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Monday, 7 April 2014


Hi guys, I've been getting some quite hurtful things said about my blog. Especially to my tutorials & my full body photos. Some of which I have shared on my facebook but the rest I will not share with you because they are very hurtful to me.

I've decided to stop doing tutorials & fashion posts for a while & will only be doing reviews on this blog from now on - Just like I originally planned to do. I'll still do my little trip posts too as I really enjoy doing them - maybe with the occasional selca too.

Only until I feel a bit more confident, I will start making tutorials again.
I hope you will still follow my blog for upcoming reviews in the future & I hope you understand this.



  1. I'm sorry people say hurtful things about you, but I think you're beautiful, cute and kind of glowy ( ^ヮ^)/ ♥ You tutorials are really nice and I hope you feel better about yourself soon, so I can see more of them
    Get better, and don't mind the haters (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  2. Aw! Your tutorials are my favorite part! I think You're absolutely gorgeous, I know it's hard not to let those meanies get to you! Keep being strong! 화이팅!

  3. Poor beautiful KeiKei! Those haters are just unbelievable stupid and trying to talk with them is a waste of time. I honestly understand how you feel, and i'm feeling bad to hear that! Keep being strong,you are beautiful, dear!!!
    Lots of love from Germany <33333

  4. oh god!!!!!!! I'm his fan and this is my favorite blog .. i love your tutorials, reviews and photos. I feel very bad that the offense, as they see that you have a very good heart and is a very beautiful person♥♥ (you look like a porcelain doll). I hope you to try to ignore the envious and can upload your self-esteem.

    from Chile I send a lot of strength ~~~~~~ :3
    FIGHTING KEIKEI♥!!!!!!!!!!!

    PD; sorry for my English (T3T)~~

  5. This is Lukiya from Facebook. I've seen this for quite some time.
    It happens that when you get public on the web you'll get harassed. There's not a single un-successfull person who haven't recieved unnecessary hate. Finding the reason is pointless (is it jealousy? do they really dislike me?) It doesn't matter. THEY should not stop YOU from doing things YOU enjoy. Should you stop breathing too on their behalf? NO! Show them your middle finger and continue doing exactly what you love to. What doesn't kill you, does make your stronger. I support your cute tutorials, and your selca and body is exactly as it should be. You're good enough. Alright, sorry for the endless blabbering. Peace! ♥

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and this post is so sad! You are pretty and cute. Jealous or angry people who take the time and energy to insult someone else on their looks or whatever is so pathetic. What a sad inner-existence they must be having, haha ha. Don't let the actions of others disrupt your own peace! Just do what you luuuuv~

    Their bad feelings and stress break down their own immune systems and beauty sleep ♡. Working on their own selves is far more rewarding than bashing others.

  7. Gahh, I really hate people who do things like that. It is very hurtful when someone makes bad comments about looks. You seem to be such a cute and nice girl, I don't understand why some people want to be so mean. .__.

  8. It's really sad that people don't have better things to do than to be mean to such a cutie patootie like you. Don't let what they say get to you, you are so adorable!! <3 This is one of my favorite blogs. <3

  9. :( cheer up!! try not to pay attention to those who want to put you down.

  10. Hey.. It's so sad when I read this. I hope you are doing great. I just read your old posts and I really like your tutorial. It's clear, detailed and you have a perfect skin! I hope you'll be back soon with tutorials. :)

    Greetings from Indonesia

  11. Hi KeiKei - I randomly stumbled up on your blog while googleing "makeshift tripod" - go figure :D I just wanted to say that I think you're very brave for putting yourself out there and posting about your passion. It is super unfortunate that people can be so mean - it definitely says more about them then it does about you!!! Hope you keep doing what you love =)

  12. I have been following you blog for like aaaaaages now and yet this is my first comment to you (eek) but please, please, please continue your tutorials and fashion posts, im 17 and caucasian too but i do look up to you so much that you can still rock the ullzang fashion and makeup and you dont have to be asian and stuff to be all that which really inspires me, (plus you do it well ^3^), I always look forward to your posts and love trying out your tutorials, I just wanted to let you know that i really love what you do so keep going <3 HWAITING!! <3

  13. I'm so sorry people are so mean. I didn't see any of the mean comments people left but the only explanation is that they are miserable people. Like another commenter wrote, you can't be successful without people hating you. It doesn't matter who you are... someone will always find a reason to dislike you. It's the internet and there are no consequences, so people will say anything they feel like. I'm betting they actually think you're super cute and want to make you feel bad because they're jealous. I LOVE your tutorials (& your entire blog!) and really hope that you keep making them! It makes me so sad to see this because I know it hurts and I wish people didn't have to be such meanies :( Just know that everyone with a brain thinks you're a beautiful, talented, sweet girl! <3 <3 <3

  14. Oh no... i really love your blog! I hate your haters! ... You're so adorable girl! You don't have to do this, if you don't want, you know! We'll love you!

    Love from Hungary♥

  15. It doesn't matter how cute, pretty, nice, good person you are, IT JUST DON'T, people feel bad for themselves and great persons like you remind them what a failure they are, jealous EXISTS and its everywhere, we forget about it because people don't say it openly, people act they jealous by putting others down and doing much worse stuff even. I am struggling with this right now, while you are apreciatted for most people, there always gonna be persons(always girls, mostly fat, I ask myself why, LOL) who gonna HATE YOU FOR LITERALLY NO REASON, who they really hate is themselves, this is the truth they don't want to hear. Be extremely careful with these kind of persons, because they are pretty sure that fucking others life will make their miserable lifes better lol poor things


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