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Sunday, 18 May 2014

네이처리퍼블릭 프로방스 3-매직 스텝 아이즈 2호 오렌지 스텝 Nature Republic Provence 3-Magic Step Eyes No.2 Orange Step Review~❤

Hey guys - here's another Nature Republic review!  I'm so glad I'm starting to try out new brands. It makes a nice change!

 This is my first eyeshadow palette review on this blog & I'm quite excited to share it with you.
I've been looking for a nice eyeshadow palette for a while now & finally decided to buy this Nature Republic Provence 3-Magic Steps Eye palette from Cosmetic.Love
I'm not really the one to wear eyeshadow a lot so none of the big eye palettes called to me but this palette with just three colours I would wear, is perfect for me. (´ ▽ ` )ノ

Original Nature Republic Price:- 12,900원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £8.55 - it was £9.51 but I used discount~

I think its pretty reasonable pricing.
Here in the UK, a single eyeshadow can be up to £5.00! ㅠㅠ I'd rather spend £8.55 on a three colour palette than three separate ones~

This eye shadow palette with gorgeous colors and soft & silky texture to give attractive gradation eyes.
Shimmer pearls create cubic effect on eyes.
Soft & Silky Powder adheres to eyes without flakes to remain gorgeous eyes for hours.

Comes in 8 different colour choices
핑크 스텝 Pink Step
오렌지 스텝 Orange Step
브라운 스텝  Brown Step
네이비 스텝 Navy Step
플럼 버건디 Plum Burgundy (Not on Cosmetic.Love)
스프링 스텝 Spring Step       (Not on Cosmetic.Love
블라썸 핑크 Blossom Pink
블라썸피치 Blossom Peach

Capacity: 1.5g x3

 I chose Orange because orange makes my eyes look very fresh & it compliments my skin tone. I was going to choose Brown Step but I find brown a little bit too dark on my eyes!~
I think this palette is very easy for beginners as it has very basic neutral shades with a pop of colour (you can't really go wrong) where as using Navy Step or Plum Burgundy is not very easy without practice!
Gosh I think blue is the hardest eyeshadow colour to pull off perfectly - On my eyes that is @_@

The palette comes in a strong cardboard box - Doesn't it look pretty? (○´∀`○) The painted design is based from somewhere I've always wanted to go. . . the lavender fields in Provence, France~!!
The packaging is so attractive & unique.
The back of the box - Nature Republic from Earth

 The back of the box contains more information in Korean, English & Japanese. Click to zoom in!
Right click - New tab to enlarge
 Ingredients!~ There are flower extracts in this palette such a rose & daisy~
You can tell which shade the palettes are by looking at the three colours at the top side of the box ^^ 

. . .
 The eyeshadow palette itself is a simple & yet pretty white compact case. The case is made from sturdy plastic & is surprisingly quite tiny at 9.3cm length & 5cm width. I can wrap my fingers around it ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ I think it would be ideal for traveling as the case securely shuts with no worries of the case suddenly bursting open in your bag!

It's also easy to hold without being bulky or too small so you can apply using the mirror with no problem.
Back of the case
Open case
Upon opening you find there is a nice clean mirror (that had a protective film on it beforehand), an applicator & the three eyeshadow beauties ( ´∀`)☆
I think this palette looks so darn expensive yet its so cheap in price *-* 

The eyeshadows are in pans that are secured to the palette. I've had eyeshadow palettes where you can actually spin the pans because they are not attached properly. Another thing is where the eyeshadow is almost coming out of the pans tooㅠㅠ
Not the case for this beauty of a palette however!! (ノ*^▽^)ノ The eyeshadow texture are not too delicate too.

This palette consists of 화이트 White, 오렌지 Orange & 브라운 Brown eyeshadows.

. . .
Close up of eyeshadows

I love the engraved flower (a daisy?) on these eyeshadows - It really stole my heart! (○´∀`○)

White - Indoors
 White - Outdoors
This eyeshadow is a creamy-white that is shimmery & is the base colour for the makeup.
It's so pretty *-*

Orange - Indoors

 Orange - Outdoors
This eyeshadow is a gorgeous fiery-orange red that is shimmery & is for natural eye contour.

Brown - Indoors
 Brown - Outdoors
This is eyeshadow is the most pigmented & is the point colour of the trio. It's a rich golden brown that has a slight orange tone to it. It's shimmery & is just gorgeous.

 The eyeshadows swatches effortlessly & smoothly. It really feels like applying a silky powder *-*
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
The slightest touch gives enough eyeshadow!

-White swatches as the colour appears in the palette but a little bit more sheer - Very shimmery however & still gives a lovely creamy-white colour.

-Orange swatches much lighter on my skin than what it appears in the palette - I'm actually glad it appears more lighter because I think if it was that fiery-orange red; it would look a bit too statement-dramatic on my eyes.
It's just a nice pale orange shimmer shade~

-Brown appears a tiiiiiny bit lighter but that's because of the golden hint to it. Any lightness in the shadow is made up for in pigmentation. It's just a gorgeously pigmented colour with plenty of shimmer!

I especially love how there is not too much shadow fallout & that the shimmer does not create a huge glitter-fest! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ Matte makeup friendly!

This finger swatch was made by gently tapping my finger once against the white shadow. 
See how much colour came off with just the slightest touch *0*

Top - No primer. Bottom - Primer
I use Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer underneath the bottom half of the swatches. - I can barely make out any difference between both the non-primer or primer! Just to prove how well the colour of the shadows are.
I prefer to use the eyeshadows without primer as they do not crease & are very long lasting.

A dual end applicator comes with the palette. One end is a medium, flatter & more rounder to apply eyeshadow on lid & the other end is a slender, pointed shape to a help to apply eyeshadow on lash line & other corners of the eyes for easier application.

It's a very silky applicator that does not drag the skin on my eyes or feel too rough. 
The applicator applies the eyeshadow very naturally without fading the colour too much. It controls the amount of shimmer that goes on to the eyes too without making a mess of glitter or too much fallout.

From box:-

1. Apply the base colour (A) to your entire eyelid.
2. Add the medium colour (B) to create natural contour, starting from the center of your double eyelid.
3. Apply the point colour (C) from the triangular shaped area towards the end of your eyelid, & connect lines to create soft-looking eye makeup.

How to - 그라데이션 아이 메이크업 Gradation Eye Makeup
Using the flat end of the applicator, I applied the white eyeshadow over my entire lid. I gently patted my lids to remove any excess powder.
Instead of applying the orange shadow from the middle of my lid, I started very lightly from the inner lid & made the colour stronger towards my outer lid.
Then I used the pointed end of the applicator to apply the brown shadow lightly to my lash line, making it darker towards the end of my lash line. I extend it the line a bit further past my natural lash line~

To frame my eyes, I repeat the same colours for my lower lash line. I apply white to highlight my eyes & aegyosal. I then apply a touch of the orange in the middle & apply the brown to the end of lash line - connect the three together~ 

I find the three colours do not really transfer like they when swatched on my hand - They do appear a bit lighter on my eyes but none the less still look beautiful & complimenting to one another.
I drew my normal-everyday eyeliner from the end of my eye with a brown gel-pencil eyeliner.

I finished off with mascara & brown eyebrow mascara for natural orange-brown gradation eye makeup! ( ´∀`)☆

Etude House Magic Any Cushion - Magic Pink
Etude House Nymph Aura Baby Glow Stick
Nature Republic By Flower Water Tint - Water Pink (as natural blusher)

I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue Circle Lenses
Nature Republic Provence 3-Magic Step Eyes - No.2 Orange Step 
The Face Shop Face it Styling Auto Gel Liner - No.2 Edgy Brown
Innisfree Eco Curling Mascara

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk - OR201

I experimented this different makeup styles with this palette!~ This time with cat eyeliner - Which I NEVER use ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ I thought its about time I try different looks! - It wouldn't be a beauty blog if I didn't try different looks!
Time to step out of my comfort zone!
 Close up of the look created with the three eyeshadows~
 With falsies (Etude House Princess Eyelashes in LONGLASH 02 review HERE)
I find that Orange Step reeeeally compliments light eyes & fair skin! Though it should appear quite well on all skin types. 
No lenses
With cat eyeliner!
I know its not the best ㅠㅠ I never wear cat eyeliner so I'm still getting used to perfecting it.
I also lined my waterline with brown eyeliner~

With full cat eyeliner & white eyeliner on waterline.
 & finally I use the white to highlight my aegyosal!~

I reeeeally adore this beautiful palette!
It has three gorgeous shades that give lovely colour & shimmer to pretty eye makeup. The colour pigmentation & shimmer does slightly transfer different when applied to eyes but its barely noticeable & it also depends on how you applied it. I find the applicator tends to not do the colours much justice than how they apply with fingers or brushes but still provide a beautiful finish & the applicator is handy too.

The eyeshadow apply veeery smoothly & feel like silk. What I really adore about this palette is that . . . It does not crease!!
My lids are not oily BUT I wear a moisturising base & I always forget to apply pressed powder to my lids so therefore my eyeshadow creases.
But this Nature Republic one does not! even on my moistfull base! So I think this palette is very ideal for people with oily lids!(ノ*^▽^)ノ
The eyeshadow lasts a long time - The eye makeup above lasted from 10am to 7pm & still looked fresh, lovely & the eyeshadow shimmers did not go all over my face & the colours not faded.

I find I can use this palette for any look too - So glad to have bought this beauty! (○´∀`○)

Reasonable price
Eight palettes to choose from
Unique box packaging & simple yet pretty case packaging
Comes with mirror & dual-end applicator 
Sturdy thick plastic compact-case - Ideal for traveling
Eyeshadows are very secure in the pans - Not too delicate with little fallouts
Three beautiful shades to compliment one another
Silky texture & smooth to apply
Pigmentation is good & very shimmery - Primer not needed!
The eyeshadows do not crease or fade
Long Lasting
Shimmer does not get all over the face 

Very ideal for beginners as its easy & you cannot go wrong
Ideal for oily lids

Pigmentation can differ on lids or how you applied it (fingers, brush or applicator)
Applicator does not do the colours/shimmers any justice despite applying very smoothly
People may not like so much shimmer (none of the eyeshadows are matte, but I like it)
Hard to find in the UK

I might purchase Blossom Peach next! I adore Orange Step & would gladly try another one!

Buy your own Nature Republic Provence 3-Magic Step Eyes Palette today!
Cosmetic.Love HERE
Nature Republic HERE

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I really recommend this amazing palette to everyone ^▽^ It was probably my favourite purchase this month~
What did you guys think of my new makeup with cat eye liner? I hope to perfect this soon!
Thank chu for reading & have a gorgeous day!



  1. You look so different with cat liner! It gives you a very mature look! As for the product, I'm not a fan of things that are too glittery or shimmery, but this has a bit of a natural feel to it? I'm looking into buying a new palette sooner rather than later and I'm quite feeling the orange and brown mix here! Thanks for the post and stay cute like always hehe ^^

  2. Pretty~I didn't know you could create different looks with just 3 shades of eyeshadow :3! I only stick with 1 XD I also like the cat eyes that you did ^^ wondering if you would do another tutorial again hehe~

  3. colors are so good and so your photos ~~
    nowadays I am looking for non-shimmery shadows ^^

  4. Omg! You look like a doll in the last picture! That eyeliner really suits you, so beautiful (*v*)

  5. Love the colors of this mini palette. It creates such a nice look.

  6. A really nice review!! I love the way you write~
    You look sooooo good with cat eyeliner!!

  7. You look so pretty with the cat eyeliner! And the palette sounds like a great makeup choice <3

  8. Wow you looked really different but also really beautiful in the last pic!! But you look cute always!:)

  9. I find your blog so great and you are so sweet. Have you ever considered yourself for Asian labels to become a foreign model like Dakota Rose? I think you would be as perfect for this.

  10. KYAAAA!!! the first pic of you looks just like vanille off final fantasy <3, plus i think its nice to see the blue lenses on you =^3^=

  11. oh god!
    The presentation are always so cute and beautiful! So pretty! ♥.♥
    Love the review! :D
    You show it really well! ^_^
    Kei Kei Fighthing! ♥


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