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Monday, 13 April 2015

아리따움 허니 멜팅 틴트 3호 스트로베리 칩스 Aritaum Honey Melting Tint No.3 Strawberry Chips Review~❤


Hihi everyone! How are you? It's such a nice day outside in England today! (○´∀`○) I took these photos outside in the sun! It was kind of difficult with a cat that likes to sit on my rose paper but I did it! ^-^

Today's review is about the Aritaum Honey Melting Tint in No.3 Strawberry Chips! This product is really popular in Korea! Especially last summer because of the lively, fun colours!

I knew about this lip product for ages but I never bought it because I thought it was just an ordinary tinted lip balm. . . I'm not the only person who thought it too! Many bloggers thought the same but ended up loving it - So I gave in & purchased one!

Original Aritaum Price:- 8,000원
Cosmetic.Love Price:- £6.67

Lip balm & tint in one! 
Honey Melting formula
Honey ingredients which contains moisture and nutrients melts onto lips for a smooth, soft application.
Firm Collagen Barrier prevents smudging
The Collagen ingredients forms a barrier to prevent lip colour from smudging. It keeps the lip line sharp, clear & natural.
•  Natural floral extracts helps create vivid, lively colours with long-lasting effect.

Available in 12 pretty shades
1호 로즈 워터 Rose Water
2호 슈가 시럽 Sugar Syrup
3호 스트로베리 칩스 Strawberry Chips
4호 라즈베리 케익 Raspberry Cake
5호 애플 타르트 Apple Tart
6호 토마토 스튜 Tomato Stew
7호 코랄 캔디 Coral Candy
8호 자몽 소다 Grapefruit Soda
9호 피치 크럼블 Peach Crumble
10호 비터 로즈 Bitter Rose
*S13호 루비 자몽 Ruby Grapefruit
*S16호 레이디 디저트 Lady Dessert

Capacity: 4g 

* The S' stands for the Neon Summer Limited Colour range. There are also four more shades that was part of it but I believe those shades are discontinued now? Because the Aritaum & Cosmetic.Love sites do not sell them anymore. I think S13 & S16 were the most popular neon shades so they just kept those two in. I might be wrong though. I'm sure you can still find the other Neon colours on other stores!

I chose No.3 Strawberry Chips - One of the popular shades!-  because the gorgeous hot pink colour really appealed to me & I rarely experiment with colours like that!
Let's see if it really is as vibrant as it is on the model:-

This liptint did not come in a box; just the tube~! It originally had a seal sticker on it to guarantee its new & hasn't be opened. (。・ω・。)ノ

See what I meant but it looked like a lipbalm? & it's pretty simple with just the text also showing the colour name on the side. The colour of the packaging corresponds to the colour of liptint inside - It makes it easier to find the right shade!
It's small & easy to pop into your purse/pencil case for touch ups! (´ω`) The cap shuts tight with a satisfying loud *click*

The tube is made of  sturdy plastic & is built to hold the liptint in shape to avoid melting/damaging of the bullet.
You twist the tube to extend the product - I love how smooth & quick the twist mechanism is! & the liptint easily retracts! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
Don't you hate it when lip products don't go back down? so annoying!

 You get a good amount of product in the tube! 

The bullet is similar to a lip balm but is slanted-flat! The bullet surface is quite big, so people with small lips may have a bit of trouble making a clean application. I take care to apply this so I do not apply lip tint over my lip line.

After wearing more than three times
After using on lips
Close up of the bullet - You can see how creamy/melting the lipstick is. Even though its creamy, the bullet has not lost it's slanted shape due to the structure of the tube~ 

Close ups ●   

The colour in the bullet is a vibrant hot pink! There is no shimmers present in the bullet but look at the glossy shine! <。`ω´。>
Oh! By the way, please be careful not to leave these liptints in the sun or in warm rooms! They will eventually start to go melty & gooey. I took these photos outside in the sun & my liptint started to sweat! 
I put it in the fridge for five minute & it was normal again~ (´・ω・`)

No flash
The lip tint swatches out as bright girly pink with a gorgeous glossy sheen-  No shimmers~! It's such a sweet-innocent shade that can easily be built up for a stronger colour (○´∀`○)
With one swipe of the tint ,the colour is sheer enough for a soft neutral look but still provides a pop of pink! 

It is between a cool tone & warm tone so I think this colour will suit many skin tones! It's not as vibrant swatched out on my hand but is more vibrant on the lips.

When I swatched out the liptint, the formula really did melt to touch & felt so moisturising to apply. It does not pull the skin & when I touch the swatches, it does not feel very tacky/sticky like a lipgloss.

Because its not too sticky, you can apply multiple coats without feeling too heavy/uncomfortable!
Blended out
It's easy to blend out the liptint so its ideal for gradient/natural lip makeup. The product also leaves a slight stain on the skin when it fades but its much more noticeable on the lips.

1 swatch of each
The tint is very comparable to some of my other lip-tint-balms in terms of shine & moisture but it definitely more pigmented! 

Oh gosh, the tint smells absolutely yummy! It's so sweet & fruity ( ´∀`)☆ It doesn't smell like strawberries, I can't think of what it exactly smells like~
It's not overpowering & dissipates on the lips~

1. Gently tap colour along inside of lips.
2. Press & rub lips together for natural gradient lip makeup.

Full intense lip colour
1. Apply appropriate amount onto lips following lip contour.

I loooove using this tint as a gradient look!
I dabbed the tint lightly on the center of my lip & blended out by pressing my lips together. The result was this pretty baby pink gradation!

I only used a little bit of this product for this look & it gave a lovely shine & makes my lips feel moisturised.

I glided one full coat on the tint on my lips. It applied soooo smooth because the tint melts like butter on the surface of my lips. I have naturally ridged lips & the formula of tint fills them in & gives a smooth lip texture - also helped greatly by the beautiful gloss finish 。^▽^。 

The colour with one coat is so pigmented & such a lively candy pink colour! Compared to swatching the tint on my hands, it's a lot more vibrant on the lips! I really did not expect such a bright shade when I swatched it - It really is beautiful.

2 coats
With 2 coats you get this gorgeous lively hot pink colour!! (´ ▽ ` )ノ I loooove this glossy colour result as its not too strong on my full lips. I can pull it off without strong eye makeup! 
But I'd rather wear a full lip of this tint on a day where I were very feminine clothes or am going on. I prefer the gradient lip for everyday - like college~ (´□`)

No flash - just sunlight
I love how moisturising the tint feels! It feels like a good lipbalm without a lipgloss heaviness & is just perfect! Even with two it doesn't not feel heavy or too stick but you can see feel there is a layer on your lips? Does that make sense? - It's not uncomfortable & bonus! No hair get stuck to my lips haha!

Even though the formula is really vibrant & creamy - Sometimes application can look a bit patchy so I take extra patience when applying.

Also though its moisturising, you can see the lip tint clinging to dry patches on my lips ( ;´Д`)I recommend to exfoliate your lips well before using.

No taste~

It's durability is so-so. The gloss fades after about an hour & without food or drink the colour can last up to 4 hours on my lips. . .but even with eating & drinking, the colour doesn't fade entirely - It just goes a bit patchy. The tint does transfer to cups & cutlery but again just goes patchy:-
You will need to touch up after meals~
I find the tint goes after about 4 hours+ but it leaves a moist rosy stain to my lips (which I think is really nice so I do not look like a corpse again (´ ▽ ` )

 Here is the stain left to my lips after the liptint goes~

Gradient makeup
2 coats of tint
I like the gradient look for my lips - What do you think?~

I really love this product!~

I love the beautiful vibrancy of the tint with just one coat! I never expected the colour payoff when I first got it! I love the girly pink colour & how it looks on me. I'm definiately going to try out more pink lip products!
You can easily control the colour intensity - The more you apply the more bright it will be! It really brightens up my complexion & can be pull off with light makeup. I'd recommend colour for all skin tones!

The tint have a melty-moistful formula that melts to touch for smooth application. It's very moistfull & glossy without being too heavy or sticky even with more than one coat

I like how it smooths out ridges but it can clings to dead skin cells so best to exfoliate!~

It has a average durability. The gloss goes after an hour & it goes patchy after eating & drinking but still leaves the lips feel moist. When the tint goes, your lips are stain a rosy colour.

This product has a good affordable price & amaaazing colour payoff & formula - I'm really in love & will buy more Honey Melting Tints - I'd recommend these~!

Reasonable price
Comes in 12 different shades
Simple travel friendly tube
Easy twist up mechanism
Yummy fruit scent - Dissipates after application
No taste
Applies like butter! *0*
Melty-moistful formula- fills in ridges for plump effect
Gives a gorgeous glossy colour finish - So amazed!
Lightweight & not too sticky
Moisturising to lips even after removal
Leaves lip stained & moist - Tint & balm in one!

So-so lasting durability but transfers to cups/cutlery
Accentuates dry lips - Exfoliation needed
The bullet is quite large so those with small lips may find it hard to get perfect application
Keep the tint away from sunlight or warm room - It may melt!

I plan to!! *0* I'm so impressed! I'm going to purchase  Coral Candy & Peach Crumble~

Thank you for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this lip review even though I repeated myself a lot! щ(ಥДಥщ)  I hope you give the Honey Melting Tints a try!

Have a lovely day!

Lots of Love~


  1. For lip balms these are SOO pigmented! Really got to get myself some~

  2. I really love the color you chose! I'm a huge balm fan, so this is now on my wishlist!

    It looks so creamy and luxurious.


  3. Your hair look soooo fabolous! *____*

  4. Wow! :) It's a pretty shade, it looks darker in your outdoor pictures but nonetheless, its my kind of pink ^_^

    Celly | Asian Beauty, Makeup and Travel Blog

  5. Thank you a lot for this awesome review, cutie! You're looking awesome as always!


  6. Cutieeee :') I love tints! Especially orange ones *__*

  7. I have the S13 and I love it so much ^_^


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