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Thursday, 9 April 2015

GEO Xtra Aster WT-C12 Blue Circle Lenses Review~❤


Heeey everyone!

Today's post is very overdue circle lens review for you all. This review was meant to be up a looooong time ago but I'm having issues with the weird weather affecting my photo quality. These photos are still absolutely dreadful compared to my other posts so please forgive me!!

- - -

These circle lenses have a really interesting colour & design that surprisingly suit my natural eyes!

I got these lenses from LensVillage & the lenses were safe & snug in a flexipack package. The lens  only took about 2 weeks to arrive!

Cute business cards~!  I have this little box that I painted that holds all my samples from purchases & also a ton of business cards from different stores - These LV ones really make my sample box more colourful (○´∀`○) 
Doesn't the pink card remind you of candy? 

 Free pink lens case!

Brand:- GEO
Name:- Xtra Aster WT-C12 Blue
Diameter:- 15mm?? **
Base Curve:- 8.7mm
Water Content:- 42%
Price:- £13.02/$20.00  

Life Span:- 1 Year
Power Range : Plano / 0.00 available only

The Xtra Aster line come in five different pretty shades!~

GEO is a veeeeery popular lens brands that produces some amazing designs & I personally love GEO next to Vassen/I.Fairy. The Water Content of these lenses is 42% which is good to allow oxygen to our eyes! For my eyes, anything below 40% makes my eyes feel dry. 
The lenses on GEO site claims to be 15mm but on the vials it claims to be 14.8mm size?? 
It's a bit confusing but 14.8 with the unique design is still a good for a dolly enlargement. It's just not as large as I would normally wear.

The lens vials are really pretty~ Here you can see the information of the lenses. Each GEO lens vial has a scratch-off sticker to check its authenticity because there are so many fake lenses! Better to be safe not sorry.
I checked my lenses & the code is perfectly safe to use (genuine GEO product). Please check your vials & insert the code at the GEO site HERE

These lenses appear a little bit more of a pale almost grey-blue in real life than shown on the claims image. The colour does appear more bluer in the eyes. It's subtle but is however, very beautiful & looks just like my own eyes! 

The lenses have a thick bold limbal ring that makes the design. The design is a slightly grainy spiral with a unique sharp center where the pupil should be. It's hard to describe but I really like it!( ´∀`)☆
I think the lenses focus more on the limbal ring than the colour. The design looks edgy & fierce but surprisingly looks very charming in the eyes. Even though its not the most natural design, it really makes the eyes pop without looking too fake. 

Front or back?

These lenses are totally easy to tell from front or back. It's like the back of the lens is a completely different lens together! The back of the lens has a very obvious difference in colour whereas the front is much bolder.
Size & thinness
As mentioned above. The lens claims to be 15mm but the vials say 14.8mm. In comparison to my GEO Xtra Lotus lenses which have a size of 15mm (also read on the vials) - They both look different in size <丶´Д`>
I think these Aster Blues are definitely a 14.8mm but no matter, they still provide a lovely enlargement.
The lenses are thin & flexible as they can be folded~ The thinness of them should be comfortable in the eyes. Even though they are flexible, I have no trouble inserting them ^-^

I soak the lenses in solution over night before wearing~

Apologies for the terrible photo quality coming up

My natural eyes are blue-green!

The lenses give a good enlargement despite the bold limbal ring & their size. Even though the blue shade is so subtle, it really suits & blends well with my natural eye colour!! ( ´∀`)

The design looks so jewel like on light eyes! It really pops!

Both lens in! I love how charming the design looks! It does not look fierce even though it shows up really well on my light eyes!

In the without flash photo, the lenses look a  slight greyish-blue in real life but still a natural From a distance they look like my natural eyes but just enhanced! (。’▽’。)

My eyes look awake & fresh! The size is just right - not too big not too small - so you could easily pull these off without makeup:-

 ~Different Lighting~  The colour of these lenses varies depending on what lighting I'm in.

Window light - Flash

 Window light - No flash

Dark room - Flash


These lenses are comfortable to some extent. I'm used to I.Fairy lenses water content of 55% & these GEO ones are 42%. I wore them from 8am to 4pm - College hours. My eyes started feeling a bit dry around 1pm after being in a air con room but eye drops sorted the problem right out!Not bad though right? (´□`)

 Selcas with the lenses!

Ratings on these lenses

The colour is really pretty & really suits my natural eyes! It's almost grey in colour but makes my eyes look very fresh & awake.
The design is unique & interesting to look at & definitely makes the eye pop! It does not look too fake & can appear somewhat natural from a distance.

I like to wear larger sizes but these provide a lovely enlargement - not too big nor too small - so these lenses are good if you prefer a subtle big eye look without looking too alien/doll like. 

The size is comfortable & ideal for beginners!

They are pretty comfortable though they tend to get a tiny bit dry during the day - I use eye drops to sort this out though!

Some people may not like the design/ subtle blue shade of these lenses.
Lenses are 14.8mm not 15mm?

These lenses are my favourite for dramatic makeup look & I've been wearing them a lot lately!
I got these from LensVillage & I recommend them!<。`ω´。>  
Visit their store HERE

This review took absolute ages to do & I'm so happy I've finished typing it!! Thank you for reading everybody & my next post will be a Korean skincare review!

Lots of love!~


  1. Those are so pretty! I have a flower series in violet and I love them so much. They are so comfortable to wear.

    I love how much your eyes stand out while you're wearing them. They look amazing on you.


  2. They look great on you :D
    So gorgeous ♡

  3. OMG thanks for reviewing these!!
    The photos you provided are super good quality and I really appreciated the comparison pic with the Xtra Lotus lens because hey, I recently ordered the Lotus Brown! x) I find it very interesting that both of them are from the GEO Xtra (Flower?) series and still are so different in size when compared next to each other.

    But really, these lenses are so beautiful on your eyes - they really enhance your natural eye color!
    I have light eyes too and I actually have the Aster Blue lenses as well; I just haven't opened them yet! Now I can't wait to try them on my light blue-gray eyes! >w< Thank you for this very good review, once again!

    Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog


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