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Saturday, 26 April 2014

에뛰드 하우스 소녀피부 촉촉 수 Etude House I'm Blooming Deep Moisture Mist Review~❤

Today's review is a gift from Etude House! I was given this product as a thank you gift for my review on the Magic Any Cushion HERE~ I'm going to review the Etude house I'm Blooming Deep Moisture Mist - Etude gave me the moisture one as they knew from my Etude survey (the one I had to send them for product test) that I had dry skin! So a big thank you to Etude Global! Thank chuuuu~ ( ´∀`)☆

I'm excited to review this mist as I love to have a hydrated face during the warm months & now as the warm days are approaching - My skin needs love!
This mist has a 6in1 Skincare Moisture!!!! You have:
Starter - that provides deep moisture
Essence - Calms down skin irritation
Clears up skin texture
Mist that moisturises skin for a long time
Booster that helps absorption
Moisture Fixer - Adjusts cakey makeup!

What more could I want!?( ´∀`)☆ Is this mist magic liquid?!

Let's gooo~

Original Etude Price - 9,500원
Roughly around £5/$9

Resolve 3 types of skin problems,
''moisture, complexion. sebum''
Multi-functional Girl's Skin Mist- 3 Types!

Moist and elastic girls skin without irritation
This deep moisture mist provides instant hydrating relief to skin, locking in long-lasting vital moisture.
With ingredients that strengthen skin's natural vitality, this mist helps maintain fresh, blooming, healthy skin.

Contains 81.9% of Honey Extract that delivers deep, rich moisture and nourishment to skin.

1. Moist & elastic girl's skin
Moisturising mist that makes the skin moist and elastic for a long period of time as if the skin is covered by a moistfull film as it fills up moisture rapidly by containing moisturiser vegetable ingredients including rape-blossom honey extract.

2. Contains flower extract of natural and organic vegetable waters.
Maintain healthy skin that always blossoms freshly without any irritation due to healthy, natural and organic vegetable waters.

3. 81.9% Rape-blossom honey Water instead of purified water.
Rape-Blossom Honey Water that is made from the Korean Rape-Blossoms that bloom once in April~May a year. It delivers deep and abundant moisture and nutrients of rape honey to the skin quickly!

So much benefits! but there is much more!

For those who have skin sensitivity or skin easily recommends irritated when using skincare - no fear okay?!
The mist promises all 7 Free System! meaning it is free from these certain chemicals & substances:
Paraben, artificial colour, mineral oil, talc, sulfate surfactant, benzophenone & formaldehyde! - All seven of these are quite harmful to our skin & all seven are not in this mist!
The I'm Blooming line have completed test 100% when thinking of weak/sensitive skin.
It completed hypo-allergenic text, sensitivity panel test & dermatological test - Guaranteed safe

There are three different mists in the I'm Blooming Line:
Brightening Mist (Essential Flower) - To brighten up dull & exhausted skin with smoothing out rough texture. It provides a clear, milky-white complexion.

Deep Moisture (Canola Honey) - Deep hydration relief to skin.

Sebum Control Mist (Pure Green Tea) - This mist controls sebum and shine  while thoroughly hydrating thirsty skin. It provides soft, powdery skin.

So there is something for everyone!

Capacity 150ml

The packaging is very adorable & sweet! It's a peach pink with little floral designs~ It looks quite vintage-y to me (○´∀`○) It makes my makeup drawer look so cute! I was so surprised at how big & heavy the box is!
Close up of the pretty little floral drawing *0* It's meant to be Korean Rapeseed blossoms. I really cannot get over how complimenting the peach, yellow & blue colours are together!

Damn pretty!!
The 7 Free!

Other sides of the box:
English side & ingredients - Right click + new tab to enlarge
Korean Side
Korean Side

. . .

Here is the mist!~ Just like the box packaging, the bottle is equally adorable & very appealing! 

The bottle is made of very strong plastic & is surprisingly quite heavy & big -It's 16cm with 150ml product.
I was expecting quite a small bottle but I'm very happy that the bottle is big! It's bigger than my Simple Mist!

Size compared with my Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist

I wouldn't think this product is very travel-friendly due to it being quite big. I still take it to college with no problem (no breakage or spillage) but just to be on the safe side.
All in all, very strong bottle with your money's worth amount of product!!
Explaining the 6in1
 Manufacturing Date~

The nozzle! 
The nozzles are made to spritz the mist in a fine & even sheet rather than big droplets of water like when you hold the tap while its running! ㅋㅋㅋ This way you will not end up with a dripping face but a nicely hydrated all-over-one!

I compared the Etude mist spritz with my Simple mist!
Etude House releases a very gentle spritz that distributes evenly & finely~ You only need a slight pressure to release the mist~
It doesn't leave your face feeling too wet with droplets ^^ just a nice, light hydrating film!
Simple releases quite a heavy mist with a lot of pressure - Therefore I always gasp when it comes in contact with my skin! XD However, it does distribute evenly on the skin but the mist droplets are a little bit big - none the less it like this mist too!
 See the big drops? ^^

Comparison of the two mists on blotting paper

or more like spritzes!
I spritzed my hand once & my skin was given a very lovely burst of cool hydration! It really feel refreshing! The mist is very fine too (I sprayed it around 20cm away from my hand) & evenly covered my skin.
It took around a minute to be fully absorbed in my skin & once absorbed, my hand looks dewy & healthy-glowy! (ノ*^▽^)ノ
Once dried it does leave a slightly sticky feel to your skin. It's not filmy mask-sticky - It's just like the feeling your skin gets after you apply a essence moisturiser!

There is a very light floral scent! It's very pretty & sweet & quickly dissipates once absorbed. It's not at all strong perfumed or chemically - The scent I believe is made by the natural ingredient put in the mist so I think is very ideal for those with sensitive skin!~  ^▽^

Here's my skin without makeup - Just a very light amount of moisturiser! It may not look like it in the photo, but my skin looks quite dry! It's especially dry around my eye area >< 
Now that I'm on my time of the month, my skin can look a bit dull & it looks like I lost elasticity! 
During the day my skin becomes less hydrated (especially outside) & it makes my skin feel a bit uncomfortable if I'm wearing makeup such as BB Cream & powder blusher. So I need to frequently use a hydrating moisturiser or in this case (& much more conveniently) a mist!!

Frequently spray evenly onto face whenever skin care is needed.
Leave at least 20cm distance from face when spraying.

I actually sprayed in 20cm from my face~  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
After spraying the product once on my face & letting it absorb, my skin felt immediately relieved of all tightness & my skin felt refreshed & hydrated just like I applied a essence! My skin also looks more brighter & not so dull/tired looking~ 
My skin looks dewy & brightened & my skin texture felt more softer & more supple - Elasticity confirmed as my skin felt firmer - in a good way!
Soft & elastic-bouncy skin!

The mist does not feel at all heavy or too wet/greasy on the face despite it does leave a slight residue:-

 I used a blotting paper to show you the leftover residue from the mist
This blotting paper was blotted on my whole face with the mist applied!

 The residue is not-at-all unbearable, I barely notice it & it has not broken me out! I think this mist will be ideal for combination skin too! 

On terms of absorption. I recommend to let the mist absorb on its own rather than patting the mist on your skin (especially if you wear makeup!) This way you skin will feel more hydrated & look glowy too!  
I applied this mist while wearing CC Cream, concealer, powder blusher & not at all waterproof eyeliner to college - I must've spray it about three time during the a first four hours in college & I let the mist absorb on its own & none of my makeup was disturbed & eyeliner was not smudged!! (ノ*^▽^)ノ YAY!!

I really love this mist!! It is very convenient for those with dry & sensitive skin~ It gives a lovely even & fine burst of hydration that lasts an impressive time (for my skin anyway - about 2hrs) with & without makeup. It makes my skin texture moistfull, brightened, supper & firmer while keeping me feeling awake!~

It has a very light scent with no harsh chemicals for those with sensitive skin & it has plenty of skin benefits to ensure healthy skin! a 6in1 mist that allow skincare even over makeup! - It does not disturb even powder makeup or non-waterproof makeup & makes cakey bases look flawless~ (○´∀`○) Dewy moist makeup!
The mist formula is quick absorbing & is not at all heavy or too wet/greasy to trigger any problems such as spots on my skin; making it ideal for combination too!

Hydrated, bouncy & soft dewy skin all created by one beneficial mist!~

Adorable & attractive packaging 
Plenty of products - 150ml
Beneficial skincare product that's safe & organic for the skin (7 Free 6in1)
Comes in three types to suit your skin
Very light scent that it safe for sensitive skin
Fine, even distributing nozzle
Hydrates & refreshes your skin instantly making it moist, soft, supple & firmer~
Formula is not heavy or too wet/sticky & absorbs quickly
Can be applied before & after makeup (without ruining makeup)
Long lasting effect for a mist (2hr for me!)
Does not break me out! (could work for combination skin too!)

It may or may not be a good mist for very oily skin - I recommend trying the I'm Blooming Sebum Control Mist (see photo below)
Not travel-friendly

Would I buy?
Yes!~ I think I will. I really adore this mist but I would like to try different mists first!

 Buy your own I'm Blooming Mist today!!

Etude에뛰드  HERE
You can find this mist on various different Korean makeup sellers such as Ebay sellers, Cosmetic.Love, KollectionK, Testerkorea & more!

I hope you all enjoyed my first mist review! I really enjoyed creating it & a big thank you to Etude House Global for sending me this sweet gift!!

There are so many mists out there guys & I hope you give them a try - They really do make a difference in a skincare routine!~
I have a few more Korean products to review & a circle lenses review to share with you too~ I cannot wait to get back to writing reviews again & thank chu so much for sticking with my blog!(○´∀`○)

It's 1am now & I'm so tired @////@ I leave you with a few photos from the weekend!~

Bye Bye!~

With my Brother!


  1. I love it !
    You reviewed so detailly , wow , thank you!

  2. I love how you write every aspect of the review. Thanks for the great post! I've always wanted to try facial mists but I found that a dewy look doesn't look quite right on me? Hmm!

  3. Oh this brand I love.

    But I have never used their face mist before I will take a look ^^

    Thank you for the review, you look so cute too!

    恵美より ♥


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