags, shoes, accessories (like jewellery but also beauty) & Baby/kids items. I see Dresslink hauls everywhere on Youtube & blogs so I wanted to give them a try!


Okay. . I admit. I did find Dresslink before I looked at youtube/blogs & thought 'oh god, they are not trustworthy' - But thats because I didn't believe how damn cheap their stuff is! - Like £3.00 for a gorgeous dress that would cost about £30 in the UK. I just couldn't believe it.
I barely shopped for clothes online back then but I decided finally brave their stuff & I'm so glad I did! Since they are very legit but their products are definitely a hit or miss for their low price. 

My Birthday is coming up so I bought some new clothes.I only bought things like jumpers & such as it was my first time ordering from Dresslink & I still felt it was still too good to be true (despite the good reviews XD)

I spent a while searching the site & put together a small basket for about £20 or so. I went to pay shipping & holy mother of god. . .The shipping is quite expensive. 
It only gave me ONE option - £20 for 7-Day fast shipping! So I ended up paying £40!!
I couldn't find anything about the shipping prices until I did checkout which is quite cheeky of Dresslink щ(ಥДಥщ) Ah well. It all turned out money well spent.

I ordered on the 4th of September & it arrived the 15th. Roughly a week-ish. Everything is packed snugly in a package-bag & each items was individually wrapped in clear plastic & shoes in a a box. Nothing damaged! ( ´∀`)☆

I'll show you what I bought! 

1. Korean Cloak

Site Name Korea Women Charming Winter Casual Cloak Coat Cape Poncho Wool Warm Jacket New
Price £6.21 
Site Image
I bought this super sweet Cloak! I wanted a cloak for a while because Harry Potter & how easily they are just to shrug on & go - I'm always in a hurry in the morning to struggle with my coats button/zip. 
It looks very similar to the model image albeit a bit creased from being folded up & is an onesize~

It looks quite blue in the image as it was getting darker so the flash made the cloak look blue. But the cloak is black!
The wool material is not too thick/bulky nor too thin & is lightweight as well as being warm & snuggly for the winter! The inside is silky so it does not irritate me & with just three buttons to do up - Its easy for lazy KeiKei & her mad rush to catch the bus. The length goes to my mid-thighs (I'm 167cm) & is not too short.
It's easy to fold up in my locker in college than my usual winter cloak & is easy to match with almost any winter outfit for a chic-sophisticated look. I cannot wait  until it gets colder to wear!

The cloak has two sleeveless arm holes & deep pockets~
 The only thing I can point at this cloak is that the neck is quite wide but is easily sorted with a scarf~ (´ω`) Totally not bad for £6.00 & I just love it so much!

2. Polka Dot Collar Knit
Site Name Korean Women Doll Collar Long Sleeve Dots Pattern Sweater
Price £4.33

I bought this ADORABLE polka-dot knit jumper & just. . . so cuuuute. I really adored it on the site & so glad I have one!
It looks the rather similar but the black sleeves/collar are in fact a dark navy blue but I still love it! The size is onesize.
 Warm & snuggly wool~
The wool jumper feels warm & rich on the skin without making my skin itchy. The sleeves are long enough to pull over my hands & the size of the jumper is loose enough to breath without being too big. The collar is the cherry on the top for creating such a sweet/cute look like a ulzzang. It's so easy to pull this jumper off even over my salon tunic. I feel so cute when I wear this.

There are only two things about this jumper quality is:-
The fraying wool. I really do not hope the wool will not fray in the future so I'll be careful with this jumper.
& also:-
Quite sloppy removal of the label at dresslink. They left the red string sewn half off.

Apart from those two, this jumper is absolutely perfect & is well worth  a bargain of £4.00! I might buy the wine red of this!

3. Cherry Knit

Site Name Women's knitted Hoodie Jumper Loose Pullover Sweater Crewneck Casual New
Price £3.54

I bought this other knit jumper in a beige colour & gosh, its so cute too! It's quite thick wool but not enough to make you feel too hot & still feels loose enough~ It's the perfect fit on me (onesize) & I can easily pull the sleeves down over my hands & the waist I can pull down over my hips with no riding up!

It looks exactly as how it looks on the model & the cherries are such a nice touch that really compliment the creamy beige colour & are not big & in-your-face. The cherries are only featured on the front of the jumper & the back is just plain (。・ω・。)ノ

I find I can wear it with any outfit! I tried a edgy look with lace black skinny jeans & surprisingly it quite complimented them? (´・ω・`);; 
I wore this outfit on Monday & got quite a few compliment from strangers (@Д@) *blush blush*
The wool material is really soft & feels nice against the skin with no troubles of making my skin feel itchy~

There are no bad quality about this jumper!~ I loooove it (○´∀`○)

4. Black Kneesocks

Site Name Over The Knee Socks Thigh High Cotton Stockings Thinner
Price £1.14

I bought these simple socks. I was hoping for them to be thigh high like the image above but when the title of the item had the words over knee, I knew it would probably be that as my legs are long 
ㅠㅠ But these are okay as knee socks!
They go just slightly over my knee but they do make my legs look even longer! I'm really pleased about the material!
I thought they be the really thin stocking type of socks because of how they look on the model but they are quite a thick cotton which is good for winter & will not ladder like tights! (ノ*^▽^)ノ

I chose black rather than white because I own too many white knee/thigh socks!  I do like them but they are nothing special~


5. Floral Backpack

Site Name New Girls Canvas Flower Rucksack Backpack School College Travel Cabin Bag
Price £3.24

I bought the most adorable backpack in the world!( ´∀`)☆ Isn't it so cute? It goes perfectly with my floral satchel & I love it to bits! I chose the beige-white & love the floral design & it just looks vintage & pretty & I love the faux? leather touch to the bag.
It looks very similar to the bag on the site although the brown straps are orange in real life but it doesn't bother me~
Its much bigger & lightweight than I expected (which I like) & the material feels sturdy albeit thin. However, the straps do not feel so sturdy so try not to put very heavy things in the bag to avoid tearing. The straps are adjustable & I like them just above my bottom so the bag doesn't go bounce bounce against it while I walk! lol (>////<)

Some people on the site said the bag as a horrible chemical smell but mine did not smell of anything~
The backpack has three pockets. The main one, a little one on the front & one inside the main.
Even the zips are pretty! (´ω`)

 The inside is clean with third pockets inside~ Its surprisingly spacious so I'm glad for it!
I like to use this bag for college but I only use it on Wednesdays where we have manicure/pedicure classes from 9am til 12 & then we have study for the rest of the day. On Wednesdays I do not have to carry a whole lot so only a paper folder with my textbook, pencilcase & frivolous things like a random plushie & plasters/lens solution/lunch etc.
I wouldn't want to use this bag on Thursdays/Fridays where I have to carry really heavy textbooks as it will more than likely damage the straps.

Someone said that more than 10lbs can tear the straps (albeit stitching will sort it right out) so careful everyone~

The only thing I could notice about the quality that was negative was the fray ends of the straps & the amount of string I had to pull off the bag щ(ಥДಥщ) God, the 15th was the day I got tangled in string!
Of course, those negative things are benign!
I love this bag!

6. Platform Sneakers

Site Name Ladies Canvas High Top Sneakers Platform Heels Trainers Flats Shoes
Price £5.02

& finally, I bought these platform sneakers!~ I have a thing for platform shoes & these were such a steal for freakin' £5.00! (ノ*^▽^)ノ
Converse look-a-like (with of course different logo) & with platform at that makes a KeiKei very happy.

They look similar to the photo on the store & with only a few faults in detail:-
The coloured lines are flaky/peeling after wearing for ONE HOUR щ(ಥДಥщ) & you can see how sloppy the glue work is. It doesn't bother me too much but still. You get what you paid for right?
 Close up of the smudging colour
Sorry I took this photo after wearing them outside - Grass stain XD But anyway, the shoes have a okay but not great grip. I wouldn't recommend doing sports/dancing & walking on slippery ground after the rain is a no-go. However, I find no trouble walking on dry grounds or going down the steps or hills.
The upper material is a canvas that is sturdy & not too thin & laces come with the box.
The platform is roughly 6cm like stated on the site but the outsole material is not like rubber like it stated. More like sturdy plastic - Really tough plastic so no worries about these dying haha ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
The platform is not scarily high so walking downstairs is totally easy & also these shoes are extremely easy to walk in, lightweight & do not let water in!
These shoes are available in three sizes.
EU 37 (US 6, AU 6, UK 4) 
EU 38 (US 7, AU 7, UK 5)  
EU 39 (US 8, AU 8, UK 6)

I'm a size 6 in the UK but have narrow feet so shoes are normally too wide on my feet but these shoes were tight - Too tight. 
These shoes were a living hell to break in. I wore them for two hours just to pop to college & get my bag & I got six blisters щ(ಥДಥщ) They just felt too painful so I thought I got the wrong size but I got the right size. It didn't help that the canvas material is a tiny bit stiff when you first wear them.

I easily sorted out those problems within 48 hours! I stuff a pair of thick pyjama socks with bubblewrap & stuffed them in the shoes for 48 hours so they stretched out. I wore them two days later & felt no pain whatsoever! I didn't have to wear plasters too!

So despite the few little faults in detail & how tough they are to break in, I absolutely love these shoes! They are easy to pull off with most outfits & like I said, you get what you paid for but these are such a good bargain at £5.00! (´ω`)

So that was my mini haul at Dresslink!~ I'm really happy about my items & I might even chance dresses on the store!
I hope you found this little haul interested & informative & its really hard to believe sites like this with such low prices <`∀´>
. . .
Just little update on my days:-
It's my 18th Birthday tomorrow & gosh I feel old. It's my Nanny's 79th too! I hope for a lovely time with my family & we even get a new addition . .  .  . a hamster <。`ω´。>
I get to get a cute syrian hamster in october & Dad is buying a cage/equipment at the end of this month! I already chose a name, Oatmeal! to fit with Nut-Nut's name (。´ω`。)

I bought a pair of I.Fairy Pearl Black again because I miss having black lens!
Peripera Heart Glow CC Cream
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in No.2 Strawberry Choux
Novo Mineral Eyeshadow Palette (off brand)
Etude House Cute Eye Maker
TonyMoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara in Volume Circle
Nature Republic By Flower Water Tint in Water Pink
I did these review photos with my brother but they didn't turn out serious.
I'm in college & Level 2 Beauty is going well so far!~ The learning that is. I'm actually not enjoying the atmosphere at college ㅠㅠ In Level 1 I had three friends but they all left the course when it completed & now I'm all alone in the group. It's really horrible not having anyone to partner up to as I'm not good at making friends & to be honest. . . I'm not too keen on our new group. I guess because I find them intimidating but its just uncomfortable at the moment. I hate feeling like an odd one out. 
Keep positive KeiKei!  <丶´Д`>

●  This blog is almost four years old & its just wow I cannot believe how far my blog has come - I may not have a lot of followers but still, it just is so amazing that the small handful of followers I have are so lovely & I'm so glad you have stuck with me over these years. 
Thank you & thank you again~

I love you~


  1. £20 shipping fee?!? ( ;´Д`) and also good luck in collage ^.^

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you have a lovely day :D

    The cherry jumper is so cute! Dresslink looks like an interesting store to buy from.


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