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Sunday, 3 March 2013

March Wishlist~❤


I have gotten into that mood again where I'm browsing for things (like I do all the time) (;A;) These days I'm finding everything SOOO CUTE! I'm one of those people who have the money to buy something but buys something else different instead but then regrets not buying the first thing ㅠㅠ 
So dramatic EEK! hehee~~ A definite girly woes-me moment eh?~

So I've been crushing on these things above for the LOOONGEST TIME (2 weeks...)  & though I would share with you~

GEO Big Grang Grang Choco Lens WHC-246- For a Ulzzang wannabe such as myself OTL
I want to try some different brown lens! My current brown lens Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown make me look really fierce & my eyes pop tooo much! I'm not as fierce like that! So its not good for my type of 'Ulzzang' Makeup! So hopefully Grang Grang will help!

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil #2 Grey Brown- I used to have bright almost white bleach blonde hair & now its suddenly dyed black so I look like I have no eyebrows XD my eyebrows were lighten to brow dye when I had my hair blonde so its really weird!
The idea of suddenly having bold dark brows scares me so I'm taking a step at the time; starting from brown to grey brown then blackish brown & thats it. So I want to try Etude House eyebrow is Grey Brown as I hear its super good!! (^-^)~ I'm buying it in my next Korean Haul~

Dolly Wink No.1 Dolly Sweet- I've only tried three Dolly Winks:- Vivid Pop lower lash, Natural Cute lower lash & Pure Sweet upper lash so I want to try more as the lashes I had were amazing (despite being very fragile & expensive ㅠㅠ) & these has rarely had a bad review of them so hopefully I can see what the excitement about these gyaru lashes are!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk JKP002- I fell in love with the new Sweet Recipe range at Etude so I'm really excited to try the lipsticks! I am buying this soon after my Maths Exam yaaaaaay!!~ I'm choosing Krystal's JellyPink002 because its her pick!~

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base in #2 Berry Choux- Another Sweet Recipe hit!
Flawless & brighten, smooth skin in one jar! Apparently its smells just like sweet cakes & feels like really choux creme! So cute & I'm also buying this after my exam! It's too cute & has good benefits to ignore!

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub- I bite my lips really, reeeeally badly! <丶´Д`> especially when nervous so they are nearly always sore/chapped or bleeding (;^;) & the flaky dryness really gets to me & stops me from wearing lip tints. I hate the feeling of warm/glossy/wet lip balms so I cannot use them too!
So I want to dry Lip exfoliators & apparently the LUSH one is awesome!~  

Maxstar Double Platform Sneakers- These platforms are GORGEOUS! ohmygosh! I saw them in Gyaru magazine Ranzuki & fell in love!!

Dolly Wink No.10 Sweet Cat- Another popular lash that Tsubasa (the maker of Dolly Wink) loves the most! It's from the Otona series (meaning adult) Otona Kawaii! 
These look so natural on reviews & they might be good for prom in the next few months!~

Nanas'B SHINee BB Cream SPF23/PA++- I have the first Nanas'B SHINee BB cream (I love it! (>▽<)) & I am soon buying this new one in its new kawaii packaging! It's a new improved formula with 23SPF & not 20SPF like the old one~ I'll do a Redo review on it to test the new formula & compare with the old one~

Criminal Damage Purple Skull Print Skinny Jeans- I love pastel clothing as I think they suit my personality more but sometimes I have times where I dress more daring & I've been crushing on these skinny skull prints jeans since I saw them in Southampton store~~ I love wearing skinny jeans with oversized cute jumpers to show how tiny I am & the oversized jumper/skinny leg look is popular in Ulzzang fashion~~

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream - I Can Fly - Cerulean Warbler Story- This hand is SUUUUPER ADORABLE eeeeek!~ I fell in love with it when I saw it in Etude House site. 
It's third season of the Missing U range which everytime you buy a product from the range; the money goes to saving a certain animal like the Cerulean Warbler for example whose habitat is being ruined by cities & some crash into the building (;^;) makes me cry as I have pet birds!
I would love to by all the Missing U collections so the masks/hand cremes & lipbalm just to save the birdies if I cannot physically help them!!

 Anyway I'm addicted to soft hands & you'll always find me carrying hand creme in my bag XD
Apparent the formula is excellent! I'm buying this also in the Korean haul~

Parisian Cream Fluffy Rabbit Hoodie- When I saw this in store my heart skipped a beat! The bunny is the exact face of bunny on the Korean Bunny jumpers - A replica! So I'd really love this!
I'm an XS - extra small so I'd get a medium size for a oversized jumper with skinny jeans look~

Shell Pink Applique Heart Print Jumper- I love soft colours as they really compliment me hair & fair skin & this jumper is super cute & has kawaii lace hearts on them!~

& finally 
Abstract Silver Hello Kitty Taper- I have a 5mm taper stretcher & its a blue with black stripes & I want to try a different taper & the Hello Kitty one is perfect for me! & cheap so I would really like to get this one~

So that is my March Wishlist & I'm booked (hehe) for getting four of them already - one by bribery but the rest by working! \(^ㅂ^)/ I'll do reviews on them!~
& here is a few pictures of these last two weeks:-

Sleeping KeiKei at 7am
Brother's kebab! ohmygosh XD

Pictures I show my friends of the difference of circle lenses make~
The SHINee paper I made myself!!~~

 & finally my beautiful SHINee headphones with SHINee in the background posters~~

What do you wish for this month?
Have a beautiful day!!~ 
Love KeiKei~ 


  1. I love all of these clothes and stuff~~~ this hoodie is so adorable <3
    Cool headphones :)

    Have a nice day~~~~

    1. The hoodie is too cute to ignore omg~~❤❤

  2. Yeshh, platforms are getting back in trend! WOOO! I'm so happy about it, because they're awesome. And OH! It's SINEE! Their new song Dream Girl is amazing!

    I wish for a lot of new clothes this month. And some Etude House make-up as well. >w<


      I saw it in a gyaru mag & I ended up doing a Finding Nemo seagull impression 'mine mine'' XD

  3. wow everything you want is really cute! ~~

    1. If only I could just reach in & grab it!~❤ ><

  4. The rabit hoodie is so freaking cute, I would buy this for me ^-^

    1. Hopefully if I achieve my exams I can buy it!~❤

  5. ooh I've been waring big grang grang WHC 246 often lately! that lens is SUPER BIG! ahaha. Will review it on my next post :)

    1. Wooo! thank chu I can't wait for the review! Its so hard to find a perfect review on the Big Grang Grang lens!~❤

  6. Waah, I love everything on your wish list!!

    Greeting from Shirayuki's Beauty.

    1. Everything cute distracts me XD the wishlist was not meant to be that big!❤

  7. im in love with ur rabbit hoodie dear^^

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