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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I.Fairy Kirei Green Circle Lenses Review~❤


How are you all? Long time no see!~ I've been really busy with my college studies these past weeks but finally, here is a Circle Lens review for you all!

I got these lenses from LensVillage & am happy to share them with you all! (´ω`) Let's go!

The lenses came safely wrapped up in this parcel with plenty of bubble & foam wrap~! These only took two weeks to arrive & I received them on Saturday the 7th~!Very quick! 

They came with two cuuuute business cards  - One of them in the on-going contest on their instagram:-
Front + Back

With each purchase of lenses you get a free lens case. I got a super cute Frog flat-bed case!! I wonder if they put in green because my lenses are green? hehe( ´∀`)☆

. . .

Cred. I.Fairycon
Brand:- I.Fairy
Name:- Kirei Green
Diameter:- 16.2mm
Base Cure:- 8.6mm
Water Content:- 55%
Price:- £14.44/$22.00   - so cheap!!
                               Life Span:- 1 Year

The Kirei line comes in four different pretty shades!~
I chose green for something a bit different since I hadn't worn green lenses in a while! However the lenses are a bit different in terms of green in real life than the image above ^^ I'll show you further in the post!

They are 16.2mm for they should give you a bigger, more dolly eye effect & I love that they have a water content of 55%!!
This is a high content which allows more oxygen to get to our eyes thus keeping our eyes moisturised & comfortable! 

The lenses come in these super cute lens vials - With a London theme!!! So sweet for a British girl like me!!
It has a little Routemaster Bus & a tiny Queen's Guard pacing & behind the I.Fairy Authenticity Label (marking the lenses genuine), is the Tower Bridge~! So adorable (○´∀`○)

I'm so proud of this photo I took! 
The lenses despite being called green are more of a gorgeous bright aqua blue~! They are two toned as the center gradients from blue to a pale yellow. They have a interesting yet simple grainy design with a bold black limbal ring.

Though they look dramatic - They actually appear almost natural in real life - For daily wear!! 
I normally dislike very bold limbal rings because they actually make my eyes look smaller than bigger! 
however these ones do not! Nor do they make the eyes look too fake even on light eyesヽ(゜∇゜)ノ
The aqua colour is not as fierce as it looks when in the eyes & do appear green in certain lightings. The yellow in the center surprisingly helps really well to blend with light eyes!! (○´∀`○)

Front or back?

Some lenses can be almost impossible to tell which side is front or back - Especially one tone lens with no limbal ring!
These are however, are super easy to tell apart! The back side is visibly faded in colour & design! The front is visibly bolder (´ω`)

Size & thinness
When I removed the lenses from the vials - They looked quite big! Compared with my I.Fairy Lucius Brown - They look a tiny bit smaller but really its just because of the limbal ring! 

These lenses are quite thin therefore they should feel comfortable!~ They hold their shape well despite their thinness, so they do not fold over my fingers when I try to put them in~

 I soaked them over night in solution!~ 

Sorry for the bad quality photo - The weather was very overcast!
Here is my natural eyes without the lens! I have big blue-green eyes~

With one lens - The size difference is very good even with its bold limbal ring!
I love the instant sparkly pop of colour they give! It instantly adds character & makes my eyes look dolly & awake!

Here you can see how they look greener in different lighting! - This was taken without flash in the sun's glow.
With both lenses in, you can finally see the beautiful aqua green colour they give to my natural blue-green eyes! It looks sooo pretty & very ethereal~! <。`ω´。>
They look so fresh & my eyes look bigger! 
I absolutely love the yellow center of the lens, helps blend the lens into my eye colour. Can you see how I meant when I said they did not look as fierce as they did in the eyes? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

These lenses do enlarge the eyes but they are totally wearable without makeup. So no alien eyes! It's ideal for the days I do not wear makeup to college:-
No eyemakeup
 They look greener in the photo above too!! ^^

I find my makeup really suits these lenses~! Pink eyeshadow really made them POP!
 ~Different Lighting~
 The colour of these lenses varies depending on what lighting I'm. Just like the full-face pictures of me above.
Warm natural light - No flash
Sunlight - No flash

 Outdoors - No flash
I love both the aqua blue effect & the greener effect the lenses give in different lighting. Overall, they are definitely aqua green! 

These lenses are also extremely comfortable!! I.Fairy is one of my favourite lens brands for their comfort.
Today, I wore them from 7am to 3pm & my did not feel dry or look red at all! I didn't have to put eyedrops in either! 
Even though they are 16.2mm - they are so comfy!

 Selca with the lenses!!
See how natural they look at this length? ^▽^

Ratings on these lenses
It's so pretty, doll-like & mystical! I really like the in between blue - green shade & I think it suits my natural eyes! The grainy-design/limbal-ring look much more natural from afar but still look gorgeous up close! <。`ω´。>
The yellow center is really interesting but helps blend my natural eyes with the lens~ I can see myself wearing these lenses as a daily look because I love how bright & glittery my eyes look!

I saw many reviews of these on dark eyes & they look so vivid & doll-like on them! I bet these will look great for cosplay!

I love the enlarging effect the lenses give my eyes. They look bigger & brighter without looking alien & are just the right size for my iris.
So ideal for college!!

Super comfortable without hurting or drying out my eyes!

Some people may not like that they are more aqua rather than green! I however, love it!

I love everything about these lenses & may have overcome my slight dislike of limbal rings (we shall see haha)
I got these from LensVillage I definitely recommend them! 

Visit their store HERE

I hope you all enjoyed this long review & I hope you have a gorgeous week~!
Lots of Love


  1. oh my God I love your natural eyes so much.. XD but the lenses also cute..

  2. I think these enses look on pretty on you ><!!! Though I think 16.2mm would be way to large and cover my whole eye XDD

  3. These lenses look so gorgeous! They actually look relatively natural in the indoor lighting too, I'm so jealous of your light eyes ><

  4. Oh this circle lens provides a super intense color
    Lovely makeup!


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