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Sunday, 6 October 2013

에뛰드하우스 스윗 레시피 캔디 스틱 1호 씨 없는 딸기맛 캔디 리뷰 Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #1 Seedless Strawberry Flavoured Candy Review~❤

Heeello everyone, today I'm doing a review on Etude House's Sweet Recipe Candy Stick in Strawberry. I bought this a while ago from Cosmetic.Love in May . . . yes May. I have been meaning to do a review on it but I just kept forgetting about it ;^; It was just sitting at the back of my lip makeup drawer until I dug it up~

Original Etude House price:- 4,500원
I bought it for £5.20 - This product is now £4.96 on Cosmetic.Love Etude House 10% OFF SALE


You guys don't understand how much I cry over Krystal in that image. Oh my god *-*~
From Etude House:-
Contains 5 kinds of vegetable extract & xylitol. Bilberry, Sugar Cane. Sugar Maple, Orange & Lemon Extracts. ~ As soon as applied to lips, it turns to lovely color & able to re-apply over layers.
Tint gloss type that contains tint ingredient. ~ Creates smooth & resilient skin & xylitol delivers refreshing feeling. 

The Candy Stick comes in three different types that presents pink, orange & sheer shades:-

1호 씨 없는 딸기맛 캔디 Seedless Strawberry Flavoured Candy Review 
2호 오! 오렌지맛 캔디 Oh! Orange Flavoured Candy
3호 눈 찡긋 레몬맛 캔 Lemon Flavoured Candy
Contains 2g product. 

I had a hard time choosing but in the end I chose pink because I have a thing for strawberries :33

I'm very sorry, but I used a too bright setting on my camera so the product looks purple not pink!


Isn't it super cute? It really does look like a Candy Cane right? *-* It's pink in real life (I used a too bright setting) The cutie packaging may look bulky but its quite light & tiny at 9½ cm~ Handbagable~~

It's says:- Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #1 Seedless Strawberry Flavoured Candy (State) Etude

How it functions
Like some normal stick lip products- it twists up!~ It twists up from the bottom of the stick
One main, MAIN problem with this packaging & twist function is that it does not like to work. 
I twisted it up to show you guys how much product there is inside & damn, did it not want to go back down!
  The lip product is in danger of falling out of the case because the product will not go back down FFFFUUUU 
ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ The product is very soft & is easily knocked out of shape by the useless twist function.
I have to push the product back down ㅠㅠ You can lose product quicker with the packaging
*lets out a angry KeiKei huff* 

 You get quite a lot of product in this cutie candy cane~ . . . .DESPITE HOW FRUSTRATING THE TWIST THINGY IS UFMWEIDFNWAFNAWINF *Angry KeiKei hyperventilates* I'm so heartbroken about the twist thing ;^;

The Tint Gloss itself
Pink just like it's packaging~ :33
It smells soooo tasty ;^; It's got a artificial strawberry scent like of strawberry crème savers or strawberry bonbons~

So shiny, shiny banjjakbanjjak, oh, dugeundugeun~~   The round tip of the product allows good application.

The colour of this tint-gloss is very sheer but lovely, sweet pink~ It glides on smoothly & you can layer the tint for more vivid colour & extra moisture. The texture of the tint feels waxy but glide like velvet on the lips. 
The colour the tint gives varies on your lip colour. It'll be more of a pale lovely pink on light lips & on more redder lips; hot pink/red.

It reminds me so much of the SKIN79 tint that came in my Oriental Gold BB Cream:-
 Almost perfect dupe right? only glossier~

 How to apply:- Apply candy stick to the center of lips.   

On my lips

 My lips are naturally a pale pink but are easily reddened by just wiping them ㅠㅠ

Full lips
I applied one coat to the whole of my lips & it gave a lovely & healthy pink colour~ I normally can't wear pink on account of my lips being so full but this colour suits them~ Natural right?

The product went on so smoothly & gave a glossy sheen that is so moisturising *-* However the moisture does not last that long ;^; //cries ㅠㅠ
The gloss is so nice!~ I can't explain it! I normally dislike gloss for I can't take the sticky feeling but with this tint there is barely any stickiness & I cannot feel that I'm wearing gloss~

 Closeup of the gloss:-
It feels so refreshing *-*

Gradient Lip
Here I applied a tiny dot of BB cream to the outside of my lips & blended then dabbed the tint in the center of my lips like Sulli in her Sweet Recipe Tutorial for a sweet gradient lip

Sorry my face looks so chubby here. . .
I like this gradient lip with the Candy Stick more than with full cover~ The Candy Stick is SO GOOD for creating gradient lips!~

Since it's autumn & I'm getting paler in the cold now so I would prefer a more vivid lip make. 
I apply Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint in Neon Orange (Review HERE) & then apply a coat of Etude House Candy Stick for a pink hue & moisture~
Sorry how chapped my lips went ㅠㅠ

The moisture & gloss fades so quick (Half an hour at most) which makes me sad sniffle~ but it leaves a tint on your lips!:-
Such a pretty tint left over!~~ :33 It's a healthy flush though the tint dries my lips out when it goes

No taste at all~ Which is what I prefer.

Reasonable Price
Cute candy cane design~
3 shades to choose
Smells so good~~ (Why does the Sweet Recipe collection make you want to eat it? ;3;)
Easy to use/not too messy to apply to lips.
Gives sweet pink colour yet sheer/natural
You can layer to intensify
Moisturising & refreshing - Not sticky!
No taste
Not available in the UK
Such bad twisting function! It ruins the tint ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
Moisturising & gloss fade after half an hour & even less when eating/drinking
Because the Candy Stick is so sheer it may not show up on pigmented lips

Would I buy this again?
Yes for gradient lips & that little bit of moisture despite it goes so quick but I'm addicted to the moisture!
I've used so much already after three days of opening:-
Get your Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick today! HERE

Cosmetic.Love are having a 10% OFF Etude House Product so getting going!~~

Before I go. . . 
I cried over how beautiful Minho's voice has gotten~~
I am so looking forward to this new mini album after I saw Key, Minho & Jonghyun's teasers come out~ I can't even~


  1. Oooh I wanted to try out this product for such a long time! <3~ It looks really sweet on your lips. :) It's just a shame that the twisting mechanism is so bad. .__. Thank you for sharing! <33~
    Your selfies are really cute too! ^^

  2. Wow, its really cute! I love tinted lip balms too =)) It looks pretty on you Keikei!~

    <3 Celly
    TheSnowFlowerrr - Beauty and Makeup Blog

  3. I thought the color of this product wasn't good because it was so sheer. Good review though xoxox <3

  4. It looks really cute and sweet on you! Your circle lens look really pretty too, make you look like from a anime =)

  5. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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