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Saturday, 7 September 2013

I.Fairy Pearl Black Circle Lenses review~❤

Hey, hey, hey cuties~ I started college on Monday & I've had such fun for my first week (I get fridays off, yay for 3-day weekend) & my package arrived from Uniqso! It's my first time ordering from them~

We ordered it on the 23rd of August & it arrived today!~~ (6th Sept)
Me & my dad ordered the lens & had a pleasant experience ordering with Uniqso~ So helpful
I've been wanting a pair of black ones ever since my favourite Barbie Luna ones expired >< Black makes me look very young & soul less ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~

The package the lenses arrived in was nicely padded with bubble wrap & arrived unscathed! 
Like some package I receive; it's normally a battle to open but this package was easy to open but still kept the lenses all safe~
Pretty stamps~~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ
Info on these circle lenses

Brand:- I.Fairy
Name:- Pearl Black - Link on Uniqso 
Colour & tones:- Black & 1 tone
Diameter:- 15mm 
Effect Diameter:- 16.2mm
                       Water Content:- 55%
                       1 Year disposable
Price:- £15.57 - Average price on most lens stores~~

The Lens
Oh my gosh. ( ^▽^)
HOW CUTE IS THIS?! When I first opened the package, I pulled out the Teddy Lens case. . .& nearly cried~~~
Ooooh~ Uniqso you cuties~~ You made me very happy~
They gave me this super cute, cute, cute travel Teddy Lens case that comes with the normal contact lense care items:- the case, tweezers & a spoon/stick~
This travel case is very helpful for me during college~~

- - -
These lens bottle are much smaller than GEO bottles & my, they are really pretty & fancy with the gold & dark blue *-*

The flash made the lenses look blue ;^; As you can see there is no romantic/cute design or extra tones - They are simple & black & very bold!! In the center of the lens is gently fades out so there will be come blending with our natural irises.

PROBLEM:- I cannot tell if the lens is inside out or not - normally one side is bold & the other not so bold right? It's annoying have to tell by looking at the rim of the lens itself. 
I have light blue/grey eyes & any other design with show my light eyes more so I went for simple~
You don't understand how much I really, really, REALLY hate the metal tabs - ouch ouch!

 When I took the lens out of the bottles, I was really shocked on how big these look!! I think the bold design is what makes them so shockingly big. 
These lenses do not fold around my finger like some lens do - they hold a stiff shape well, which I find helpful for insertion. 

Natural Eyes
So my natural irises are quite small (in my opinion ㅠㅠ) I used to love my blue/grey eyes but since I got used to wear circle lenses, I think I just look awful with natural eyes! 
One lens
Waaah the size difference!! These lens are so much more bolder & scary looking than my Barbie Luna King (o.O) ~ I adore already! (´ ▽ ` )ノ
On brown eyes I think these lenses will blend well depending on how dark your iris is. These lenses do have a subtle blend with my light eyes.

Both lens
With both the lenses in, they immediately made me look like an alien. A definite 16.2mm enlargement. Inserting them was a big hard because I can't tell if they are inside out or not but painless! 
These lenses are surprisingly really comfortable, I can barely feel them in my eye~~ My blue iris showing through the design made these lens look all the more mysterious & creepy. (Halo effect)
Even in natural lighting, they still look so fake & scary (I like it LOL)

With makeup
 Because these lenses give such a alien effect, it's best to tone the harshness down by applying makeup~~

Selca - Window Light
Selca - Outside
Selca - Being blinded by sunlightㅠㅠ
Selca - Indoor

 Selca - No makeup with lens
 Selca - Lens with heavy halloween makeup
Perfect! just the simple design I wanted.  It's basically just one huge limbal ringㅎㅎㅎㅎ~
It doesn't blend in with my natural iris but I want to eyes to POP & be the attention zone of my face~ 
The colour makes you look very young & dolly~<`∀´>

Very huge~ Biggest doll effect of lens I've ever tried. The enlargement makes you look instantly like a doll or anime character (These lenses are great for halloween/cosplay)
Sometimes I wear very light makeup to town/college & these lenses can look very alien huge so it could be good thing or bad thing (I'm still deciding( ;´Д`))
Inserting these lens is easy after you figure out if they are inside out ㅠㅠ

Super comfortable! I can barely feel them & they do not dry out my eyes~~
I'm still going to use eyedrop - I'm in a Beauty Therapy Salon in college & the room tends to dry out my eyes so I need drops with these!~

Hard to figure out if inside out
People may not like that they don't blend
People may not like the enlargement

I really LOVE these lenses!~~ The colour & the simple design really makes you look very young, cute & dolly~ They look very mysterious & gives character. The enlargement is just what I wanted & looks great in real life & photos.  They do make you look alien but somehow I think some people can pull it off - I'll definitely wear these when I don't wear makeup to College on Monday~

These are great for Ulzzang looks! I prefer black to brown for ulzzang looks.
The comfortable is super comfortable & I've been wearing them for 5 hours now & my eyes are not drying out~ I still keep eyedrops with me just in case. 
I'm definately going to order more lens from Uniqso! I really love Pearl Black circle lens~~
Thank chu Uniqso~~

Hope you enjoyed this lens review everyone!~~
Love chu all very much

- - - - - 
 Here is some creepy photos from my theme makeup using I.Fairy Pearl Black lens!~  It was fun creating this look!<`∀´>
 Fake wound with tissue & basic Glue stick~



  1. i like your eyes colour, so pretty! But i'm surprised that the black lens blens well with your natural eye colour.. ^^
    and wow that halloween makeup is so gorgeouss :O

  2. You're so cute with these lenses!! Thank you for the review <3

  3. You look so pretty!!! I love when people with light blue eyes wear Black lenses<3 And I loved the costume;)


  4. OMG, So cute packaging from Uniqso! *O* They are so big like wow, but they only look a bit alien from up close, from a distance it's so おかわ!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノヾ(@°▽°@)ノ I need to get some lenses soon I don't have any yet (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ How is Uniqso shipping cost?

  5. omygosh <3 they are so cute, but look kinda satans hehehe diabolostic eyes lol :D >_<

  6. Awesome post!! You can try circle lenses virtually using

  7. you look pretty with and without circle lens :3 would you like to follow each other ? let me know <3

  8. Thank you so much for your reviews!! I also have light blue eyes, so I find it really difficult to find photos of lenses on light eyes!~

  9. Woaaa these look HUGE. o_o Really bold lenses!
    They definitely need make-up to look good when worn, otherwise looks a bit scary. x) They make you look a bit like a lifeless doll, but in a really cool way!


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