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Sunday, 20 October 2013

이니스프리 에코 컬링 마스카라 리뷰 Innisfree Eco Curling Mascara Review~❤

Hello everyone! 
Have you noticed how I edit my posts to match the product colours? (○´∀`○) 
Today I'm reviewing the Innisfree Eco Curling Mascara!~ (○´∀`○) I noticed its rarely been reviewed in english, I've only ever seen one review of it thats not Korean! 

It's my first Innisfree product & was really cheap at that so lets go!~
Original Innisfree price:- 5,000원
I bought this for £5.39 on Cosmetic.Love  which is normally the price of mascaras here in the UK anyway so it was quite cheap~ ^-^

Pretty YoonA~~
'Natural benefit from Jeju, Innisfree'

INNISFREE Eco Curling Mascara formulated with Green tea extract that creates neat curling and natural eyelashes with no clumping. Maintains clear eye makeup all day. Paraben free. 
The specially 'peanut' brush helps reach from front to rear of lashes for a strong curl.
Can be used for eyebrows!
Contain 6g product.

Green tea is mascara! *-* I've never heard of it!~ Oh Innisfree~ (○´∀`○) Paraben free too!~
It's very simple & grown up right?~ I think its pretty~ (´ ▽ ` )ノ I think the packaging is really unique! Most mascaras are in a hard plastic tube & this is a a squeezable, thin tube - like a toothpaste!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's very light & strong though I wouldn't chance putting a heavy weight on it ><
It's super slim & with a height at 12cm, it's handbagable & get for traveling!~

This lid of of the tube does seem pretty doubtful/cheap but its really good & keeps the mascara shut tight from drying up!
The neck of the mascara is very small & the brush only just fits it - It looks quite big on the photo but its now where near that!
Because the neck is small, mascara build up making it quite messy ;3; So best wipe it! 
Bit of a warning too : be careful not to grip the tube too hard! Because its a squeeze tube & air is easily trapped; the product might splat out at you. . . Yes it's happened to me today & before I even registered what hit me, my face was spotty with mascara LOL - so be careful arasso?~ :33
 The Brush
The brush is a special 'peanut' shaped (slightly inverted curve) to coat lashes from roots to tip until maintaining neat & non-clumpy curl. 
Normally I thought a full-on curved brush is the ideal for curling but I like the idea of coating my lashes fron roots to tip! 
The way the bristles are not to close too each other gives me the idea of how well they will neatly comb my lashes separately.
It's quite a big brush & it only slightly transfer on my lids but its nothing to worry about.
The brush hold quite a thick amount of black mascara & especially at the tip which is an ideal shape to use on your bottom lashes ^^~ 
I wish it had a green tea scent! *0* but nope just that nasty mascara smell (´・ω・`)

The formula
The formula is a really rich & strong black! - I wish they did a brown one! But I love this colour!~
Black always pops my eyes even with my black circle lenses ^▽^ 

This mascara can be used for eyebrows, but I wouldn't dare try it <`∀´>

Smudge/Water Test
This mascara swatches took 10 - yes TEN minutes to dry & by the time it was, it stil; felt a bit tacky ㅠㅠ - damn it
Once the wet formula FINALLY dries, it is easy to smudge! ;3; & it is totally not waterproof! Water just kills it!
I've never had a problem with what-I-call 'melting' mascara - only with liquid eyeliner. But this might be troublesome for those living in hot countries & probably oily lids too.

My Lashes
Right click - New tab to enlarge
My dark brown lashes are quite short & only slightly curled ㅠㅠ With eyeliner, they practically disappear sobsob ( ;´Д`)
Because the product claims neat curling, I'm not going to curl them!

How to use:-
Control the volume of the contents at the tip of brush from root to end of eyelash/eyebrow & apply in a zigzag motion.

1 Coat
Right click - New tab to enlarge
I applied 1 coat of mascara, starting from my roots then to tip. 1 Coat lifted my lashes slightly up & lengthened them just a little bit, making my eyes seem more awake.
The peanut brush definitely applied the formula neatly & evenly to my lashes while keeping them separated & naturally darkened. I really don't see an obvious curl to them with 1 coat.

Natural right? (。・ω・。)ノ

2 Coats
Right click - New tab to enlarge
With 2 Coats, can you see my lashes kind of drooping? drooping at the ends & it gives my eyes a feline shape. . . Yeah I wasn't expecting that from a curling mascara
I must say though, I do see more lengthening! - curl though? not so much ㅠㅠ 
The lashes are getting darker & are still nicely neat & clear though!

3 Coats
Right click - New tab to enlarge
With 3 coats, my lashes look nicely black making my lashes look more significant. 
They look much longer & prettily neat but still they are too fanned out - droopy at the ends. . . No obvious curl. It still gave me feline-shaped eyes.
This should be Eco Lengthening Mascara ( ;´Д`)
It's strange though because the formula is not heavy or anything ;3; I think it definitely has to be the brush. I love the way the brush seperates & evenly coats my lashes with no clumps but I think its the fact that its not a curvy brush? 

So from what I can see, my lashes stayed practically the same shape ㅠㅠ I think the only difference is colour & length.
My natural lashes are a little bit curled naturally & the eye with the mascara is just the lengthened, more significant version. 
The mascara is okay! It's really a quick solution when your current mascara dries out.
The formula is a great black colour that really opens & brightens my eyes & the lengthening is amazing for my poor short lashes~
The formula takes ages to dry & is not waterproof for those in hot countries! ㅠㅠ But its not heavy & does not feel my lashes feeling horribly stiff like they could snap easily. 
The brush does work; it works for really neatening up my lashes making them look pretty & clear with no clumpines & the peanut shape does allow me to reach my lashes from root to tip BUT the so-called curling, is so not working. It just fans my natural lash shape out making them droopy.
I do recommend still curling your lashes beforehand.  
For me despite it not being waterproof, it lasts ages! - I wore for about 7hours today & it was still is shape & didn't transfer over my lids~
Unique Packaging design. 
The wand is easy to use & is a inverted peanut shape that really neatens & lengthens your lashes without leaving clumps.
The formula a rich black that makes my eyes stand out & it evenly coat my lashes without leaving my them feeling stiff or heavy.
Keeps lashes neat & clear for long hours (7-8hrs tops for me) 
Easy to remove with the cheapest of makeup removers! - No tugging & no losing lashes!
No obvious curling at all! It makes my lashes droop
The formula is not waterproof 
Takes a long time to dry properly.

Would I repurchase?
No. I will try other mascaras from Innisfree!~
So from now on. . . use an eyelash curler beforehand KeiKei!

Get your Innisfree Eco Curling Mascara today!


Hope you guys enjoyed this review & hopefully found it interesting & helpful!~
It's nearly 6am & I haven't slept yet! EEK!
Nighty Night ;//////;


  1. I think that the mascara looks best with 3 coats on! What a shame, though, that it doesn't really curls your lashes that much. I still really like it. :)
    Greetings, Elina x

  2. I think it looks great with 3 coats. Its good for really really natural makeup days I think ^^



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