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Friday, 20 March 2015

Smokey Rose Makeup Tutorial~❤


Hello everyone! 

Today I'm going to show you how I did my dramatic sexy eye makeup from my instagram!

I found some time on Wednesday afternoon to experiment with some makeup & I created subtle smokey eyes with rosy red eyeshadow! The look is made dramatic by winged liner & big lashes! 

I find many eyeshadow colours outside of my comfort zone, so difficult to apply & it didn't help I was still getting the hand of using eye brushes!
But in the last couple of weeks I've been practicing with my brushes & different colours & now. . . I've become a tiny bit more confident with my eyeshadow application!!

So I gave myself a challenge to use red shadow!
Even though I've still practicing & my applications are not guru-standard, I still want to share with you my tutorial!~ I hope you enjoy it! (○´∀`○)

Let's go~!

Review on these will be up soon on my blog
Insert circle lenses for charming enlargement effect. I chose my GEO Xtra Aster WT-C12 Blue Circle Lenses. The unique spiral design makes any makeup look gorgeous & eye-catching!

Even though they have a bold design; they have a subtle blue colour that blend very well with my natural eye colour! 

That's why I chose these lens for this look ^-^

Cleanse your skin & apply a moisturiser~! I apply 2-3 drops of facial oil on my palms & pat my face until absorbed. 

Step 1
For this look I wanted a luminescent - almost ghostly- base makeup! I think it looks more ethereal (○´∀`○)
I used a CC Cream to achieve look & using a CC Cream, it makes the base look more natural. You can apply whatever foundation suits you best~!

Products used:- Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Oil. PeriPera Heart Glow CC Cream

Step 2 

Apply concealer in a triangle shape to cover up dark circles! I blend it by patting with my ring fingers.

Q/A Wondering why I do not draw a complete triangle of concealer? Well, I only draw two lines of concealer rather than three because applying the concealer too far up toward my lash line, can actually make my eyes seem more tired! - I learned this from Bubz!

Products used:- Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer - Light Beige

Step 3

To add colour back into my cheeks I use a sweet pink on the apples of my cheeks - Gently sweeping up along my cheekbones.

Products used:- Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - No.2 Strawberry Choux

My dewy base acts as a highlighter by bringing out my features but I did not contour. This look is focusing mostly on the eyes but you can go ahead & contour if you like~!  

Base is done~!

. . .

Now it's time for the eyes!!
Please forgive my slightly messy eyeshadow application! (´・ω・`) Oh gosh! & please ignore my terrible diagram lines on the images HAHA

For this look I used my college eyeshadow palette by Facefix~

Step 1

Apply eye primer to make your eyeshadows adhere better & last longer. Using primer will make your eyeshadows look more vibrant!

Apply a pale-matte cream eyeshadow on your upper lids. This will act as a clean extra base to really make our eyeshadow pop with colours!

Products used:- Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer
Step 2

Now the fun starts!

I used brushes for this! But you can use normal eyeshadow applicators! 

Using a fluffy angle brush, I begin to work in a cool-toned red from the far outer corner of my eyes -following the natural bone contours of my eyes - towards the middle of my lid.
I blended out the  harsh lines between the cream & red shadows with a blending brush until the eye lids have a gradation going on:- See how the colours go from cream, to pink to red? 
It's like a gradient rose tint!

Step 3

Using a smaller fluffy angled brush, I mixed a black & a burgundy plum colour together & lightly tapped it on the outer corners of my eyes. Almost in a V-shape.
I do it lightly as I will intensify the eyeshadow to my liking as the tutorial progresses (´ω`)

Step 4

Tight line your upper lashes line - This gives the appearance of fuller looking lashes & helps prevents 'gaps' of your waterline showing especially after applying black eyeliner & false lashes. 

Products used:- Etude House Styling Eyeliner - Black

Step 5

Eyeliner time!
I absolutely loooove the thick bold eyeliners that I see on Instagram! Winged eyeliner can be tricky to master & gosh, I'm still trying!!

My eyes are slightly different from one another & both are wide & elongated so I prefer the eyeliner to droop down slightly to suit my natural eye shape.

I made step-by-step pictures of how I draw a bold wing liner - This way I find makes doing sharp eyeliner a bit more easier!! ( ´∀`)☆

Using liquid eyeliner. I start carefully drawing a thin line from the outer corner of my eye. I then determine where I want my eyeliner to stop.
I keep extending the line until I stop just below my brow bone. The end of the line should be a sharp tip.
 - Eyeliner shouldn't extend past the end of your eyebrows. 
I then draw a straight line from end of the tip to the middle of my lash line. It should look almost triangular.

I then continue to line the rest of my lash line. Don't worry if its messy as we can neaten this up as we fill in the gaps.


Fill in the empty spaces & neaten up the edges as best as you can~! Especially try to neaten winged tip & the inner corners of the eyes!
I find the inner corners of the eyes as bit tricky to neaten but I'll learn ( ;´Д`)This is how neat my liner is going to get at the moment until I practice more haha! (=ω=;)

Hopefully this way of eyeliner drawing can help you create the perfect wing~!

Products used:- Etude House Oh~ m'Eyeliner - Black
. . .

Step 6 

Here I am just going to intensify the eyeshadows~!

I dusted on more of the red eyeshadow in gentle windshield wiping motions as to not disturb the eyeliner. I blended away excess shadow.

Now using a dense-small angle brush, I packed more of the black-&-Burgundy shadows to the outer V of my eyes. The shadows should stop at the tip of your eyeliner.
Keep applying those colours until you are satisfied with the colour. Now you can see a clear shape wit the shadows & liner!

 To finish off the eyeshadow. Apply a shimmery cream or white eyeshadow along inner half of lower lash line (A). This will brighten up & open the eyes!

Frame the lower eyes by applying a brown along the outer half of lower lash line (B). I mix a bronze brown with a burgundy.

Step 7

Time for false eyelashes~!
These lashes are Ardell Double Up Lashes in 202 - They have twice the amount lashes for a more dramatic effect.
I picked them up out of curiosity at the London Beauty Show this year & I'm so glad I did!

This design is very gorgeous & dramatic. The feathered fibers gradually get longer halfway through to the outer corner so its perfect for winged eyeliner!
They might look super heavy but they are so lightweight & comfortable! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

 - - -
Before applying your false lashes, curl & apply mascara to your upper & lower lashes. Apply a thin strip of glue & allow to go tacky before applying the lashes as close to your lash line as possible.

I recommend to apply lashes with tweezers for a more precise application~
After the lashes are dried, if there is glue still showing; just go over with eyeliner to cover it up~

I left my brows till the end & just applied a coloured brow mascara~!

Products used:- Etude House Colour my Brows - No.2 Light Brown

The eyes are now complete!!!~

I recommend a nude lip as the eyes are the main focus of this look. My lips are a pale pink so I just applied a clear gloss~!

Products used:- Etude House Chocolate Kiss Perfumed Lip Essence in No.1 Pink Kiss 

Now our entire look is complete~!!( ´∀`)

Luminescent skin, big sultry eyes & a nude lip! I think this look would be great for evenings, parties & events or just for photography!

I hope you all enjoyed this Smokey Rose Makeup Tutorial. I have a lot of room for improvement but I feel really happy how it turned out! I really loved creating this edgy-mature look & I hope some of steps were helpful or interesting to some of you.

If you recreate this look, I'd love to see it!!

Long time no see right? I've been really busy with my studies in my Beauty Therapy class & am trying so hard to finish my progressives & start my summative treatments on clients. College has been pretty tiring & when I come home I just want to eat & then sleep щ(ಥДಥщ)  

I've got a few reviews lined up this month for you all & with the wintery overcast weather fading, I should get good lighting soon!! I'm so excited for Spring (○´∀`○)

Thank you for reading everyone & have a lovely weekend~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ Byeee! 


  1. Thank you for the tutorial! ><! Really want to recreate it soon hehe ^^~ I really like the gradiation made by the red eyeshadow and the winged liner *^*!

  2. I love your eyes so much.. soo blue XD
    your tutorial is great.. XD

  3. This is GORGEOUS!! I love how the pink-y tones look with your blue eyes, and this dramatic look is so stunning on you~ I love your natural looks too, but it was really fun to see something so different.
    I think you did a great job and your diagrams are super too ^-^ I'd love to recreate this! I'll link you if I do.
    Thank you for the tutorial! <3

  4. You're absolutely lovely! This is super cute, will try this! ^^

  5. So detailed and pretty!!! ^^ <3

    - Suji

  6. Wow super pretty!!!! I really love the colour choice, a lot different to other smoke eye makeup tutorials I've seen in the past :)

  7. That is so pretty! I really want to try this on my eyes! Great tutorial!

  8. Love love love this look!! ❥


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