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Monday, 30 September 2013

Personal Post; 25 Facts about KeiKei~❤

I'm sick today with a bad cold & very sore throat that makes me sound like a man or a guinea pig. . . or a dolphin? maybe a clicker from Last of Us . . . idk.  I need to drink orange juice ;^;
I don't really feel up for showing my face for face product reviews because I do resemble one of the infected from 28 days later so I figured 'how about a fact post?'
I'm not sure if you guys like these or not but I thought it would be nice :3

1. I'm 17 & have lived in Salisbury, Wiltshire all my life where as my parents were from Kent & New Forest.

 2. I feel sick going to places I've never been or that are a way from home. When I go to London I normally feel sick because I'm going somewhere different or if I go somewhere where I will work with new people I feel sick.

3. I'm not really sociable. l really, really dread meeting new people! It makes me panic & sometimes cry. I don't really go out a lot.
But I looove having friends!~~

4. I'm scared of phone calls - I only bought a mobile to decorate the back of it, my parents use it for alarms (o/////o)

5. I have a weakness for kimchi, garlic & mini bites of chocolate or party snacks (○´∀`○)
If I smell garlic I will go feral! I eat it raw & when I have ramyeon I mix in garlic salt (Bad habit because of so much salt!) With the party bites - you know like crisps, scotch eggs, cocktail sausages, sushi & homemade dip (also pumped with loads of garlic) I just die because omg so tasty!

6. I have a HUGE weakness for buying online! Whether its (normally & most likely) Korean cosmetics, clothing, decoden pieces or just random things like a can of Resident Evil Energy Drink - I will go nuts.
7. I go through so many batteries for my camera ;3; I'm too lazy to look in rechargeable ones //cries

8. I'm not very organised when it comes to serious things like college but when it comes to the MAKEUP (yes, just makeup) I become all organised.
The product I use the most go at the front, ones not used a lot at the back. BB Cream kept in their boxes & brushes to the side etc.

9. To help with my makeup organisation I paint old boxes to put products/korean language books in.
I like painting the bows on the Etude lipsticks~~(。・ω・。)ノ
10. I paint weird things that make me happy~ I listen to one of my favourite Silent Hill piece while painting them.
I normally paint these little characters~ I don't know what I would call them but I wished I thought of them when I did my surrealism art project in school
 11. I looove playparks still!~~
12. Me & my family cook great meals when we don't think about it.
But when we plan to cook something - follow instructions & fantasise about what toppings will make the dish delicious - don't we all right?  So when we planned to make doughnuts for me & my nans birthday last Saturday they turned out. . .
Interesting. ( °٢° )

13. I hate ovens, I hate microwaves or going near anything hot. I take Beauty Therapy in College & we take turns washing the towels & drying them.
I HATE opening the dryer after the towels have dried - the heat that comes out is so horrible, nasty - The heat feels like a mask & I fall back yelping & scrambling just to get away from the blast of hot air.( ;´Д`)

14. At college there are three ways of student entries - the main at the side when the students sit, talk & smoke. The one on the back leading into the reception - students sit on the benches just by the door & the main reception one (very quiet - no students)
I'm TERRIFIED of the students & peers there so I go around the college to the reception just to get away from them - I dread meeting people.

15. People think I'm a little bit odd, immature because I wear pigtails to college .-.

16. I'm obsessed with PewDiePie & Marzia!~~ Bro fist ლ(。╹◡╹。)

17. I'm terrified of vomiting - If I feel very nauseous, I'll start to panic, walk around the room & then eventually starting crying. If someone near me starts to vomit - I'M OUT! all you will see is a fleeing KeiKei running for coverage across the entire building.

18. I horde old packages. I still have every single old package/parcel box from my first Korean haul. 
19. I love snow~ It's beautiful & so enchanting~ I wish we all could stay inside - everyone in England, all week so it would stay ;3; But even I cannot resist going out for a walk & taking photos.
20. I have never had a sleeping routine - only when I was very little. I find it hard to sleep at night but when I do sleep, I don't want to wake up. ;^;

21. I didn't have a very good school life - I had a bad time in Primary School. I was bullied a lot & the school kept asking about my weight & made my mum take me to hospital. They thought I was underfed when in truth; I eat like a horse LOL. 
In secondary school, I was pressured with school work (I'm not very bright) & refused to go almost everyday but I had a small bunch of the most amazing friends I've ever had~

22. If I run out of a mascara or in need of emergency cleanser if my Korean ones run out - My mother will get it for me. She always tries to keep me out of Makeup stores because I will spend about an hour just testing products & will come out in a rainbow mess - all over my hands & arms 
(guilty (´・ω・`))

23. I have a addiction for Armand & Marius things~ If you haven't read Anne Rices' The Vampire Armand - you must~~
My parents have brought me up around Anne Rice novels~~

24. I hate the smell of surgical spirit - it reminds me of hospitals too much & at college I have to use it to swipe down our trolleys/manicure tables ㅠㅠ

25. I like vampires & I like reading old historical records about how they dealt with the 'dead coming back to life' - I read this book called 'Chronicles of the Vampire' by Manuela Dunn Mascetti (Bloomsbury 1991) ever since I was little & it's so interesting. It gives your historical stories when locals found their dead to be still roaming. The history of Vlad (Dracula) - Elizabeth Bathory & Lord Bryron. I really recommend it if you can find it.
Anyway everyone~ That's all I can rack my brain for now!~~ I hope some of you found it interesting
I've got to go & take the dreaded Lemsip Capsules (I hate swallowing those things!) but before I go
. . . . . . . 
I CRIED~ SHINee's mini album 'Everybody' will be released on the 14th this month //cries & sobs 
. . .


  1. It's nice to know a little more about you =) You are such a cutie pie <3

  2. Hi! I have social phobia so i understand your panic. It's really hard for other people to understand, that we are more sensitive than others >.<! I think that you don't like be with new people because you have bad time in Primary School. I hope that you will be more brave in the future <3! (Sorry for my english ^.^') Brofist!

  3. Aww I love reading facts! :'3
    Thank you for sharing with us ♥
    I myself was also bullied in school alot,and I was diagnosed with social anxiety, So I can understand how you feel. people can be really mean >:
    You're not alone,keikei unnie! we all love you very much*hugs*~♥

  4. You're adorable and you have such a cute spirit! Love your blog!


  5. it's so interesting, Kei.. I feel that I know you better now ^^
    You're so unique, I hope if we ever met in person, you won't avoid me XD
    and wow i'm surprised you're in college now, I thought you was still in senior high school :D
    and your drawings are so cuteee <3

  6. Maybe you should talk to a doctor about your social anxiety... you shouldn't have to suffer like that.

  7. I'm also scared of phone calls and I hate it when I have to call someone XD

  8. I really enjoyed reading your facts. :3 It really feels like I know you much better now. I used to be bullied in school a lot as well, this is why I'm still afraid to dress up more ulzzang-ish at school. :( Still waiting for university. OTL
    Thank you for sharing <3 x

  9. Its so nice to know more about you! You and I are quite similar and I feel like now that I have read your post I know you better as a blogger. Its such a good idea to paint old boxes!! Have a lovely day xoxoxox

  10. It's nice to read some facts about you (。☌ᴗ☌。)~~ and I totally know what you mean about dreading meeting new people *agh*

  11. lol the painting of boxes is a cute idea! I'm a new follower btw! Love your blog!

  12. aw you're so cute haha. and omg my brothers and i used to draw/paint those black figures in your art when we were kids! *__*


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