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Saturday, 3 May 2014

에뛰드 하우스 초콜릿 키스 퍼퓸드 립 세트 1호 핑크 키스 Etude House Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Set No.1 Pink Kiss Review~❤

Time for another Etude House review! I hope you guys do not get too irritated with too many Etude reviews - I've ordered some Nature Republic products & thinking about trying out Baviphat for once! Please let me know if you want to see more of certain brands okay? ^▽^

 Etude House sent me this set as a thank you gift & I'm very excited to review this set! Thank chu very much Etude Global!~( ´∀`)☆
 It's from the Etude House Valentine's Day Collection 2014 - Chocolate Kiss!!
I found it in February on the Etude House SG Facebook page & fell in love! It just looked so sweet & innocent for Valentines Day! From the colours to the sweet kiss doodles~ All cute!(○´∀`○) It consists of a hand cream set, perfume spray,  two duo complimenting nail polishes with fun stickers & the  two perfumed lip sets!

Let's gooo~~

I believe the price for this in Singapore was SGD $16? Correct me if I'm wrong~ (。・ω・。)ノ
I do not think you can buy this anymore as its Limited Edition. I also couldn't find it on Etude Site but I'm sure you could find it on Ebay~

~'Sweet, Exciting, Gentle. The Sweet temptation of a Chocolate Kiss'~
This is a perfumed lip set consisted of a lip essence and lip tint that keeps like smooth and moist for soft, chocolate kissed lips.

Comes in two sets
1호 핑크 키스 Pink Kiss - For feminine, floral lips!~
2호 피치 키스 Peach Kiss - Refreshing, citrus lips!~

Capacity Lip Essence is 10g & the tint is 3.3g

This little set is very princessy & cute!If I saw this in stores in my town & I'd be on it in a second! buybuybuy (○´∀`○) I'm sure many of you are like this for princessy products!!
Valentines is all about loved ones & of course chocolate! & this line being called Chocolate Kiss! I think even the packaging box looks like a novelty chocolate box! how romaaaantic!~ (○´∀`○)  -flails arms- This product is called Perfumed Lip for a reason & I'm sure you can already guess why! I'll tell you that further on~
Description & Ingredients - Right Click + New Tab to enlarge
There are a lot of natural ingredients/extracts of both lip essence & tint such as sugar cane, orange, lemon, sugar maple & even xylitol for a cooling, refreshing feel!!
The ingredients are very similar to the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick, of which I'm glad because I love the formula of the Candy Stick.

Just like chocolate huuuue~
. . .
Just like the box, the lip product packaging are the same & ever cute too! unfortunately the lip tint case had its gold crown & ring design scratched off while in my bag ㅠㅠ Still cute though! I just think the sweet heart scallop lace on the lip essence is adorable!!
Both what you can expect  lipgloss/balm wise & totally handbagable~ 

Lip Essence
Personally I really hate this type of applicator for a lip gloss! Really I think its the most unhygienic thing ever & its very hard to get a even, non-gloopy application of the product! 
I much prefer a doe foot applicator. I guess this is good for when you are in a hurry? 
This tube releases the product quite easily & gently when you press it. So no lip gloss explosions! yaaay a lip gloss tube that is not air trapped & evil (´・ω・`)

Lip Tint
The tint is a wind-up case with plenty of product! Very similar to the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick again with the wind-up & solid lipbalm. 
The lip balm is not too big & you can apply the tint easily to your lips with out getting the product messy & on the outside of your lips. - You don't look like you've been drinking a heavily dyed fruitdrink!

Lip tint - The lip tint swatches out as a lovely light rosy-pink shades~ It's slightly glossy & feels quite moisturising. With two swatches the tint is intensified for a stronger rosy-pink. 
It applies very smoothly without tugging my skin & feels refreshing~

Lip Essence - The essence - of course is a gloss! - & swatches out again as a light rosy-pink. It's much lighter than the tint & is quite thick & a little bit sticky. It definitely gives a lot of glossy shine!
Once I swatched out the essence, it became much clearer so I doubted much colour will show
up regardless of how pigmented your lips are. It's more a product to give shine to your lips with plety of hydration.
Again very refreshing to apply - thanks xylitol!

 Both tint & essence together makes a feminine, refreshing pink!~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Both create such a moisturising lip makeup!

Both the lip tint & essence are very similar to my other Etude House lip products - 
Etude House SHINISTAR Lip Balm - No.5 Guava T
Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick - No.1 Strawberry

All four are very similar in shades, formula & finish with only slight differences in shine & scent. It does not bother me that much but I just couldn't help but notice. I also think this could prove helpful for some of you!

Some reviewers said some of the products on the line smell like chocolate & some like fruity floral. 
These two lip products have the same floral-fruity scent that is light & not too strong. It does not dissipate like some lip products when applied. Thats why its called Perfumed Lip! 
By having both products on your lips is just like perfume layers! - Probably not a fan for those who do not like or are sensitive to fragrance products.
Let's just hope your boyfriend/girlfriend likes the scent too!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I personally love the scent! I have no worries of having scented lips or sensitivity - No one to kiss either LOL foreveralone

Here is my bare lips. Very pale & quite dry despite I exfoliated them & used lipbalm while I slept 
ㅠㅠ Sorry sorry.
I always need a bit of colour on my lips when I wear makeup or I just look dead or makeup not finished. 

♥Lip Essence: Dispense a certain amount and spread evenly onto lips.
♥Lip Tint: Dab lightly onto center of lips or spread evenly onto entire lips.

 Applying the Lip Tint first with comparison of my natural lips.

I applied the lip tint on one half of my lips! - You can clearly see the colour difference! This is one coat of the tint & it made my lips a lovely healthy rose-pink colour! One coat feels moisturising like a Chap Stick & gives a slight shine.

 I applied a tiny bit of TONYMOLY Baby Doll Pot Concealer to the outside of my lips & blended. Then I dabbed the Chocolate Kiss Lip Tint on the center of my lips for a delicate, gradient lip makeup. The colour on top of the concealer gives a light baby pink that is surprisingly very flattering & natural for everyday~ (ノ*^▽^)ノ

I applied one coat of the tint to all of my lips & got a really pretty raspberry pink colour! Very feminine & natural. Super moisturising for my dry lips with just enough shine for an everyday look without being too glossy.
Very convenient lip balm without the fuss of applying colour beforehand! I use it on the days I'm late for college~ 

Lip Essence
This is the Lip Essence on my bare lips. Barely any colour is shown but still gives the lips a hydrating & glossy look!~ 
So cooling to apply I swear!~ Once I apply it, I walk very fast around the room because the rush of air against the essence on my lips feels very cool! (@////@)

It's not at all unbearable sticky but it is quite thick >< It kind of feels a bit heavy.
Very bad quality! It was pouring with rain outside & I wanted natural light from the window. The camera iso went mad & you can see how the natural the Lip Essence is & how little colour there is. I quite like it!

Lip Essence on the gradient tint lips
Feminine, glossy lips~
Lip Essence & Lip Tint (Multiple swipes of tint)
I applied about three-four swipes of tint & applied the Lip Essence of top!
A vibrant yet subtle in real life pink lip! I love the combination of the two together as its very pretty & hydrating for Spring!  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ( ´∀`)☆
It's a shame as I'm not a gloss fan ㅠㅠ I just cannot get used to the feeling of gloss on my lips. Lip Balm I can just about stand!

Lip Essence - No Flash

Both Lip Essence & Tint - No Flash
L-R Tint + Gloss + Gloss & Tint
My favourite combo with the Lip Tint is using it with my Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint in Neon Orange~

. . .
My lips with comparison of the Chocolate Kiss, SHINISTAR & Sweet Recipe lip products.

Etude House Chocolate Kiss Lip Tint + Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in No.1 Strawberry
Both the tint sticks are almost the same shade!~ Both equally moisturising & sweet! 

Etude House Chocolate Kiss Lip Essence + Etude House SHINISTAR Lip Balm - No.5 Guava T
Quite the same too!
Least I know I have back ups for a similar lip makeup!ㅎㅎ
L-R Tint + Tint & Essence
sneaky chocolate thief KeiKei ;///;
I quite like this sweet little set!
It's very convenient as you have a tinted balm/gloss in one box & both with a tinge of colour & hydration in one! (ノ*^▽^)ノ
The tint gives a lovely rosy-pink that can be intensified for a stronger pink with plenty of refreshing moisture that leaves my lips feel soft & treated. The tint is not sticky & lasts absolutely ages on my lips despite me drinking & eating & probably biting my lips a lot (guilty) - The moisture does fade after a while but the tint doesn't! I applied it at about 11am this morning & now its nearly midnight & my lips are still a rosy-healthy pink~

The Lip Essence is a nice little touch to pair with your tint for a glossy shine pumped full of moisture too! 
It applies sheer in colour, compliments most lip shades/lipstick colours & creates lovely, pouty lips. The formula is a bit sticky & a little bit heavy for my liking & fades very quickly. I love the cooling effect is gives my lips! *0*

Both products have the same floral-fruity smell that is very pleasant & sweet. It's not unbearably strong & does not dissipates when applied. Hey! perfumed lips! ≧◡≦ If I pout my lips I can smell the perfume! LOL 
Good for cases where there is unpleasant scents in the air? (´・ω・`);; idk 

I'm very happy with this set & would recommend it!~ Perfect little gift for friends too if you can find it!!

Adorably romantic design
Two shade sets to choose from
Comes with two lip products in a set - Essence & Tint
Floral-Fruity fragrance
Tint gives a natural pretty rose-pink colour that can be layered for a stronger pink colour
Essence gives colour-less glossy coat to the lips
Both refreshing & moisturising - leaves lips soft & treated
Tint is not sticky & lasts ages while leaving your lips a soft pink shade
Tint is easy to use/not messy
 Both product have no taste

Difficult to find as its Limited Edition from February
Lip Essence is a bit too sticky & heavy - Fades quickly
Lip Essence applicator is unhygienic & does not apply the gloss evenly
The fragrance does not fade when applied to lips & is strong - Some people may not like that!
Tint may not shown up properly on pigmented lips

I may or not buy this (if I can find it!) I have lip products so similar to them. But who knows! I might well do! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

. . .

I hope you guys like this review! I'm happy with it & grateful for Etude House Global for sending me it! Thank chu again & again!
If you guys liked this & feel like buying it - I hope you find it! I really want to purchase the perfume so I have to hunt too! щ(ಥДಥщ) 

Also are you guys interested in seeing another Etude House nail review? Etude sent me the Nail & Body Painting kit in No.1 Cooling Pink. I was wearing Neon Pink in the review:-
Let me know in the comments if you want that review okay?! ( ´∀`)☆

Thank chu for reading everyone! I love you all & I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Bye Bye!~

Yes I was having Lucky Star feels! I miss this anime!!


  1. I have so many lip balms I need to go through I can't even think about purchasing another one haha. I really like your shirt! :)

    1. Oh me too! >< It's a guilty pleasure to buy more! Thank chu!~ ( ´∀`)☆♥

  2. I can't really tell the difference between different lip balms XD so I just use whatever is there at home, nice review though! And please do the etude house review :D I really want to have a look at their nail products other than just makeup~^^

    1. Thank chu so much! I know - they are all the same balm/tint/clear/gloss ㅠㅠ It's nice when you do find a lipbalm that makes a difference!
      Sure thing! It gives me an excuse to try out the nail stickers too~ Look forward to it!♥

  3. A very detailed review indeed it effected me a lot ^.^

    1. Thank chu very much Merve!~ (○´∀`○) ♥ Thank chu for reading my blog so much!

  4. Nice review and you are sooo adorable! ^_^ I also have a lot of Etude House stuff to write reviews about haha. XD But Etude things are the cutest in my opinion! <3 And omg you're so lucky to receive a lovely set like this. But I think I like the design more than the products haha ;_;

    1. Hnnggg thank chu so much Liya!~ (○´∀`○)♥ I love Etude so much & they are such good quality/price!
      Yes I think the design calls to me more than the products itself too ;////;

  5. You're so cute that I feel so jealous right now >3<
    I really want to buy this product!! I really like the color^^
    Thanks for the review~~

    1. You are adorable Eunmi!~ <`∀´>♥
      I hope you find this set! It's so hard to find ;^; so hard that I couldn't get any other product info about it!

  6. You said it has a perfumed scent right? But is it really like chocolate or more floral? Because if it's mostly chocolate I kind of want it ㅋㅋㅋ

    1. Mmmhm!~ㅎㅎ But unfortunately its a floral smell with almost like a artificial fruit hint to it. Wish it was a chocolately one! The other Chocolate Kiss products have a chocolate-fruit smell apparently! >< daaaaarn I want chocolate!

  7. love the packaging! I adore the nail color, and the lip tint also has a great result. so wanna try these products!



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