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Sunday, 18 May 2014

네이처리퍼블릭 바이 플라워 워터 틴트 2호 워터 핑크 Nature Republic By Flower Water Tint No.2 Water Pink Review~❤

Hi guys! Today I'm doing a review on the Nature Republic By Flower Water Tint in No.2 Water Pink. I actually purchased this tint out of curiosity! I've never tried Nature Republic products before, despite always checking out the site (could not resist EXO & Taeyeon!!) & now I finally gave in to try a tint & a eyeshadow palette too!(。・ω・。)ノ

Besides, I thought the tint looked cute & it was cheap too!

Let's gooo! (○´∀`○)

Original Nature Republic Price:- 3,300원           
Cosmetic.Love Price:- I got discount! I spent £4.11 from £4.57~ 
£4.00 is darn cheap compared to the £7-£8.00 tint here in the UK 

A long lasting water type tint that provides clear vivid long-lasting colour
-Contains apple water for moist & lively lips with no stickiness.

-Fresh fruit fragrance!~
-Spreads gently & colours naturally to create clear colour & soft & healthy lips without tip mark.
-Maintains the right colour for a long time!~

The Water Tint is part of the By Flower Line which also has the By Flower Shine Tint

Comes in three colours
1호 워터 레드 Water Red
2호 워터 핑크 Water Pink
3호 워터 오렌지 Water Orange

Capacity 9.5g

I chose Water Pink because I always use red & I have a orange tint already~ I also have grown to like a natural pink lip & that pink does give my face a lovely fresh look~ (ノ*^▽^)ノ I think you have to try new colours because you never know! they may suit you!~

 The packaging is a sweet little bottle (○´∀`○) The design is so damn simple but somehow still quite cute (in my eyes anyway) I think the size is the sweetest - 7.2cm *-* Handbag-able right? ^▽^
The bottle is very sturdy plastic & the white cap secures very tightly in place so no spillages!

The colour does look quite red in the picture but in real life, its slightly more pinky & you can see through the bottle.
The back
Already you can see the consistency of the tint
The opening of the bottle is 1cm big with a plastic guard to control excess tint when removing the applicator BUT be careful!
If you knock over the Nature Republic tint or tip it slightly. . . be prepared to have pink clothes or pink table clothes! ㅠㅠ Seriously, I tilted the bottle to the side to see the consistency of the tint & some tint poured out! <丶´Д`> By some, I mean like a medicine spoon worth! ;-;

 The applicator is a basic doe foot applicator like the ones in lip gloss~ The fuzzy-fibre hairs prevent the tint from dripping off & they are very soft against the lips~
The applicator makes it very easy to apply the tint evenly on the lips!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

 It was actually quite hard to take a good picture of the tint before its swatched out - because it started drying sooo quickly before my camera could even finish focusing - & my focus is very quick! 
The tint is a very liquidy - Like Water!! ㅋㅋㅋ get it? water tint? no? haha & swatches as a light raspberry pink. It's such a pretty refreshing colour!

When swatched out, the tint turns out into a light rose pink. I find you have to apply quite a lot of coats to get a strong vivid colour because even with two swatches, it still remains very light ._.
It looks a lot lighter on my skin than on my lips!
The tint looks glossy after its swatched out but as it dries, it turns matte & is not sticky at all!

To test how the tint can take water, I ran the swatches under the tap~
I let my hand dry naturally~
After the water test, the colour only faded very slightly & the main difference is just the glossiness of before is gone afterwards.

Water does not really effect its colour! However I find that the 'after swatches become drier.

So some Korean bloggers said it smelled like strawberries! So I thought 'Oh its going to have an artificial strawberry candy smell' (which I really am not keen on) - But this tint does not!!  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
It really does smell like Strawberry juice - As in pure, crushed strawberry juice!

It damn reminds me of childhood when mum used to buy these really addictive strawberry juice bottles! - Such a delicious scent I swear!( ´∀`)Probably the best lip product scent I have!!~

This is why I took photos of the tint with strawberries~ It should be called ' 2호 워터 딸기 핑크' No.2 Water Strawberry Pink!
The scent sadly dissipates when applied to lips. 

Sigh. Despite wearing a heck load of lipbalm before hand. . . My lips look terrible. 
I might do a month with no-lip-product-lip-rehab thing ㅠㅠ Any who!~ As always, my lips are quite a pale pink & I'm looking for a lip product to give my lips a healthy-long-lasting colour!

I need colour on them or else I look like a corpse or makeup does not look complete XD

 Apply an even layer to clean lips. Reapply as needed. 

Applying - Before blending
 The applicator makes applying the lip tint very quick & easy! The the slender doe foot also helps apply lip tint on the cupids bow too! (difficult area for more sometimes). 

 I brush on the tint & then smack my lips together to evenly transfer. - Or in this case, a gradient effect I blend the tint with my finger. 
 Because of how watery this tint is, it tends to bleed in the lines of my lips - Be quick to blend!

This is one coat of the Water Tint on the inner sides of my lips & already the tint gave me a vivid rose colour! - It's not too neon & just looks lovely for those natural to no makeup days!

Please ignore the shine in the photo, that was the flash! The tint is matte.
One coat of the Water Tint all over my lips again gave the same vivid rose pink! I think its quite flattering with my skin tone & I think its very pretty & feminine - Perfect for Spring & Summer!! (ノ*^▽^)ノ
The tint colour can be really intensified! To make the colour very strong, evenly apply the tint & wait a few seconds before blending for more strong colour. You should apply evenly or the tint might bleed into the lines of your lips - You don't want stripy lips right? ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

The more coats you apply, the stronger the colour also! 

This is the Water Tint in four coats - yes four. . . ;////;
Quite a hot pink shade ^^ (´・ω・`)
The tint formula feels refreshing & cooling to apply & it dries very quickly! - Great for when you are in a hurry!
One coat of this tint does feel a tiny bit moisturising but it quickly goes ㅠㅠ 

I also wear one coat of the tint here with Etude House Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Essence No.1 Pink Kiss~
Gosh. It may smell nice but definitely does not taste nice! - It bled into my mouth when I was applying it & holy mother of god. . . - Bitter & sweet. LOOOO-VELYㅠㅠㅠㅠ i don't think
I'm not keen the taste at all ;/////;

For those days I'm in a hurry to apply blusher or want more of a natural flush. I just apply two dots of this tint on my cheeks & quickly pat to blend for natural-rosy cheeks.
Because of the watery texture & how sheer the product goes on my skin, I can easily blend in the two dots for blusher. 
No stickiness neither!
Very natural flush!!

I'm really glad I decided to buy this!~ <`∀´>
It's a very sweet little tint to have in my collection. The tint gives a lovely vivid rose colour that you can vary depending how long you leave it or how many coats you applied - You can have natural or dramatic!
The colour lasts ages! I wore one coat on full lips from 8am to 12pm & drank a can of orange juice at 10am & the colour only faded very slightly but none the less, was still vivid. 

It feels refreshing but downside, it provides little moisture that does not last very long. The tint eventually can cling & accentuate dry parts of the lips. I do find water tints are drier than milky ones.

I adore the scent & really like the use of a simple doe foot applicator to evenly covered lips & that I can use the tint as a quick & natural blusher - Convenient!~

A good find for my first Nature Republic Lip Tint! (○´∀`○)

Reasonable price
Available in three colours
Simple yet pretty packaging - Travel friendly
Secure & sturdy bottle & lid
Doe foot applicator make it easy to apply the lips evenly
Quite a lot of product
Delicious strawberry scent
Water-liquid type tint - easily to blend
Beautiful rose pink finish on the lips - easily intensified
Dries quickly
Long Lasting
Can be used as blusher 

Colour may not show up on pigmented lips
Quite drying with very little moisture
Can cling to dry parts
Tint can easily be poured from the bottle
Bitter scent
Hard to find in the UK 

Maybe, but there are many tints to try out there!

Buy your own Nature Republic By Flower Water Tint today
Cosmetic.Love HERE
Nature Republic HERE 

 Hope you guys enjoyed this review!
PLEASE let me know if any of the review confused you because I was certainly getting confused while typing it as I'm falling asleep at the moment <丶´Д`> It's 2am & no matter how much a read over this review I just can't help but feel its confusing. 


Love you all - Goodnight!~


  1. nice color and nice review~~

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  3. Nice! I love the colour! Is really sweet!


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