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Friday, 10 April 2015

시크릿키 레몬 디톡 필링젤 Secret Key Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel Review~❤


Hihi everyone!

Today's review is on the Lemon D-Toc Peeling Gel by Secret Key - It's the 3rd best peeling seller on the Secret Key website & has been featured in a Detox memebox! (○´∀`○)
This is no ordinary exfoliator with the granules & micro-beads - But a gel that literally peels & rolls up dead skin cells! I've been wanting to try a exfoliator like this for aaaages & now I have it! I know many people have not tried exfoliators before so first. . .

A little lesson on how peeling/exfoliation/or Desquamation (what I call it as a therapist) works! - Let me put my beauty course studies to work!

Cred. Grade Stack

Our skin is made up of three main layers:- the epidermis, the dermis & the subcutaneous layer. The Epidermis is the outer layer of skin that we can touch - It is made up of five layers.

1. Stratum Corneum
2. Stratum Lucidum
3. Stratum Granulosum
4. Stratum Spinosum
5. Stratum Germinativum/Basale

The very first layer No.1 The Stratum Corneum is the part we can see & can stroke. The layer is made up of dead skin cells & these shed constantly. As these cells fall off, new ones are produced in the deeper layers of the Epidermis to replace them. Sometimes these dead cells remain on the skin, making our skin duller, clogs up the pores & interferes with our skins activities.

In order to help our skin shed the dead cells we should exfoliate regularly to expose the new fresh cells. Other benefits of exfoliating include making our skin look brighter & feel fresher, better absorption of skin care products & to help balance out oil secretion for those with oily skin & pore/blemish problems.

So exfoliation is essential for our skins health! - Hope this makes sense! (´ω`)

Now onto the Peeling Gel Review~! 

Original Secret Key Price:- 13,000원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £5.35
Very affordable!!

This is the first time I tried a Secret Key product!

Exfoliation + Pore Care + Brightening + Moisturising - Recommended for all skin types!

Fresh Lemon moisture for smooth skin care
A mild moisturising peeling gel with Vitamin C & Lemon Water extracts that exfoliate the skin & smooths out rough skin texture.

Low irritation! Gentle & mild peeling effect
Provides a gentle/mild scrub effect to peel away dead skin cells, remove excess sebum & skin wastes; making your skin feel refreshed.

Sebum removing pore care
Removes sebum embedded deep inside the pores & cleans up the uneven bumpy texture for silky smooth skin.

Skin soothing effect
Centella extract protects the stimulated skin & provides soothing effects with Aloe Vera Leaf, Witch Hazel and Chamomile flower extracts.

Mild massage for brightening effect
Gently massage with skin for a brightening effect.

5 Free System
Paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol and pigments were removed for safe use with sensitive skin.

Capacity: 120ml

The Main Ingredients in the Peeling Gel
Hollyhock Extract. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract. Witch Hazel Extract. Centella Extract. Papaya Extract. Portulaca Extract. Chamomile Flower Extract.
Rice Extract. Broccoli Extract.

The Gel does not have a box but originally came wrapped in tight plastic. The tube is a typical sturdy plastic tube & is much bigger than I expected!
The tube design is really simple yet cute & fresh!!  - The bright yellow colour is so eye catching. It just makes me feel relaxed to see packaging ( ´∀`)☆
All skin types
The packaging tells us a few of the many beneficial pros of lemon!

Back of tube - Korean Side

I was expecting a much smaller tube size but I'm glad how big it is! However I find it not to be very travel friendly. The tube is bit bulky & the cap opens too easily - It doesn't have that satisfying 'click' when shutting (=ω=;)

If I was to travel with this, I'd squeeze some into a sample pot~ 

The cap originally had a foil seal inside to protect it.
I like the cap as the opening is just the right size, you can easily control the amount of product you want.The tube does not have too much excess air in it so the product does not explode out when you squeeze~

The gel is a milky off-white colour & has a lightweight watery texture. It looks almost like an emulsion (○´∀`○) To swatch out it feels really cooling & hydrating & it spreads out so smoothly!!~~  It feels great to use after a warm day (Gosh It was ever warm today in England!)

Now that fun starts!
As soon I began to massage the swatch, the gel almost immediately began to roll up the dead skin cells from my hand!!
I was grimacing yet grinning. Feeling disgusted yet delighted - This is soooo fun to use!! & my skin was left so soft & smooth!!! щ(゜∇゜щ)

At first I was a bit skeptical as I thought 'Is this really working? or is it just the gel rolling itself up?'
but I did this clever test from a blogger called Pink Beauty Ninja where she tested the gel on a plate!

I did what she did! I dispensed some product on a clean plate & massaged it for a while. The gel did not roll itself up on the plate so it means the product actually does exfoliate our skin!

The gel has a very subtle lemon scent - It reminds me of Sherbert Lemons or Refreshers & smells quite pleasant (´ω`) It's not a chemical scent nor is it overpowering & it dissipates when you rinse the gel off.

My skin has calmed down a bit after I got my sleeping routine back into control but its still pretty dull with a few open pores near my nose & clogged ones on my chin.
My skin is combination but on the more dry side so I get peeling skin or dry patches which makes my base makeup look awful. I want to control & balance out my skin!

Let's see how this gel works on my face!
Dry your face after cleansing & take an suitable amount & apply over the face excluding the lips and the eye area. Massage softly and cleanse with lukewarm water.

Secret Key recommends to use the Peeling Gel according to your skin type:-

Dry - Use once a week & apply moisture cream after peeling 
Oily/Complex - Recommended usage is 1~2 times a week as excess sebum secretion clogs up the pores
Sensitive - Use 1~2 times a week. During the change of seasons, use every two weeks. Massage softly.

I cleansed my skin with normal foam cleanser & patted dry. Then I dispensed a two pence piece amount of gel & dabbed this evenly over my face. You only need a small amount~!

I gently massaged my skin in circular motions & mother of god, the gel instantly rolled up the impurities from my skin! On the face, the gel does not feel abrasive nor too stimulating with the rolled up cells! It's very gentle & cooling to massage with.  
It's really gross but feels exhilarating to use! I really feel like my skin & pores are being deep cleansed - I never get this clean feeling with my other exfoliants. 

I made my brother try this & he loved it! He has trouble with peeling skin & a lot of skin cells rolled up with just a small amount of this heaven gel! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
The impurities nearly fell on the floor!!!! gross but it just shows how efficient the gel is 'Over the sink over the sink!' is what I was yelling!! 

It was a very interesting day in the Stephenson household щ(゜∇゜щ) haha!
Rinsed off
I rinsed off the gel with lukewarm water & patted dry. My skin instantly looked brighter & rosy - Not red or sensitised at all!
My pores seem smaller & my overall skin texture felt so soft, bouncy & hydrated with a healthy glow. It's such a refreshing product to use!  (○´∀`○)
 Can you see the difference in my skin tone? *0*

When I woke up this morning & look in the mirror, my skin looked radiant & healthy so its results lasted a few hours!
I use this in the mornings for instant refreshed skin & to help my makeup settle better. I use it a night when I feel like my skin needs a pampering session but mostly in the mornings. Since my skin is combination I use this gel twice a week to refresh my pores~

I adore this product! It's really effective at instantly deep cleansing away old skin cells for more a brighter softer complexion.  It's a lot gentler than other exfoliators so its ideal for sensitive skin. It's quick & easy to use & very affordable~ ≧◡≦

Cute packaging
Lots of product
Subtle lemon scent
Beneficial ingredients
All skin types - even sensitive conditions
Cooling easy to use gel
Very gentle to massage
Very effective at peeling the skin - So gross yet soooo fun!!
Brightens & hydrates
Firms & softens skin texture
Tightens & clears pores
Does not irritate my skin
Results lasted at least 7-hours (during the night asleep)

Not very travel friendly
Available online - Hard to find in UK 

Yes! I really recommend it - It's amaaaazing

Cosmetic.Love HERE
Secret Key HERE 
I hope you all enjoyed this skincare review! I really really like this product & hopefully you will too! ( ´∀`)☆

Have a sweet day everyone!

Bye Bye!

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  1. Wow your pores looked smaller after you used it! It looks amazing!!

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