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Friday, 16 May 2014

[Sponsored Review] I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue Circle Lenses Review~❤ [Photo Heavy]


Hello everyone!~ Today I bring you a circle lens review kindly sponsored by LensVillage  (ノ*^▽^)ノ I was contacted by them & I happily said yes! 
Thaaank chu LensVillage!~ (○´∀`○)

About LensVillage 
LensVillage are a large popular circle lenses online store!They carry up to 8 brands & 600 models of circle lenses with all different colour, design & selections to suit you or any occasion- There are so many to choose from! From famous lenses to costume/cosplay ones!

I came across many of my favourite bloggers doing reviews on LensVillage lenses & the reviews are all good ones with no complaints! - Very trusted lens store!

 The lenses came in a snug package & the vials themselves were wrapped in thick secure foam!~ I'm not exactly sure of when LensVillage sent out the lenses. The last email they sent me was on the 21st of April & the lenses arrived on Wednesday 14th of May - So I can roughly say two to three weeks or so~
Very quick however!
 Look at their sweet business card!~ *-* Darn cute! - of course they provided a lens case.

. . .
Brand:- I.Fairy
Name:- Super Crystal Blue
Diameter:- 16.2mm
Base Cure:- 8.60mm
Water Content:- 55%
Price:- £14.11/$22.50                          

                          Life Span:- 1 Year

The Super Crystal line comes in six different pretty shades!~

Because LensVillage has so many lenses to choose from, it took me aaaages to choose a pair of lenses ;////; I had so many tabs open to decide ( ;´Д`)I finally settled on Crystal Blue!!
I wanted to try blue to suit my blue-green eyes & I only ever tried one pair of blue lenses & now, I'm glad to try them again! ( ´∀`)☆ Thaaank chuu~

Look at how cute the vials are!~ It's all Spring theme with the eggs and flowers (○´∀`○) So cute!~

These lenses are a beautiful bright blue colour with hints of a darker blue near the edge of the lenses.
They are not a single one tone shade nor have a super dramatic design. The grainy design is very basic which is totally fine with me as I like to wear lens almost everyday.

So pretty!! (^▽^)
There is no limbal ring on these lenses (the dark ring around some circle lenses) - Having a limbal ring on lenses can make your eyes look huge but these lens still look big with one!

Not having a limbal ring can make lenses appear more natural too!~ ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ It's going to take me a while to get used to non-limbal lenses as I'm used to huge black lens! XD

Upon taking the lenses from the vials & into a case full of fresh solution, these lenses really look big! 
These lenses hold their shape well too so they do not fold on my finger when I try to insert them.

Here is my eyes before circle lenses. My eyes are a blue-green colour (my Daddy's side!) 
Again, I chose blue lenses to blend with my natural eyes!~ 

Size difference is amazing! Despite not having a limbal ring, these lenses still create a dolly enlargement ( ´∀`)☆
The colour is a definitely pop of bright colour that really brightens up my face. Not only that, but my colour blends very well with my natural eyes *-*
From looking at people wearing these lens on Google images, these lenses appear to suit dark brown eyes too!

With both lenses in, they make my eyes look so pretty, huge & sparkly! It's so different from wearing black circle lenses & make me look so awake & younger *0* 

Inserting them was super quick & they turned out to be very comfortable despite their large size. I wore them all day from 6am to 3pm on Thursday to test how comfortable they were - no troubles!

 The colour is super bright & an eye-catching blue & the colour varies depending on what lighting I'm in.

Window light - Flash
Sunlight was coming from the window & with flash on top of that - The lenses look quite creepy-icy
Window light - No flash

Shade drawn - No flash

Fluorescent light - No flash
Very unflattering photo<丶´Д`> The lenses appear as a darker blue in fluorescent or artificial light.

Sunlight from the back - No flash

Sunlight - Flash

These circle lenses appear quite natural despite their bright colour & can be easily worn with & without makeup!~

Ratings on these lenses
Beautiful! A gorgeous clear bright blue & with simple design - Perfect for everyday & even for cosplay. It makes a lovely change from wearing black lenses & blends very well with my natural eyes.
I think these lenses would look great on any eye colour!

The enlargement is just the type of lenses I like! Not too big & not too small. It doesn't make my eyes look alien but just a nice, dolly enlargement for everyday.
Very comfortable. I've had no problems wearing them & they do not dry my eyes out.


These lenses are suuuch a nice change for me & I adore how they look! They make me look younger & more awake (。・ω・。)ノ The enlargement is perfect & they look great in photos & real life~ Because the design and colour create subtle doll eyes, I think these are great for work & college. People have pointed out my eyes but couldn't tell if they were real or not XD
I just love them *-*

Thank you very much LensVillage! 

LensVillage Customer Service

Working with Jessica (LV marketing executive) was very pleasant. She was very quick to reply to email & was happy to answer any of my questions (´∀`). One lens site was very blunt with me & never got back to my questions ㅠㅠ so I'm  very happy that LensVillage made answering question a positive experience.

I think that the LensVillage site is very easy to use even for lens beginners. The site layout is very easy to understand with many lens options to choose on + real life photos so you can see how the lenses turned out on customers.
If you have any questions you can contact them and they will be happy to answer - many questions are answered in the FAQS sections - even about reliability of the products & anti-fake info for GEO lens!
Prices are very reasonable & PayPay is available!
Plus there are different shipping options with different but very reasonable prices for certain destinations. - Worldwide is available!

I really enjoyed doing this review with LensVillage & I definitely recommend them & their lenses!
Please visit LensVillage HERE

 *These lenses were sponsored by LenVillage but however, this review (like all reviews on my blog) is written from my 100% honest opinion & experiences*

Thank chu for reading this review guys - I really enjoyed writing it! (ノ*^▽^)ノ I have two Nature Republic reviews coming up either tomorrow or Sunday!
Look forward to it!


  1. Such beautiful color, And looks nice, I think I will try green or grey ) as soon as I will have extra cash tho'

  2. Omg I love that color!! I normally only like brown lenses (though I don't use lenses :s) but these are so beautiful!! Your eyes are really pretty too! ^^

  3. awww i want one <3 big and beauty <3

  4. Wow gorgeous eyes! :) If you are looking for perfect brown lenses for light eyes try i fairy eclipse brown :) I just tried them and they look awesome on light eyes :) Best regards cutie, your blog is super!

  5. I love how these contacts look so natural on you, Kirsten! They suit you so well. I always wondered how blue contacts would look on people with blue eyes and I have to say I like the results. Thank you for your review. :) I'd have prefered them with a ring around them but the design is nice this way too.

  6. Hi!

    I've been wanting to try circle lenses for a while, I really like the look, but... first of all, I've never used contacts before and I keep seeing articles about how dangerous circle lenses are and while I know that they're really safe (obviously Korean and Japanese girls aren't all going blind)... I'm kinda scared to try them xD. Also, I don't think my parents would be too fond of the look... do you know of any subtler circle lenses? Like ones that still enlare but won't make me look too creepy.

    Thank you!

  7. These looked so cute and perfect on you! I brough the grey ones but they barely showed on my eyes(dark brown), for light eyes, these lens look so natural and cute

  8. Wow, they look really cool! ^^


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